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Dear LiB: What Seems to be the Hang Up with Bellevue’s Finances?

Dear LiB: I write to you this week for one simple reason, to publicly acknowledge and thank Bellevue Councilman Henry Lenard and Councilwoman Kathy Coder. If memory serves me correctly, for the better part of six months, Councilman Lenard has been asking, begging even, for a publishable list of Bellevue’s delinquent taxpayers. Every month during […]

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Dear LiB: Tell Me Why We’re Doing This Again?

  Dear LiB: It is a shame that someone who isn’t yet elected to serve the people of Bellevue must remind those who are of their role and authority. During the Regular Meeting of Bellevue Council in June, Councilwoman Heffley stated that she, the mayor, and the chief of police decided to, among other things, […]

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Dear LiB: Just Another Day in the Park, by Tom Fodi

There’s been a lot of great conversation concerning Bayne Park and the Bellevue community as a whole on LiB today. After the violent incident which occurred not long ago in the park we all hold dear, it is quite encouraging to see the community rallying to find ways to make the park safer and more […]

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A More ‘Playful’ Bayne Park = A Safer Bellevue

Bellevue reaped some positive and negative news last week. First, Mayor Cusick announced that KaBOOM! and the Humana Foundation named Bellevue as one of 241 cities on its Playful Cities USA list. Just days earlier, Bellevue’s premier park was the scene of gun-related crime. Two young men met a third man in Bayne Park – […]

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Public Meeting TONIGHT

    A Better Bellevue, the organization behind the historic overturning of Bellevue’s dry laws last month, has begun the process of re-organizing into a committee which will serve the Bellevue community by becoming proficient and active in the PLCB’s legal process of filing petitions and creating Conditional Licensing Agreements with any restaurateur or investor seeking […]

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Prohibition Over At Last and other election news

Yesterday’s municipal primary was a historic one for Bellevue. As most are surely already aware, after more than 100 years of no retail alcohol sales in the borough, Bellevue is no longer a dry town! That’s worth saying again – BELLEVUE IS NO LONGER A DRY TOWN!! By an enormous margin of 63% in favor […]

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Conditional Licensing Agreements Committee is Ready

COMMUNITY by Grant Saylor For those of you that have been following the conversations back and forth on the Alcohol Referendum you know that it has been a very emotional and controversial topic. On Thursday, May 7, 2015 A Better Bellevue hosted an open forum town hall style meeting where we presented a few of […]

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To continue progress started two years ago it’s Susan Schafer in Ward 1 and Alcohol Sales

As you are already aware, tomorrow is an enormous day for Bellevue. Tomorrow is election day and we have shared more relevant facts and honest data about the alcohol referendum than that old, crusty set of Encyclopedia Britannica you keep on the shelf. Allowing alcohol sales in Bellevue is a major step forward in the future development, growth, […]

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