Former Ross Township Commissioner enters the Bellevue debate…Why? by Mark Robinson

Recently, a new name appeared on the LiB Facebook page and blog with some interesting comments. Mark Purcell, a longtime resident of Ross Township and former Ross Township commissioner, has tried to define Liberty in Bellevue by linking current and former council members to the group. One major problem…Neither of the folks mentioned are a part of LiB in any capacity. While they have showed support and encouragement for our group, it has been on the basis of seeing us a new young group of residents who are coming forward to promote visibility to the politics in our Borough and, support for our belief that there is great potential in this 1 square mile we all call home.

So why is Mr. Purcell interested in Bellevue politics? After asking multiple times what his vested interest was he eventually did respond by stating, “Anything that goes on in Bellevue directly affects me. I grew up there, have family there, live next to Bellevue Park, for over 40 years…” So is that all? The vested interest is in anything that goes on in Bellevue?  I wonder what that means.  As a non-resident, there should be no tax concerns.  He did say one specific thing to clarify, “…I have made them my friends and will do all I can to see that they are re-elected, as long as they wish to be.”  This is one of the main concerns that LiB has been indicating are a problem in Bellevue politics and we now have confirmation that there is a group of friends who are sticking together. We have indicated before that personal friendships are not a reason to elect an official. We need to elect officials based on their ideas and drive to keep Bellevue moving forward.  Mr. Purcell even goes as far as to indicate that friendship takes precedence over electing someone based on their ideas by writing, “I don’t always agree with their legislation, but I know they mean well.” I’ll ask the readers if they agree or not. Do you believe that personal friendships, regardless of how they legislate the affairs of the borough, is the most important factor in selecting someone for elected office? Let us know by commenting below!

In reference to Danina’s blog post titled “Agenda: Transparent vs. Hidden,” she quotes Mr. Purcell where he speaks of the former council president Kathy Coder only being interested in personal political objectives.  Not knowing much of Mr. Purcell, I decided to look for information myself. I wouldn’t want to be accused of only talking to some inner circle, or, people that Mr. Purcell would want to push onto our group. Google was to be my obvious tool of choice and I was shocked by what popped up.

A long history of failed attempts to run for public office, warnings from the Allegheny County Elections Court (TWICE!) for apparent violations of a state law that prohibits the distribution of items of value near or inside polling locations on election day…., using property outside of its intended use, trying to roadblock a small business from moving into Ross, and a claim that his supporters were petitioning the courts to remove his challengers from the ballot.

Here are the links to the articles:,3459207,5344102,2730171

This is the personal friend of members of our council who will, as he put it, “do all that I can to see that they are reelected…” So that takes us to a recent issue before our council and the timely emergence of Mr. Purcell’s comments on the Facebook page and website; the replanting of trees at Memorial Park. As it turns out, Mr. Purcell lives in Ross where he has a view of the lot from where the trees were removed and has been a very vocal Ross resident demanding the trees be replaced. Regardless of my personal beliefs on the issue, it is interesting to note now that he wants these trees replaced; he comes forward with very public statements about his friendships. Don’t believe me? Here is some background on the tree issue from more local news sources with a great quote from a Pittsburgh Post Gazette article written by Johnathan Barnes published July 2, 2009 listed below.

One of Mr. Purcell’s neighbors attended the June 24 meeting, and complained that Mr. Purcell does not represent everyone who lives on McIlrath Avenue.  “My neighbor has caused problems among neighbors. … The lot definitely needs cleaned up,” McIlrath Avenue resident Jason Zombek said. “I don’t know what all Mr. Purcell is proposing to you.”

Read more:

I think we may have found one of the reasons for the friendship.  What do you think?


24 Responses to “Former Ross Township Commissioner enters the Bellevue debate…Why? by Mark Robinson”

  1. It is connections like this with the Bellevue Council that worries me. What the council does and who is elected should not be influenced by people who live outside of our town. If he is so enthusiastic about his friends on council, why doesn’t Mr. Purcell move back to Bellevue and let them be his representatives (especially since they already seem to be representing his interests).

  2. Mr Purcell, it seems, from reading your recent posts, that anything that anybody says that doesn’t fit in with your way of thinking is just an old political trick. You have made that comment quite a few times. There are quite a few people in this community, including myself, who are tired of just another “old political trick”. We need some new ideas in this borough not the same rhetoric that has kept Bellevue in a steady decline for years.
    I grew up in Bellevue and have lived here most of my life. You and I both know that Bellevue can be so much more than it is currently. Do you have any ideas on how Bellevue can improve? Or is your specialty attempting to squash others ideas? There is a buzz in the community that I haven’t seen in years. All sides, regardless of political affiliation, need to come together and set a strategic vision for the community. So far I have seen very little from the current council to lay out a vision…

  3. Mr. Purcell,
    I am curious. What message is it that you are trying to send to us if you are indeed the messenger? That statement indicates you are carrying a message from someone. Could you please fill us in or are you confirming exactly what we thought from the beginning. That someone you have spoken to is feeding you information and wholy inaccurate information at that.

