4th of July Community Spruce Up – A Reminder

Independence Day is normally a day we Americans celebrate the birth of our nation as the colonies declared their independence from the British Empire.  However, independence and liberty are much more than simply political goals.   Liberty and independence are also feelings experienced through a passionate sense of belonging and love for one’s community.

That is why on this Independence Day (4 July 2012) members of LiB will be out and about on Lincoln Avenue and elsewhere in Bellevue handing out free seedlings and seeking information about individuals in need of a little help on or around the exterior of their property.  The seedlings will literally grow into a wonderful plant bringing life to one’s home, but will also serve as a metaphor for the seeds of growth, prosperity, and liberty we hope to see grow in Bellevue in the future.  Additionally, we hope that our offer of free labor to those in need of it the most will encourage all residents of our beautiful community to notice folks in need of a helping hand in Bellevue and be the person to get involved.

LiB is passionate about Bellevue.  We love our community and know how wonderful it can be when the proper seeds are planted and cultivated.  We also know seeing Bellevue reach its true potential will require hard work by many people.  Regardless of one’s political, economic, or philosophical persuasion/situation LiB wants to involve everyone in the improvement of Bellevue as we seek to promote liberty, growth, and a healthy sense of community for all to enjoy.  We look forward to seeing yinz guys in Bellevue tomorrow!


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