A Running Discovery

On my afternoon run yesterday, I came across a house for sale near the Ross Township/Bellevue border on N. Balph Avenue.  It’s a nice house, but nothing too special.  It’s a common style for the North Borough’s region.  Seems well maintained.  Honestly, the property didn’t really catch my eye until I noticed a peculiar attachment to the agent’s “For Sale” sign.  Check out the photos below.


Obviously the house is so near the Bellevue/Ross border that a sign helps identify which borough it is actually in.  However, less than a quarter mile down the road, another house is for sale on the opposite side of the border, by the same real estate company.  One would think that the pattern would carry over to the house on the Bellevue side, right?  Not at all.

Why isn’t the house on the Bellevue side of the border worth making a special sign for? What is so special about the Ross Township house that it warrants a special sign?

As any real estate agent will tell you, it all comes down to what will help sell the house at the best price and in the best time.  Knowing that the house on the northern end of N. Balph Ave is actually in Ross Township makes that house more attractive than the similar house, less than a quarter mile down the road in Bellevue.  The jurisdiction of the first house is  a selling feature, whereas the second house, well, someone will just need to love it.

What makes Ross Township more attractive than Bellevue?  Almost everything.  First and foremost, Ross Township’s millage rate is 3.00 compared to Bellevue’s 7.00.  Ross Township is located within the respectable North Hills School District.  Bellevue continues to struggle with the lagging Northgate School District.  Ross Township is a community where people know they can live as they please as long as they’re not infringing on the rights of others.  Bellevue is a community where nearly everything needs to be run through the official channels for permission from “Big Brother.”  Property values in Ross Township continue to climb even in the midst of the county wide property assessment controversy and housing crisis.  Houses in Bellevue continue to sit on the market for months, even years before someone buys them for well under market value.

I don’t know about you, but I want Bellevue to be the place where real estate agents proudly advertise the location of the houses they’re selling.  I want special little signs on homes for sale that proclaim “This house is in Bellevue!!”  There needs to be a serious change in the political philosophy in this town if that’s ever going to happen.  The businesses and residents of Bellevue need to know true freedom, true liberty if this town is ever going to experience renewed growth and prosperity.

Let’s make folks proud to live in Bellevue again.  Let’s make Bellevue the place to be!  Let freedom ring in Bellevue!!!

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2 Responses to “A Running Discovery”

  1. Oh GEEZZZZ, plEEEzzzzzzZ Ya think maybe, just maybe, people would simply want to know which town the home was in?

    • That could be true. However, I’m curious why the agent selling both this property and one on the Bellevue side of the border chose NOT to advertise the fact that that property is in Bellevue. Seems a bit obvious to me. Try again.

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