The Warning Shots of Liberty have been Fired

The first shots of the newly revived liberty movement in Bellevue have been fired.  If you were not present at last night’s Bellevue Council meeting, you missed quite a show.  In all the meetings I’ve attended in the past, I’ve never seen so many people show up, and even better, I’ve never heard so many people express their disgust at our power hungry, tyrannical council.  For over an hour, dozens of people approached the podium to be heard and challenge the council in their desire to rule over the private citizens of the borough.  I was especially thankful that the Bellevue volunteer fire department and EMS made an appearance to stand against the ordinance as it was presented.

I’d like to take a moment to encourage you to continue supporting the Bellevue Fire Department.  They had no input in the writing of the proposed burning ordinance and should not suffer by losing your support because of it.  They are simply caught in the middle of this entire mess.

Not a single person stood up in support of the proposed burning ordinance.  Not a single person stood up in support of our illustrious council.  According to my count, which is not perfectly accurate, as I was scrambling to take notes, over 30 people stood up to speak during the meeting.  Which, on its own, should tell us something about how ripe this borough is for a fresh liberty movement.  In  terms of the specific concerns that many of the people presented to the council, three seemed to surface as the most popular.

1) A lot of people expressed concern that the proposed location requirement of a fire pit being 15 feet from a structure or property line is too restrictive.  Many properties in Bellevue are not 30 feet across.  Unless a resident has spot on their property that is 15 feet from each property line, as well as 15 feet from a “structure” it is illegal for them to burn a fire pit on their property if this bill passes.  You are allowed to have a fire in an interior, wood burning fireplace, but you cannot have a fire pit unless it is 15 feet from your house, garage, shed, or property line?!  Does anyone need a better definition of idiotic?

2) Even more people were a bit irate about the call ahead portion of the burning ordinance which would require Bellevue residents to contact the borough and/or fire department at least one hour prior to lighting a small, outdoor fire.  When most people decide to have a small fire on a warm summer evening after work, there is not time to arrange for a call one hour ahead of time.  When people want to have a fire, they want to have a fire!  I found it quite enlightening that the fire chief said openly to all in the room and directly to the council that he doesn’t care if you call or not, if there is an exuberant amount of smoke some where, he’s going to dispatch a truck to ensure it is not something serious.  The fire chief flat out told the residents in attendance they might as well ignore this portion of the ordinance if it passes because it is irrelevant and stupid.  Common sense dictates that you let someone know that you’re having a small fire.  However, fining someone $1000 and/or sentencing them to 30 days in prison because the call came in 30 minutes prior to the fire rather than 60 minutes is ludicrous!

3) The third, and most repeatedly heard, concern that many residents expressed regarding this proposed burning ordinance is the fact that the policy and regulations already exist!  Bellevue has a statement on its website concerning what you can and cannot burn in an open fire on your property.  As far as I understand it, the policy on the borough’s website is a copy of the Allegheny County Health Department’s policy.  If someone has a problem with a neighbor burning hazardous material, or if someone is filling another person’s home with dangerous amounts of smoke, a procedure already exists by which the problem can be resolved at the county level.  Why do we need further restrictions?  Why do we need new ordinances?  Why can’t Bellevue simply enact a formal procedure to follow its already established policies and guidelines!?

The reason this council thinks it must reinvent the wheel, the reason this council thinks it has a right to further restrict its residents, is because this council views itself as the ruling party of Bellevue!  While the myriad residents expressed their concern and outrage over this proposed ordinance, I watched the faces of our wonderful council members and many of them, well, actually most of them, sat there with a smug look on their face as if we were nothing but commoners telling our lords they were wrong.  They honestly believe they know how to run this borough better than the people.  They honestly believe they have an obligation to control and restrict us.  It is evident in this bill and it is even more so evident in the ordinances restricting the economic freedom of our business district.

The warning shots have been fired.  The “Liberty in Bellevue” movement has been noticed.  The council and our mayor have been warned, either change your political philosophy or the revolution will ensure they are not in a position to do further damage to the borough we love.

Additional Information:  The officially publicized date for a vote on this ordinance is Tuesday, June 12.  Let’s bring the same heat to that meeting to ensure that everyone can see for themselves which members of council are fans of liberty and which members of the council could care less about the desires of the citizenry.


21 Responses to “The Warning Shots of Liberty have been Fired”

  1. Tom, enjoyed your’s and others comments at the council meeting last evening, I hope the issue at debate is the straw that breaks the camel’s back and folks will stay involved let alone run for office. I copied a link to the Bellevue Boro News since it has an article I submitted a few days ago.

    • I hope mayor you disassociate with this radical, aggressive group that seems to think that by shouting and making the loudest noise without thought or intelligence will change Bellevue borough for the better. You will soon be voted out of office or the majority of the population will be leaving in short order.

