In Their Own Words – By Tom Fodi and Danina DiBattista

“In Their Own Words” will be a new series of posts where in which we take the exact words of the elected leaders of our borough and share them with you.  The point is to bring to light the contradictions, hypocrisy, and inefficiencies that seem to go unnoticed by our other media outlets in the community and the general public.  By doing this, we not only hope to make the public aware of what is going on in ivory towers that many of our elected officials see themselves as inhabiting, but also offer viable solutions and alternatives that might actually serve as a catalyst for growth in Bellevue.

For our first post, we’d like to draw your attention to a Post-Gazette article written by Jonathan Barnes on March 28, 2012  (correction) March 11, 2010. In the article Mr. Barnes reported on the findings the Allegheny Together research performed by Town Center Associates.  The research pointed towards the need for improving the night life in Bellevue, making more efficient/productive use of the business district (less office space versus retail space), and incentives for entrepreneurs to invest in Bellevue.

Along with reporting on the findings, Mr. Barnes interviewed some Bellevue residents and elected officials in order to obtain their perspective on the matter.  We found this particular quote interesting: “Bellevue Councilwoman Linda Woshner said the group should look at successful communities to see what they’ve done to improve their business districts.”  

To read the rest of the article, click here.

Really?  Linda Woshner would like to look at successful communities to see what they’ve done?  Is she being honest here?  That’s very interesting because over the past year, Mrs. Woshner has been invited to do just that along with numerous Bellevue business owners, the rest of council, and the mayor.  The invitation to take part in a visit with other successful communities came to Mrs. Woshner twice in the form of a letter that was hand delivered to her (along with the rest of council) by business owner and dedicated Bellevue resident Danina DiBattista.  Mrs. Woshner and six other council members have ignored the invitation (the only council members to respond to the invitation were Mark Helbling and Kathy Coder).  You might recall that we made this letter public in our “Unanswered Proposal” post two days ago and still to this day Linda Woshner (and her colleagues on council) have left this invitation unanswered.

What do you think?  Was Mrs. Woshner being honest with her desire to investigate what is going on in successful communities around the Pittsburgh region?  Or is this statement merely a pleasant sound bite for the media?  We want to hear from you.


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