Change Doesn’t Come Easy

Liberty is not easy.  Liberty is anything but free.  After a great Memorial Day weekend, nothing is more certain in my mind than the fact that liberty and freedom come at a price, but the price is worth it.

Since the Liberty in Bellevue movement organically came together through the collaboration and open discussion of like minded Bellevue residents/business owners, two things became obvious.  1) There are literally thousands of people in Bellevue with serious concerns about the future of the borough under its current leadership and in its current condition.  2)  There are a lot of “sticks in the mud” in our community who are desperate to maintain the status quo in Bellevue, even at the cost of continual economic decline.  Many supporters and members of the LiB movement expressed their disdain for the current state of affairs in our borough at the special council meeting convened last Tuesday.  Others took up the LiB banner by passing fliers out to their neighbors and spreading the movement’s message by word of mouth.  And within days of launching the website and facebook page, the message of liberty and growth in our borough has gone viral throughout our little, one square mile town.

However, as with any calls for change anywhere, there are always those who resist it.  Even at the cost of ensuring the continual decline of our borough there are those who would rather see Bellevue continue towards obscurity than embrace any new ideas or take positive steps toward prosperity.  Even though most of our critics are not completely sure what it is we represent, they’ve already come out of the wood work to confront us.  In a span of five days we’ve been labeled militant anarchists, radical leftists, and republican nutjobs.  Our articles and public addresses have been spun and manipulated by an individual who claims to operate a “professional and objective” news outlet in our region (although I’m not sure who, if anyone takes this individual’s publication seriously after the deliberate attacks and lies propagated by it in recent years).

Someone once told me that an easy way for a leader to know if they’re effectively leading their respective organization is to take note of the opposition they’re facing.  If there is little or no opposition, the leader must question whether or not his/her leadership is effecting any change or growth at all.  If there seems to be an overabundance of resistance and backlash with little or no support, the leader must step back and question whether or not he/she has any followers.  If there is a bit of resistance, coupled with affirming support, the leader should recognize that he/she is on the right path.

In just a week’s time, I can say with certainty that the LiB movement is on the right path.  We’ve experienced a bit of resistance from a few “sticks in the mud.”  We acknowledge that some of these individuals who fear what we represent wield a little bit of influence in the community, so we anticipate further resistance to stem from them as the movement progresses.   Nevertheless, the LiB message continues to spread like a wildfire in a wilting community desperate for refreshing waters of change, growth, and hope for Bellevue.  The hits on our website, even on days without any new posts, has been phenomenal.  We’ve received numerous public and private messages from people of all walks of life in support of the movement.  People are stopping us on Lincoln Avenue to acknowledge their support of our work and their desire to get plugged in and help.

The Liberty in Bellevue movement has only just begun.  This is not a movement that will simply go away with a negative comment here or a false story published there.  We care too much about Bellevue to let it continue to decline.  Feel free to join us and be a part of the solution.  For more information on how you can help Liberty in Bellevue bring growth and prosperity to our town contact us at


One Response to “Change Doesn’t Come Easy”

  1. This is a beautifully written piece. The opposition that has labeled us as violent, wing nuts, and crazies was probably expecting a more angry, crazy sounding reply to the fact that they took our words and our message and twisted it into something that it’s not. We all know why they did it…because they know their fan-base very well. It’s easy to manipulate someone’s words so that they sounds like a bunch of crazies. I also find it hysterical that the opposition continues to try to pigeon hole us into some kind of category of people. They’re probably baffled that this particular organization has not released a political affiliation. I imagine that we have fans and members of all political parties, from extremely liberal to extremely conservative. The common denominator is that we all think that our liberties are far more important than “big brother” making sure that we’re all protected from ourselves.

    I stayed at last weeks council meeting last week from start to finish. It began at 6, and ended around 9:30-9:45. The last part of the meeting was the committee meetings, and at that point, most of the crowd had left, and only a few of us remained. Mostly just to listen in on the public safety committee meeting regarding the use of BYOB at outdoor seating areas of restaurants. But we also heard the entire meeting with the fire chief about the burning ordinance. He made a lot of great points about it…including a simple fact that regardless of whether the public calls to tell them that they’re going to have a bon fire or not, the fire dept WILL go out on a fire call no matter what. Did the council honestly think that by having people call in, that the fire dept was going to ignore fire calls? How much sense does that make? Did they really think that when someone called about a fire, the operator was going to say “don’t worry about it, we got a call, and it’s just a bon fire.”? They’re going out for the call no matter what. So calling in to let them know does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, other than become a massive pain in the rear for the call center, as well as the public. Also, it was stated in this weeks Citizen “letter to the editor” and in the editors “blog” (if that’s what you consider it to be) that our organization wants people to be able to burn what they want, drink wherever they want, cancel the police and fire departments… and some other absurd twists on things that we NEVER SAID. Also, let me just make it known that one of the council members stated that if they change the ordinance and make it Bellevue’s ordinance, that they could collect the money from citations and it would go to Bellevue instead of the county. This makes sense, but if the town is in need of making more money, perhaps they should be focusing on a way to get more people to patronize the town and bring in more businesses. Generating money from tax dollars that are spent in town is a far better way to bring in much needed funds than to say that they want to generate it via citations.

    Never once did anyone say that they should be able to burn anything that they want. I completely agree that there needs to be rules about what someone should be allowed to burn. Never once did anyone say anything about drinking wherever they want. Actually, I personally suggested that there be a defined difference between someone that is patronizing a business and enjoying their drinks in a designated area, and someone that is simply just walking around the street drinking. There is a difference, and I know that the opposition knows that there’s a difference, they’re just so STUCK on keeping with their agenda, that they want to twist this into something that it’s not. As far as the claim that we are anti police, and anti fire dept…that’s just absolutely untrue. I would go as far as saying that she stated that simply to try to turn the departments against us, so that they don’t support our cause in any way. I genuinely believe that our departments do a fantastic job in this area. They’ve been very supportive of my family and with our businesses in town for many years. I also firmly believe that the police force in Bellevue are capable of understanding the difference between someone enjoying their food and drink at an outdoor table, and someone standing at a bus stop drinking. If the opposition does not think that the police department can handle this, then I’d be interested in hearing what they really think of the police team in Bellevue. Do they really think that the police are an incompetent team? I certainly don’t think this.

    Connie Rankin’s has an incessant need to try to discredit the people that she doesn’t agree with. Most people consider the paper to be full of negativity, and to not be a very positive tool for the area. Last year, when I wrote a letter to the editor about the alcohol referendum, I had stated that there were X number of churches in Bellevue which could possibly oppose an liquor license going in nearby. Mind you, I had called the Borough Building to retrieve this number because I didn’t want to post false information. Apparently, the Borough Building doesn’t have the correct number of churches on file (which I did not realize at the time). So I wrote my letter to the editor and included the number that the borough had given me. She posted my letter, and then responded at the end with an “editors note” which stated “no matter how many times we counted, we could not find this many churches in Bellevue”. Now, is this really an “edit” or is this her way of attempting to discredit my letter? I firmly believe that if she were an “EDITOR”, she would have said: “We were not able to find X number of churches as stated in the letter. The correct number of churches in Bellevue is X”.

    The opposition continues to motivate us!

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