Why I Choose to Live in Bellevue, by Lisa Saylor

People often ask me where I live. When I tell them that I live in Bellevue, the response used to be- “oh, I had a relative or friend who USED to live there, what a nice little town”– OR – “Oh, that’s the nice little town with that really good restaurant.”  Recently the response has overwhelmingly been – “I heard about the no grilling thing, what is going on there? I wouldn’t want to live there, are you crazy?” It is sad that Bellevue is being perceived in a negative light nowadays due to the passing of the grilling ordinance- as well as some other hot button topics not to be mentioned here.

In response to the question of my mental status, however, I reply – Bellevue is a wonderful place to live. I grew up here and I choose to live here. Why? There are so many reasons why. I will share just a few. First and foremost- LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Bellevue is THE MOST EASILY ACCESSIBLE COMMUNITY TO THE CITY OF PITTSBURGH and all of its offerings. We are nestled between two major arteries- Route 279 and Route 65, neither of which require traversing a tunnel nor wasting gas in the accompanying bottleneck of traffic.  The HOV lane is easily accessible for those who wish to carpool. In fact, there are multiple other routes to travel to the city if you prefer to avoid a major artery. Don’t drive? Public transportation is easily accessible and convenient. Avid biker? The head of the bike trail is a short ride away from our community. During these days of elevated gas prices and concern for the environment a well positioned community is a must. Bellevue is well positioned.

What about the houses?  Bellevue is full of beautiful, well constructed Victorian style homes. Those of you who watch “This Old House” will know the potential of these homes. When visitors come to my home they are amazed at the size of my house, the beautiful stained glass windows, the wooden pocket doors, and of course at the price I paid. The value you get for your dollar is amazing.

Do you know that, like Mt. Lebanon, our school district – Northgate is a walking district? Northgate, comprised of the boroughs of Bellevue and Avalon is a small district where your child can obtain the individualized attention he or she needs. The children are known by name, they are not a number. Many of the teachers and staff actually live here, so they have a vested interest in the community.

Do I sound like I am advertising?  Sure I am. I love Bellevue, my home. We are a small community full of charm and history. I am a lifelong resident- third generation. I grew up here. My mother grew up here. My grandparents lived their lives here. My husband grew up here. We have many family members who live here. We are part of the history, but are even more proud to be a part of the future. We welcome new community members who have both vision for the future and yet hold a bit of nostalgia for those small American towns of yesterday.

Live, Worship, Shop. This has been the slogan of Bellevue- the town with the “beautiful view” for decades. We have churches of many denominations in our community. We have a lovely main avenue full of possibility. We have room for growth. We have the right location at the right price. That is why my family and I choose to live here. WHY DO YOU LIVE HERE????


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