July 10, 2012 Regular Bellevue Borough Council Meeting Video

We believe that one of the characteristics of healthy communities is public involvement in all areas of community life.  That includes local politics.  To encourage public participation and involvement in what is going on within the champers of Bellevue Borough Hall we’ve made it a priority to record and broadcast the monthly council meetings.  These meetings are open to the public, thus open recording of them is perfectly legal.  We would prefer that the council do this job themselves, however, until that point, we will do whatever we can to permit all who are interested in Bellevue politics to witness it in action.

We apologize for the low quality of this film as our equipment is not quite up to par for the task at hand.


Council Meeting Highlights:
26:10 – 53:30 : Council President Linda Woshner seeks detailed cell phone records of borough employees. A debate erupts regarding what is to be considered protected privacy information and what is not.  At 44:48 Ms. Woshner accuses borough employees of having something to hide due to their desire to maintain their personal privacy.

1:24:00 – 1:31:30 : Bellevue Council discusses and votes on an ordinance which would have permitted the consumption of alcohol at exterior tables of BYOB establishments. The ordinance was voted down without any explanation or reason from those who opposed it.

1:38:10 – 1:40:25 : Danina DiBattista, owner of Bite Bistro, primary proponent of the exterior BYOB consumption ordinance, boldly addresses the members of Bellevue Council who have refused to work with her and her family after years of doing business in Bellevue.


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