      • John,
        Thank you for your advice but you must know me because I am a free thinker and allign myself with no one. I deal with each issue with out worrying who else is going to think my way. If I worried about being voted out of office I could not do my job, maybe we should all look at Council and see who acts like they would be worried come election time.If it be back yrd fires or increase in taxes, I don’t really care what the issue is, just so people wake up and get involved. There are to many times people don’t have to run against anyone in an election………………..
        Geo. Doscher

  2. It honestly looked like there was one council member who cared what we were saying (mind you Kathy Coder was only present via phone, so I would hope she would have made two). The rest seemed like they had already made up their minds. I hope that our voices were heard by the council members and that they realize that our fight does not end in their chambers.

  3. “Liberty in Bellevue”–you are not the only ship on the ocean, and some others have more powerful guns in the way of intelligence, resources, and voting power. Look astern to see who follows your warship.

    • We look forward to the battle ahead. We expect the sea to get a bit dicey, however we are certain there will be an armada of vessels on the side of liberty.

  4. Hi “John”,
    It’s very interesting that you would use words like “intelligence” and “voting power” to try to intimidate. It’s funny that one of the council members that you are probably a fan of, doesn’t know how to use a computer, while another had an outburst about their “college education” and how that determines whether or not they are capable of hiring borough workers a few weeks ago (it doesn’t qualify, trust me.) I’m not sure that the battle is against intelligence, as much as it is against a group of bullies that want to do nothing except govern by imposing their personal morals and political agenda upon an entire town. I’m not sure when the last time you walked through the business district was. But if you don’t think that the town in on the decline, then you must have wool over your eyes. Now, we aren’t blaming the council 100% for the decline, however, they fail to make good decisions for Bellevue’s economy and for its business district. Then they attempt to impose a ridiculous ordinance about fires on personal property. Only to be met with a major push-back from the public. If you enjoy having government dictate your every move, and to have a microscope peering into your life at all times, then perhaps you’re in the wrong country.

  5. This must be a Republican group masquarading as liberals. Go ahead, make some more noise and threaten more violence. It will shorten your lifespan as a group.

    • I can see that you’re full of “intelligent” responses. Thank you for your input, John.

    • Liberty goes beyond the simply lines of democrat and republican. I’m not even sure of the political affiliation of all our members because it doesn’t matter. This is a fight against power hungry politicians who desire to choke this town to death. Their time is over and the season of liberty is upon us.

    • “threaten more violence?” Please share where you saw or heard this threat of violence from the group… I’d love to know.

  6. Some thoughts:
    – Mayor, you were quick to align yourself with the group against the alcohol sales referendum last spring.
    – John, people are already moving from Bellevue in droves. Whether it be taxes, schools, crime, or simply unpleasant experiences – Bellevue is a place people too often said they “once lived in.” Change must come.
    – I’m sorry to know this is the ONE critical issue facing Bellevue that Council has chosen as worthy of legislation. What about code that keeps property conditions at levels above minimum liveable expectations? What about the phantom tax abatement on property flips and improvements? A moratorium on new rental permits? An audit of rental unit safety and occupancy? Working to attract businesses that improve the visual appeal of Bellevue along Rt. 65 and attract and retain traffic to Lincoln Avenue? Setting standards for signage along Lincoln Avenue? Enforcing litter laws to include the thousands of cigarette butts thrown on our streets? How about fixing the delayed walk signal at Lincoln & Balph that is too long even at the peak time for pedestrian traffic? I have never been contacted by my council representative. Probably because I’m not from Bellevue and therefore don’t count.

    • Scott, I took my own stand on the alcohol referendum and did work with others to campain against it in the form that it was avaliable in to the Borough. To imply I align myself on other subjects that others from the group represent is painting the subject with a very broad brush…………I have asked, then begged for work by Council on several of the ideas you list but the Mayor does not have a vote and can only veto………..One clarification, when I use the term Council I do not include the few elected oficials that do do a good job.

  7. Only morons burn.
    Morons who are ignorant of the chemicals in smoke, and the annoyance that smoke has on other people. Get educated and leave the air clean for everyone to enjoy.

