Election 2015 – Petition Period Begins

The 2015 Election Season is officially underway today with the beginning of the three week period known as the “Petition Period.” During these three weeks candidates and their supporters will be out in the borough gathering signatures to ensure their place on the ballot for the 2015 Primary Election to be held on Tuesday, May […]

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Election 2015

In less than a week, candidates for public office will once again be circulating petitions to get their name on the ballot. In short, this coming week is the officially beginning of the 2015 Election Cycle! On Bellevue Council the seats up for election are as follows: First Ward, one seat – Linda Woshner Second […]

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Decisions to be Made Concerning Bellevue Police – Part One of Two

In the last two council meetings (January Pre-Council and Regular Council Meetings), a lengthy discussion was had surrounding the future of the Borough of Bellevue’s Police Department of which we believe the public should be aware. During both meetings the conversation focused largely on two hot button issues: In this post we will explore and reflect on […]

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A Better Bellevue – Alcohol Referendum 2015

Liberty in Bellevue is quite pleased to announce our partnership with a new organization gathering the energies, resources, and time of dozens of Bellevue’s most passionate and committed residents, business owners, and community servants all with the distinct mission of making A Better Bellevue! If you are ready to help Bellevue enjoy the growth and revitalization happening […]

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Get Involved!

Those of us who have chosen to make our homes, raise our children, establish our businesses, and otherwise lay our roots in Bellevue know the qualities that make Bellevue great. However, our community is only ever as good as the people who are actively involved in its progress. Regardless of whether we agree or not, the more we become less engaged […]

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Stay Tuned!

It’s been quiet around here for quite some time, but that’s about to change. 2015 is going to be a banner year for our community with some sorely needed changes coming to Bellevue. While we lay the ground work and get reorganized, grab a beer and get ready to be a part of history!  

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Tom Fodi Earns Post-Gazette Endorsement

We received the following press release from the Citizens with Tom Fodi campaign team. Receiving the Post Gazette’s official endorsement is huge news for Fodi’s candidacy as it reinforces his independent, pro-community service and anti-corruption message for thousands of voters in the district. The endorsement is also an huge blow and quite embarrassing to Representative Ravenstahl’s campaign as it is quite rare […]

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Tom Fodi Takes on the Harrisburg Political Elite in new campaign ad

Tom Fodi is the founder and president of Liberty in Bellevue. As a pastor, non-profit leader, Air Force officer, and business owner Tom has a long history of serving the North Boroughs. Tom is fiercely independent. He’s taking on the political elite of both major parties because he’s tired of the special interest groups in Harrisburg coming […]

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