Sad Announcement, by Natasha Hazelwood

I am incredibly saddened to report that my absolute favorite go-to restaurant in all of Pittsburgh will be closing its doors after dinner service tonight. Bite Bistro has become such a part of what many have been fighting for in Bellevue: a unique, genuine business that people from all points on the culinary spectrum can enjoy. Unfortunately for Bellevue–and for yours truly–a forward-thinking business cannot survive in this declining community environment. Danina DiBattista–I can’t wait to see where/when Bite Bistro (in some form or another) resurfaces and thrives because the House of Hazelwood will follow!

So, Bellevue: you’ve managed to help run out another viable business. What ideas do you have up your sleeves to stop this from happening? None?  I didn’t think so.

Join us at Liberty in Bellevue to be part of the solution and help create an environment where fine businesses like Bite Bistro, Mojo Bistro, Vivo, and Roberto’s actually stand a chance!  Join us before we lose the few remaining fine establishments that remain in Bellevue.


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