“In Their Own Words: Really Ms. Woshner? Really?” by Tom Fodi

For a silly, childish reason I needed to go back and make some changes to the LiB post “Mayor Doscher and Linda Woshner Argue Over Grilling Ban” which, of course, forced me to take another look at Madam President Woshner’s smoke and mirrors letter which she submitted to a local publication (which shall go nameless out of a fear of violating another federal law).  After another read of the letter and comparing it side-by-side with the anti-grilling ordinance right here at my desk, I cannot help myself but call the president of borough council out on an obvious misleading statement

In her letter, Ms. Woshner writes,

“Residents can use their portable grills on their deck. Yes, that is true. I mentioned at a council meeting a fire resistant grill pad would be acceptable, but that went unnoticed. After further investigation a bed of concrete pavers or patio stones would be acceptable, as well.”   (to read the rest of her letter, click here.)

Let us now compare her words to a verbatim copy of the anti-grilling ordinance which she advocated for and forcefully passed back in July,

“Portable grills/barbeques designed for and used strictly for cooking only shall while in use be no less than five (5) feet from a house, structure, combustible materials, roadway, utility, or property line.”

Where in the ordinance does it read that grills are allowed on a deck when a fire resistant pad is in use?  Where in the ordinance does it read that concrete pavers or patio stones are considered a safe foundation?  I cannot find it.  Can you?

Many of us affiliated with the Liberty in Bellevue movement have no desire in bringing up the anti-grilling ordinance for further debate.  We have no desire to rehash this fight because we know there is no purpose in doing so until after the next local election cycle and we’re finally able to engage with reasonable elected officials.    However, I personally cannot let misleading statements like Ms. Woshner’s go unanswered.

I’m glad the she is willing to permit Bellevue residents to use their grills on their decks pending they follow her personal guidelines, however, unfortunately, those personal guidelines are not following the strict rule of the law Ms. Woshner and her cronies enacted.  I suppose we’ll just have to wait until someone who is following Ms. Woshner’s “personal safety guidelines” experiences an unfortunate accident for her “interpretation” of the law to evolve and become even stricter.

This is the political philosophy that is destroying the borough of Bellevue.  Residents and business owners have to be concerned about the laws the majority in public office want to enforce and are left to wonder about all the others.  It doesn’t matter what is good for Bellevue.  It doesn’t matter what encourages growth, prosperity, and greater sense of community.  What matters is who they like and what they support.  Period.

I realize that this article will be looked upon and criticized as being a “personal attack” from those who refuse to appreciate the work of the people involved in Liberty in Bellevue.  I want to state clearly and publicly, this is not a personal attack on Ms. Woshner.  This is a challenge to the political philosophy by which Ms. Woshner and her cronies operate (and by the way, it has nothing to do with whether they’re democrats or republicans, because honestly I don’t even know which side of the political aisle many of the “cronies” fall under).  Their philosophy of cronyism and bullying the opposition is what is killing Bellevue.  Their personal vendettas against anyone who disagrees with them is what is killing Bellevue.  There is a better way for Bellevue and hundreds of people are opening their eyes to that “better option” every day.

Liberty marches on.


5 Responses to ““In Their Own Words: Really Ms. Woshner? Really?” by Tom Fodi”

  1. How do I find out who voted in favor of this stupid ordinance?

    • As public record shows, the votes for this ordinance came from Linda Woshner, Jane Braunlich, Jim and Susan Viscusi, Jim Scisciani, and Lynn Heffley

  2. As far as I know, there is no place on the Bellevue Borough website that has the voting records of the members of council. Therefore, it seems that the only place to find this info is to read the council meeting minutes. Wouldn’t it be nice for the borough to promptly post the voting breakdown for each council meeting? As it stands now, you have to do the research yourself. Our council president has stated that she supports “transparency in government” on multiple occasions, yet something as simple as giving the residents of Bellevue an easy to read voting breakdown on the website is not available at this time. I’m also a firm believer that the borough should 100% be REQUIRED to post their financial information in an easy to read excel style document. The residents of Bellevue should be able to quickly reference the money coming in and going out, where it’s going and so on. This would be a good start if they believe so firmly in “transparency”.

  3. Tom,

    You state in your post in the final paragraph that “it has nothing to do whether they’re democrats or republicans” regarding their political philosophy. I’m sure you know that Woshner, Braunlich, Scisiani and the Viscusi and Hefley lackey cabal are all democrats. I don’t know how old you are but you are missing something that has been driving local politics (boro, county and state) for as long as my older self can remember. Democrats in local politics for as long as I can remember are in the game for all of the power, influence and graft they can garner. They are obstinate and refuse to work with republicans for fear they may lose a vote somewhere. Almost everything they do is intended to gain favor for themselves and their cronies and the public be damned. The democrats on council are the people that block everything that will make the boro prosper. We concerned citizens of Bellevue must make a major effort to get the democrats off of council in the next election. . And as anyone should be able to see, at all levels of government, democrats generally haven’t the slightest understanding of how economies function. So, yes, it has everything to do with political philosophies.

    • Bill, it is not that simple. I am very good friends with both staunch Republicans and Democrats who are capable of leadership that is not influenced by personal vendettas. I’m also friends with Republicans and Democrats that are merely single issue voters that will make a decision on political issues purely based on a single thought process. I believe there is more to the political process than our current two party system. Personally, I’d make the case that most people actually are not easily classified as classic Republicans or Democrats. I think most people are much more independent than they realize. I even think most Americans actually agree on a large percentage of political issues but are merely divided by the power brokers of both major parties.

      To respond simply, no Bill, this is not a Republican/Democrat issue. This is a pro-Bellevue versus anti-growth debate.

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