A Metaphor? What Say You? By Tom Fodi and Scott Irlbacher


This is what remains of a large apartment building that was poorly maintained and never had to face inspection on Forest Avenue in Bellevue.  In August 2011, all tenants were evacuated in the middle of the night.  Almost a year later, the building was demolished.  All of this could have been averted by responsible ownership and fire/safety inspections for Bellevue’s rental units – which make up 60% of residential properties in the borough.

While our council has a choke hold on the local business district, little is done to enforce the current code standards on rental properties throughout our borough.  Our rental properties continue to crumble and our business district is given no incentive or opportunity to expand and grow.

Will this image soon be what is left of our borough in its entirety?  What do you think is the problem here?  We’d love your feedback.


3 Responses to “A Metaphor? What Say You? By Tom Fodi and Scott Irlbacher”

  1. This should go for private home rentals as well. I lived in one. And almost died because the landlord refused to do anything about. And the house is still there being rented out.

  2. Another way to influence people to Liberty (?!)’s mindset. If you want to know the truth, look up the following site, http://old.post-gazette.com/healthscience/20010806landslidemainhealth6p6.asp And oh, the building you picture had a STONE FOUNDATION, and it was QUITE NOTICEABLE TO ANYONE driving down the alley between Orchard and Forest.

    • That is true Gayle. However we spoken to individuals intimately involved in the situation at this particular property and our article stands as a viable metaphor for what is happening in our community. It is beginning to sound to me that you have a personal vendetta against LiB (or some of its members) more than you have a reasonable solution for the problems facing Bellevue.

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