Tom Fodi Earns Post-Gazette Endorsement

We received the following press release from the Citizens with Tom Fodi campaign team. Receiving the Post Gazette’s official endorsement is huge news for Fodi’s candidacy as it reinforces his independent, pro-community service and anti-corruption message for thousands of voters in the district. The endorsement is also an huge blow and quite embarrassing to Representative Ravenstahl’s campaign as it is quite rare […]

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Tom Fodi Takes on the Harrisburg Political Elite in new campaign ad

Tom Fodi is the founder and president of Liberty in Bellevue. As a pastor, non-profit leader, Air Force officer, and business owner Tom has a long history of serving the North Boroughs. Tom is fiercely independent. He’s taking on the political elite of both major parties because he’s tired of the special interest groups in Harrisburg coming […]

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Tom Fodi, Candidate for State Representative, Challenges the Status Quo of the Full Time Legislature

Our school districts are laying off teachers, social services are forced to cut back, we even have to raise taxes just to fix our roads and bridges, yet in the midst of all this fiscal restraint our state representatives and senators are living the good life! When you elect someone to represent you, you’re choosing […]

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“Progress: Essential for Bellevue’s future.” By Grant Saylor

“Too much action with too little intent makes for wasteful exertion of energy and the confusion between movement and progress.” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free Since I can’t respond directly to the blog in the Citizen regarding the bump outs, “Fumble Recovery” (published 7.19.2014), I would like to address the “bump out” issue in […]

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Whose Honor is to be Questioned

It’s safe to say that yesterday’s post concerning the arrest of a young man on a skateboard and the photographs which continue to cause concern among Bellevue residents has gone relatively viral. It’s been viewed thousands of times and we’ve been informed that the regional media has reached out to those immediately involved for more answers. It’s […]

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Did Bellevue Police Use Excessive Force?

Admittedly, we do not know the entire story. As far as we know, no member of Liberty in Bellevue was on the scene of this incident. But, from the reports we are hearing, Bellevue Police displayed “thug-like” excessive force on a young man who refused to turn over his personal property during a skate contest […]

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Election 2014 – State Representative Candidates

How well do you know the three candidates seeking to represent you in Harrisburg? The 2014 Election Season is well underway. This primary election, which is just two weeks away (May 20), the voters will decide which Democrat will face the pro-liberty candidate, Pastor Tom Fodi (R), incumbent Adam Ravenstahl or his challenger Tom Michalow. […]

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