    The other piece of information that is extremely interesting to me is the fact that you know I am canadian citizen. Can I ask where you got that information or should I just assume it was the same people?

    There is a very big difference with the reasons that I am involved vs the reasons that you are involved. I am a resident of Bellevue. I pay taxes to Bellevue. It is in my interests as a tax payer and property owner to ensure my voice is heard. You live in Ross Township. You are a taxpayer to Ross Township. I don’t get involved in Canadian politics, sure I have an opinion but not being a resident, my voice does not need to be heard. I don’t live in Ross Township and therefore I dont get involved in the politics of your area. You have repeatedly changed your message over the course of the debate. When asked why you were involved you originally said “Anything that goes on in Bellevue directly affects me. I grew up there, have family there, live next to Bellevue Park, for over 40 years.” Then your tune slightly changed. “Mark R. My reasons started long ago when out of spite Bellevue’s Road Super and former manager saw it in their wisdom to ruin the peace and quiet of our street because I had the gall to ask them not to dump Bellevue’s garbage in the lot nex…t to our street. I’d be glad to share the news articles on that matter if you would like to see them. That got me started; Kathy Coders behavior on council got me involved. I saw what was wrong with Bellevue in her and those that supported her. I worked to change that and was successful.
    No hidden agendas here, honest!” If there was nothing to be hidden why did you have trouble answering the question that was posed to you in the first place. And to finish it stating “No hidden agenda’s here, honest” So I have shared the articles about them for myself.” Why would Kathy Coder’s behavior on council concern you? If you had a problem with the way Ross Township was managing the relationship with Bellevue as it realted to Memorial Park why didnt you address them? From the articles that were read, it sounds like they came to resolution. You need to be holding their feet to the fire if you disagree with them. You also keep mentioning that all these things that Bellevue was doing years ago was out of spite. You hold a personal grudge about something that happenned years ago and to date you still have not forgotten it. You are just trying to project it on others who had ZERO involvement.

    And to suggest I am way off the mark is your opinion. I can respect that. I have a different opinion. Not sure why it would be way off the mark. You are an old time politician from Ross Township who has had his struggles in the political game. You have old fights that you hold on to personally, and from the articles I have read, always tried to bend the rules a little. Sounds like old political tricks to me. If this is, as you have said the tactics that you will use (again to quote you) that you ” will do all I can to see that they are re-elected, as long as they wish to be.”

    So to all other that read this Ill leave you with another of Mr. Purcell’s quotes from facebook. Read the articles linked above and remember “If it walks like a duck its a duck” 🙂

    • Is there a political trick older than trying to discredit your opposition when you know they can debate you on the issues endlessly?

      • I would be interested in who Mr. Purcell believes started Liberty in Bellevue. I would then wonder what other motives he thinks those people have. We’re anxiously waiting to here, Mark.

  4. Couple of things you continue to fail to answer. If you are indeed comfotable with yourself and the statements you make.

    1. What message is it that you are trying to send to us if you are indeed the messenger? Your words Mr. Purcell was that we were attacking you because you were the messenger. Whose message are you trying to communicate?

    2. The other piece of information that is extremely interesting to me is the fact that you know I am canadian citizen. Can I ask where you got that information or should I just assume it was the same people? Any chance you will enlighten us on this one? Or are you going to ignore the question twice.

    If you are so proud of what you say, and the actions you have taken, why can’t you provide an honest answer.

    If you want to know what my motivations are, Ill tell you. I have chosen to live in Bellevue. You clearly have chosen to not live in Bellevue. I have no political aspirations driving me forward. You clearly have political aspirations, or if your track record is any indication, HAD political aspirations and are now just trying to keep the ties with those that succeeded. I am raising a family in Bellevue, pay taxes in Bellevue, and want to see it grow and prosper and provide all that it can to its citizens both young and old. To do all of this, the folks that choose to run for council or sit on council must have a plan. To date, and I have spoken with all members of council not one of your “friends” has communicated their plan, their vision or their reasons for voting certain ways. Others have communicated a plan, what their hopes and dreams are for Bellevue. I commend them for doing this. You indicated that those in public office need to be prepared to answer both the postive and negative criticism that comes with being in public office. To date, none of your “friends” has answered the questions that I have asked. I have submitted personal emails to them asking for a response in the hopes that it could generate a good discussion between them to get past the divide that exists. Of the people you mentioned above and I will use their names, Kathy Coder reposnded very kindly agreeing with my compromise to the issue I was discussing and thanked me for my approach and had alot of other kind words to say about Bellevue. Mark Helbling, also responded indicating that he was grateful I reached out to all of them. Not just certain people because in the conversations I have had with Mark, I have told him that I expect ALL of my council members to act in the best interests of the community and that he is always open to hearing my point of view regardless of us agreeing or not. The third person you mention is no longer on council and therefore did not receive my message.