    • That’s very insightful of you, Matthew. Name calling and generalizing everyone that has a fire pit into the “moron” category. Seems that you’re just joining in on the conversation, I would like to welcome you. I would also like to encourage you to look a little deeper into what LiB’s stance was on the burning ordinance. I will summarize for you here just in case you’re not able to find your way around the site. LiB was not against the regulations put forth that stated what was proper to burn and what was illegal to burn. In fact, we stated on numerous occasions that we thought that the list of illegal burn items was really great. After all, who wants to live next door to someone that is burning tires or bags of assorted trash & plastic? No one does. If you take the time to really look into it, you will find that LiB was appalled at the intrusion of personal property regarding the regulations on grilling on personal property, including near grass, ON porches, etc… I don’t know about you, but I’m certain that I don’t need any government body telling me where and how to cook my dinner. Governing and regulating to the lowest common denominator (i.e. people who burn tires and the minute number of people that have had grill fires since Bellevue’s conception) is no way to solve problems. Like the saying goes “Ya can’t fix stupid.” (you can’t regulate it, govern it, or prevent it, either.)

      So I encourage you before you start any further over-generalizations, to take a peek through the many blog posts, opinions and conversation about the burning issue, and then maybe we can have an intelligent conversation about it. By the way, Bellevue home owners and other residents are still allowed to have a fire pit according to the ordinance…so maybe you’re directing your obvious anger towards the wrong group?

      • You may be allowed by law to use a fire pit in Bellevue, but anyone who does is ignorant of the toxicity of woodsmoke and the divisive nature of filling up a neighborhood with smoke, really is a moron. I don’t think it’s name calling. The general consensus amongst people whose lives have been intruded upon by wood smoke is that people who do burn, especially when they are told what awful effects it has on us, and then continues to burn, are morons of the first degree. Call it name calling if you want, but there are a lot of frustrated people all over the world who want firepits, and outdoor wood boilers, and wood burning stoves completely banned in residential neighborhoods. There are large numbers of increasingly angry people who are angry at their constant exposure to woodsmoke which after all is just a mixture of poison. We get frustrated with the lack of ordinance that help keeps us safe. We get frustrated by gutless politicians and city officials who don’t do anything to help. And we sell up and move away. We lose our houses. Burning wood is not benign. See for a start.

  8. Generally speaking, if something happening outside is bothering me while I’m inside…I simply close my windows until whatever is happening outside is over. Or for instance, if I’m outside, and something is happening that I don’t particularly like, I will go inside or simply just move away from whatever it is that is bothering me. On an even better note, I try to build a rapport with my neighbors so that we can have a good relationship and maintain peace without getting the police involved in anything. There’s nothing like a having a bunch of whiny, needy, incompetent neighbors that feel that they have to get the police involved for every little thing. If my neighbors are doing something that I’m not so fond of, I think it’s great that I can request that they stop, or maybe just only do it at certain times. But as you can see, we’re a little off subject here…I will repeat once again… LiB was not against the fire pit regulations regarding WHAT can be burned, we were more concerned with the grilling.

    What is your opinion on the gov’t telling you how and where to prepare your family meals? Perhaps you don’t trust yourself enough to grill at your own discretion and you’d like the Bellevue council to rescue you from yourself? If so, I can provide you with contact information for all of the council members so that you can call them for anything that you may need.

  9. Mathew, I was also taken aback by the use of the term ” moron” . Who are you referring to when you are using this term? Yes, I want clean air and as a recently diagnosed asthmatic know that even a walk around the block can be difficult. The issue with this ordinance is that it was not thought through. Why doesn’t council address the other factors that are polluting the air as well? I would love to see Bellevue Council and the Northgate School board contact Shenango, inc. and demand that they clean up their act. Your argument is noble but you detract from it’s merit when you use archaic insults.

    • Well specifically the people who have treated me terribly by continuing to cause smoke pollution when they know that it is causing me distress. Plus generally everyone in the world who moronically burns wood and remains ignorant of the harm they are causing, the toxicity of the chemicals in wood smoke and the diseases that it causes. They’re ignorant morons. Then there are the people who do know of the harm and distress that woodsmoke can cause and they continue to do so because they are bullies, and that is what bullies do, and true morons is probably not the right word, where evil bastards is probably more applicable.

      It is very common for some faux politeness to mask some evil behavior. Why get offended at a very apt use of the word moron, when there are people polluting out there at levels causing discomfort, distress, death and disease? I’ve seen that behavior before. The polite bully is a very annoying kind of person. People who burn wood are either that, morons or bullies. You think that’s judgmental? Ever been driven from your house by wood smoke, and had to sell up and move away at a cost of thousands of dollars? And holy fuck I can swear like a trooper about the shit for brains, and piss for blood absolute fucking evil cunts who did that to me.

  10. These are the real champions of liberty in Pittsburg, PA.

    If you don’t have the liberty of clean air then you don’t have anything.

  11. You are not helping your cause by using profanity. If you would like to discuss this issue in an educated and adult manner, please state your case. Using a term to demean another is a bully tactic and does not allow for open discourse. I could probably swear (profanity) you under the table, down the block and across state lines, but what would that prove? Thanks, for the link to GASP.

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