LiB: A Statement of Purpose by Danina DiBattista

Liberty in Bellevue is an action based group of people and residents from Bellevue and its surrounding areas.  Our goal is to pin point the reasons for decline in our community and work towards solutions and proper actions for resolution. Bellevue’s business district and its economy have been on the decline for decades.  Our goal is to bring brightness, prosperity and liberty back to this amazing town that we all love so dearly!   The members of this group are looking for positive council leadership without unnecessary interferences and road blocks.  We think that it’s important for our local government to support progressive ideas and be the “right hand man” for the small businesses in town.  For a number of years, the ‘powers that be’ in our one square mile town have played a part in the decline of the business district rather than rally for it.   A council and local government should be ecstatic about businesses opening and staying in their town.  There are a lot of locations in our region for businesses to take root and if a business owner sees Bellevue as the perfect place for them, why aren’t they doing everything they can to facilitate them with what they need to survive?  While politics play a large part in the many ideas that we have, we’re not affiliated with any particular political party.  Our members come from all walks of life and have many different political views.  Sometimes this may mean that we have to shine a light on some not so positive things happening within this region, but the hope is that it will keep everyone motivated towards the same goal.

This is an ACTION group that is ready to take the bull by the horns and build up our town!

Bellevue’s potential to become a forward thinking hub on the outskirts of Pittsburgh is greater than one may think.  With the proper moves, planning, advertising, and support of the community and council, we could be as prosperous as the Lawrenceville area, as desirable as Sewickley, and as livable as Squirrel Hill.  With a flat, walkable business district, beautiful architecture, and an abundance of public parking on the street and in three parking lots, it’s really just a matter of building the town up to its full potential.   Right now, a large percentage of the storefronts along Lincoln Avenue are empty, and one of our goals is to bring in creative, forward thinking entrepreneurs to get the business district back up to its full potential and off of life support.

We are getting in touch with some former Bellevue residents and business owners to get their candid and sincere stories about their experiences in Bellevue.  We want to know what could have kept them here, why they left, where they are now, and what is keeping them at their current location.  Hopefully it will give us some insight on what we can do to take Bellevue to the next level and become the town that is attractive to people looking to buy a home and become part of this fantastic small community.

Our action based efforts towards Bellevue’s revival include community events, volunteer groups to help residents with their yard work and small upkeep of their homes.  Encouraging the local government to use social media and technology to stay current and interact with the community on a level that is currently not being utilized.  We desire to get the youth  involved in community events and fund raisers.  We’re working on publicizing the political process that happens within the walls of Borough Hall.  Many people cannot make it to these meetings and we’re pursuing a way to get them involved from the comfort of their homes.  We are also making sure that our leaders are held accountable for the things that they say and do.  Progress through education is important to us.  Transparency in government is a priority, and we want to shine a spot light on the decisions being made that directly affect the residents in this community.  Our objective is to change the direction of the town through effective leadership and less government interference.  A town cannot be forced to move forward, but if given the proper pieces, it could emerge as a complete puzzle!

We will be looking for community volunteers and other like-minded individuals to join us in making Bellevue the best that it can be.  All of our events will be privately funded through private donations and volunteer work.  Anyone that would like to contribute their time, energy, ideas, opinions, or talents, we’d love to hear from you!

Please contact us at!


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