    Linda Woshner did respond to me. She thanked me for my approach and said she would think about my considerations and then sated she belives they have a solution. What solution? It wasnt mentioned. Again I was kept in the dark while trying to have an open discussion. She also proceeded to then talk about Avalon in the sense that Avalon has the same ordinance and that they didnt understand what was going on in Bellevue. As the president of our council does she not know what is going on in Bellevue? Has she truly listened to what people are saying? No because she indicated directly to me that she didn’t understand.

    Here is a quote from Linda.
    “Definitely, I am for revitalization, but we need to promote the community, to bring in people and bring in businesses.” Really? Then what is the plan? What is council doing to make this happen? As president I expect leadership and vision.

    The previous council president tod me what her vision was. What actions is she specifically taking to build resources to get the revitalization of Bellevue off the ground.

    Your issue with the trees is just as confusing. If we are so strapped from money that we are digging into the Borough cell phone bills to try and save $50 per month, then why would we pay $2500 to plant trees at this point because non tax paying Ross Township residents like yourself want us to? This doesn’t sound like revitalization of our core. It sounds like revitalization of Ross Township. We have bigger fish to fry in Bellevue. To quote one of your friends “We don’t have any money left to fix the roads.” This screams that we need to be smarter with our tax dollars. Business district revitalization is what brings in more tax revenue as well as promotes our community because it allows the thriving businesses to be another voice for promting and advertising a message of “Come to Bellevue”.

    Under the new council leadership, even the BDAC committee has chosen to not be an action oriented group. I was a member and was horrified that the new leader said We don’t want to be in the business of planning community events. Then what is the community life committee there for? It was that new leadership of the BDAC that said either we are going to do this or we aren’t. If we aren’t then they should just fake it and go through the motions so we don’t lose the Allegheny County funding. I was sitting there. I heard it. If the message was suppossed to be different then different words should have been used. Is that clear leadership. Is that action oriented?

    Bellevue has me extremely frustrated for a million different reasons but I also will share my positive outlook that they can be overcome with hard work, a little determination, and working together. I am vocal and applaud all efforts regardless of the political affiliation of a council member and will continue to do so. I personally think that party line affiliation in this country is over the top and see absolutely ZERO need for it at the local level.

    From the comments I see it sounds more like you are interested in being an old party line politician, and to your detriment. You have kept your self so wrapped up in identity politics and spekaing the message of your group that you cannot clearly communicate what you want to see improved in Bellevue. Not just the council but Bellevue as a place to live, a place to spend your money, a place to enjoy.

    I look forward to your answers to the first two questions
    Best regards,
    Mark R.

  5. Mr. Purcell,

    Again you continue to try to characterize this group as something that it is not. Remember when you showed up at the Grill-abration and got your mug on the news and rather ignorantly labeled the ordinance opposition as a Democrat versus Republican fight? There are Democrats in our group as well as Republicans and Independents. There are social liberals and fiscal conservatives. It is possible to be non-partisan and work toward a common goal. Isn’t that what your pal Connie tries telling us? Maybe if your buddies in the Bellevue Old Guard stopped Googling us and sat down with us for a locally-brewed coffee they would learn who we are as people and as citizens.

    There isn’t a single member of Bellevue Council involved with LiB. We’ve stated that numerous times – but what good does it do you to accept the truth when it isn’t convenient to your cause? If your character assassinating statements about Council members are true, why not call them out by name? Because you’re being cheap, classless, and distorting the truth. Par for the course with your political resume – right? I can’t be lying or distorting the truth myself because I read about it in the Citypaper. Our bullying label directly applies to Jane Braunlich and Connie Rankin who do attempt to bully people who speak against them or against their views. Say what you want about Dave (I don’t know him very well), but Jane is as confrontational as it gets. Connie uses the power of the media to shape stories about Council and ignore others as much as she can. If not for a need to fill space and sell 40-cent papers, I can’t imagine why else she would even bother to print letters that share viewpoints other than her own.

    I’m starting to believe that members of the local Democratic committee – especially the Bellevue Old Guard – are afraid of Kathy Coder. They are jealous of her. The fact that she was a local unknown and catapulted to the head of Council without going through the traditional hoops and deal-making scared a lot of established citizens. The fact that – GASP – an unapologetic Christian WOMAN was doing well scared you. Her physically imposing husband turned out to also be – GASP – an unapologetic Christian who was also successful and – GASP – is actually a nice guy. If there is anything to be scared about it would be the fact that Ron and Kathy actually encourage young people to live in Bellevue (or Ross Township). Within two months of living in Bellevue, my wife and I met Ron and Kathy while taking a walk on Lincoln Avenue and several weeks later invited us to their house for breakfast with several other young couples they met who were also living in Bellevue. How dare they! What did we do? We ate. We talked about the Steelers and our jobs. We made new friends. Certainly sounds like something terrifying.

