Grill-Abration: A Follow Up and Thank You, by Tom Fodi

I have to keep reminding myself that the Grill-Abration we all enjoyed today was originally slated as a “protest” against Bellevue Council’s anti-grilling ordinance because I left Bayne Avenue this afternoon with a smile on my face feeling like I just left one of the best “community events” we’ve had in Bellevue in years.  After talking with some of the folks who were a part of today’s Grill-Abration, it seems I’m not the only one who left the event feeling this way.

Estimates of some 500-600 people joined us on the street today.  We had some fantastic conversation with folks from all walks of life and every political affiliation under the sun.  We shared our love for Bellevue.  We listened to stories of Bellevue’s past.  We explored the possibilities for Bellevue’s future.  We made many new friends.  We reconnected with neighbors we haven’t seen in years.  And, of course, we ate some AMAZING food straight off the grill.  All of this, in the name of a better tomorrow for the town we all love, BELLEVUE!

What a celebration for liberty!

What a celebration for Bellevue!

What a statement we just made about Bellevue Council’s anti-grilling ordinance!

What hope we all felt today as the light of liberty and prosperity grew brighter today than it has for a long time in our community!

Thank you to the regional media for covering the Grill-Abration putting Bellevue back on the map as a community working towards growth and prosperity.  Thank you to KDKA Radio 1020, Marty Griffin, and Marty’s production team for all the hard work that went in to making this such a wonderful event.  Thank you to Mayor Doscher for being a voice of reason on this grilling issue and helping us organize the Grill-Abration.  Thank you to everyone who took time off work to stand with LiB and be a part of this event.  Thank you to all those who showed up at the crack of dawn to set up and stayed late to clean up.  Thank you to all the sponsors who donated and/or prepared amazing food hot off the grill.  Thank you to all who love Bellevue and came out to give us all a renewed sense of hope for the future of our community.

Grill, baby, Grill!  Grill, baby, Grill!


4 Responses to “Grill-Abration: A Follow Up and Thank You, by Tom Fodi”

  1. How many hotdogs did you serve?

    • It is hard to say. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage burgers, whole chickens, bacon, egg sandwiches, a variety of sausages, and a bunch of side dishes, desserts, and drinks. It was a great time. We are sad you couldn’t join us.

    • A small idea of the numbers: The mayor of Coraopolis provided 100 lbs of hamburgers, KDKA reportedly brought 400 hot dogs. There were other companies who brought and served food (as Tom said, sausages, hot dogs, sandwiches, lemonade), as well as a lot of food provided by individuals. It was scheduled until 1, but everyone ran out of food by 12.30.

  2. at a minimum i know that KDKA ran out of the 400 hotdogs that they had by 12:15 . i am not sure about the mcginnis sisters but they were busy the whole time as well as all of the food that tom posted above 🙂 it was a great time! i loved seeing the lineup going halfway down the street!

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