Bellevue Grill-athon! – An Anti-Grilling Ordinance Protest and/or Victory Celebration


Bellevue Grill-athon! Thursday, July 12, 9am-1pm

As many of you may have heard, a burning ordinance for the borough of Bellevue was voted in by 6 out of 9 council members on June 12th, 2012.  While we find the “open burning” part of the ordinance to be fair (it states the maximum legal size of a fire pit as well as things that are illegal to burn such as garbage, tires and plastics).  We find the unenforceable “grilling” section of the ordinance to be a little over the top!  The grilling section of the ordinance states that one shall not be permitted to grill within 5 feet of a structure or property line, and that the fire marshal must inspect one’s grill prior to using it.  Is the borough going to use the fire marshal’s salary to have him go door to door and make sure that nobody has their grill too close to a structure? And who’s to say they’re not going to put it right back to where they’d prefer it to be anyways?  With a stiff penalty of a $1000 fine, we think it’s a little over the top…both the grilling ordinance and the fine!

Liberty in Bellevue is teaming up with KDKA’s Marty Griffin, host of the show, “The Voice of Pittsburgh” (weekdays from 9-12 noon on KDKA 1020AM) to stand up against this over reach of government.  Marty got wind of the ordinance and immediately proposed a protest!  He has conducted interviews with Bellevue Mayor, George Doscher, as well as a few members of LiB and other Bellevue residents. The issue has gone viral, across many newspapers in the region, to radio stations and television news sources! Marty is excited to get involved, and will be hosting his live radio show directly from this event on July 12th from 9am – 1pm!

The Plan!

Mayor Doscher has vetoed the ordinance, and it will be up for another vote on July 3rd. If council over rides his veto, our Grill-a-Thon will be a grilling protest!  If they aren’t able to over ride his veto, and the ordinance gets vetoed, our Grill-a-Thon will be a “Grillabration”, cheerfully praising our council for recognizing that while the open burning is a fair ordinance, the grilling part is just outrageous.

We invite any and all grillers to bring their grills to this event! The more grilling, the better! There will be live music, great food, and cold drinks!  If you are on Facebook and would like to RSVP for the event there click here.  We’ve already been in contact with a few people that are donating food for grilling! If you’re interested in donating food to be grilled, please leave a comment or email us at! Bring your family and friends and join us in this great community event!

The exact location for this event is being determined at this time, but it will be announced as soon as the proper paperwork is finalized and approved!


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