LiB: For the Love of our Town, by Tom Fodi

From day one when the Liberty in Bellevue Movement took off people have tried to categorize the growing group of like minded people with a simple political affiliation or external group.  It seems like every day we get receive a message, comment, or third party reference labeling the LiB movement with yet another group.  We’ve been identified as radical leftists, right wing nutjobs, tea partiers, militant revolutionaries, etc.  Just to be certain, I thought it worth my time to correct these misconceptions and try yet again to clarify who and what LiB is exactly.

LiB is not a republican movement, it is not a democrat movement. LiB is a movement for conservatives, progressives, libertarians, and everything in between. LiB is a community action group seeking to liberate Bellevue from the downward spiral caused by ineptitude, agenda driven leadership, and a desire to “keep things they way they’ve always been.” The LiB core leadership team is a beautiful cross section of every political persuasion in the US today. We have libertarians, democrats, republicans, independents, etc. The common bond that unites this otherwise divided and diverse group is a passion for Bellevue.

We all see and know what Bellevue should be. When we look at Bellevue we see a community that should be buzzing with life day and night. When we look at Bellevue we see young families and the elderly strolling Lincoln Avenue together. When we see Bellevue we see people who love their community, people who moved to town intentionally for the resources and vibe here, and people investing in their community as much as they can.

If you’re the kind of person who cannot see past rudimentary party-line political debates, perhaps there is another group out there for you. Having said that, if you love Bellevue more than your personal political affiliations, LiB might just be the group for you. If you’re willing to work with a diverse group of people to see Bellevue grow and prosper beyond our wildest imaginations, LiB might just be the group for you. If you are tired of the status quo of decline and want to get your hands dirty working towards the solution in our community, LiB might just be the group for you. Since the LiB movement set sail, we’ve met and have begun to work with some the best people living in and around Bellevue. I’m proud to have so many new friends all because of a common love for the town we call home.  Bellevue will be a better place to live and work thanks to the brilliant minds and hard work involved in the LiB movement.  If you want to get involved with us, please contact us via the information to the right of this post.


One Response to “LiB: For the Love of our Town, by Tom Fodi”

  1. Tom, very well said. The bottom line is we need to come together as a community to find some course to make Bellevue prosperous and a “forever” hometown.

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