Dear LiB: Why I Left – Andrew Frank Teravella Jr.

Written by Andrew Frank Teravella Jr., 39 years old
Moved from Bellevue to Ambridge in 1994
I grew up in Bellevue and for the most part, it was a great place to grow up. There was so much to do…movie theater, Luigi’s, Bayne park, the YMCA. I loved being a kid in Bellevue, however I was into other things that unfortunately Bellevue didn’t offer. Such as a focus on music. The high school band only took me so far, and I so badly wanted to play in band but they wouldn’t allow drummers to play until 6th grade. By then, I had been playing for 4 years, so it was a huge disappointment to me. By the time 6th grade came, I was asked to play drums and I declined. However, marching band seemed to be something I liked, so I played in Marching Band throughout high school. I worked in bars outside of Bellevue while still in high school. I had to, because not only was there nowhere for me to play, but I wasn’t really encouraged to further that kind of career. I moved away around 1994, as there was really nothing to keep me here as far as my musical career, and really no where for me to work. I ended up moving to Ambridge where almost immediately I found work as a karaoke DJ. I had around 3 shows a week. The town of Ambridge was thriving at the time, and still is to this day. Ambridge reminded me of what Bellevue could have been, had it not been a dry town. I had lived in several towns in Beaver county and all provided me with a lot of work in the entertainment field. I still travel there for work, as there is still a lot of opportunity. A great thing that happened to Bellevue while I was gone are the coffee shops and new restaurants that have live music. I think that’s a great direction. There is a lot of great talent still in Bellevue, i just hope that Bellevue sees that and nurtures it.

2 Responses to “Dear LiB: Why I Left – Andrew Frank Teravella Jr.”

  1. I can’t believe this guy moved out of Bellevue for the reasons stated. The majority of people travel for work. And have you ever been to Ambridge? Pleeez. Another attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the readers. Someone on these pages think wer’re all stupid.

  2. Gayle,
    We posted a public request for people that once lived in town to let us know why they left. We also posted publicly and asked those that still live in town to let us know what great things about this area are keeping them here. Do you really think that we are doing this because we HATE Bellevue? Wouldn’t that be counter productive being that every member of LiB actually lives in town? We have investments, businesses, families and so on in Bellevue. We asked people to let us know why they left, because we feel that it’s important to know what is making people choose to live elsewhere. How arrogant of you to judge this persons personal reasons for doing something. His career and means of income is based on DJ-ing. Not many options for that in Bellevue, is there? We asked for stories, he told his. You not liking his story is no reason to attack him and accuse him of trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the reader. And then to accuse him of trying to play you for being stupid… By judging him on his story, who’s making who look bad?

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