    Bellevue Council is STILL dysfunctional – priorities are out of line. Laws and codes are not adequately enforced, spending is not efficient, and new policies are focusing on minutia rather than progress. Is Bellevue going in a positive direction? Not at all. Our only agenda is to see Bellevue move in a NEW direction with NEW blood on Council. Not cronies, not spouses of Council, and not neighbors of Council.

    Enough of the character assassination, Mr. Purcell. Start showing better character. Be a better role model for your awesome grandsons. Focus on your great family – not Bellevue.

  6. The reason isn’t because I am at all concerned about people knowing my citizenship it is because you continue to say that you are open and honest. So I am asking you an honest question. Let’s see how honest you are. You havent been so far so here is a good chance to use your words and have an open conversation. Its a simple question. Not sure I can explain my reason for asking any more clearly as I already did above.

    You keep talking about spite. Who spited you? Are they still involved in the Borough of Bellevue in any official capacity? How did they spite you? Just looking for you to elaborate your story here so I can understand it better. Do I think the trees should be planted? Yes. Should we do it now. I dont feel its absolutely necessary to have them right this minute. I want our council to put together a plan for how they are going to address the issues that face the borough first. Then we can execute to that plan. If the trees are included thats great. I probably wouldnt be happy with the situation the way it is either. What do your local Ross Township politicians think of the situation? Can you send me a link to the meeting minutes where you addressed this with your local goverenment recently to see if they would help you? There are many channels out there for this to come to resolution. You just continue to go down some path which only seems to lead me to the fact that you raise money for these peoples campaigns so now you want them to do you a favor. I believe the reason you dont want to answer the question is because it tells us who you have the “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours ” agreement with.

    So again I will clearly state my questions, so that you have the opportunity to clearly answer them.

    1. Who told you I was a canadian citizen?
    2. When did you address this issue recently with your the Ross Township government to assist in having the governments work together to come to a solution which satisfies Ross Township residents?
    3. Can you send me a link to the meeting minutes of the ross township meeting that you attended to ask for help in this situation?

    As for the dog park, I hope that is going well. It will be another nice feature to add the portfolio of things that Bellevue has to offer.

  7. Mr. Purcell,

    You and your Bellevue cronies continue to try to paint us as an angry mob only hurling insults and criticism who have done nothing for the community. We are not angry – we are firm in demanding accountability and change on Council.

    As for community involvement, our members have always been involved. Some of us are more recent citizens and can’t accumulate laurels like those on Council, but we certainly are engaged AND involved. Our members serve on PTO, are members of Bellevue churches, are current/former members of the ALLegheny Together BDAC, are on the Friends of Bayne Library board, and many more.

    I understand the bewilderment with our group. Many of our names are unknown to your generation of Bellevue pols because our parents didn’t grow up here, we didn’t grow up here, or we aren’t members of Old Guard circles. That doesn’t preclude us from demanding better accountability of our community leaders – even if you interpret our messages as anger.

  8. I am going to speak here as an individual and am going to quantify things as best as I can with no sarcasm, or frustration. I am strictly making a point about how I feel. I want to make that point very clear. I do not intend to speak for any other member of LiB. This response is in reference to your comment above and also can act as an answer to a quesiton Linda Woshner asked me in an email. Her question was in reference to the blow up over the grilling ordinance and why it seemed things were getting out of hand. I am also wording it as a response to yourself and to all members of council. All nine of them. I am not singling out anyone in particluar and I ask that if you find yourself acting in this way, to step back and understand why you receive the reaction that you do.

    When someone is speaking honestly as an individual and the first thing you do is be sarcastic and say thing jest or ignroe what they are asking, you do realize that the impression it gives is of someone who is being dismissive of the others point of view. Is this frustrating? Yes it is. I am passionate about seeing things get better here. Are they already good. Yes, I believe so, but I am not satisfied with good. I want to see Bellevue be great as I am sure you do as well. The anger that you perceive is frustration at the fact that I am a tax paying resident of Bellevue, and I continue to feel frustrated that my voice isn’t heard. It is really easy for someone on a perceived opposite side of the fence to ignore, and poke fun, and try to minimize someone’s point of view, and then when they get frustrated you can turn it around and paint them as angry. It’s a two way street. You can obviously see a common thread here. I feel like I am talking and no one is listening. Because of that I am left to investigate things for myself. Whether that be on the internet, at council meetings, or to the council members who do engage me in conversation, I try and find out what is actually going on. When the information I receive seems negative and personal in nature i do my best to ignore it because I would rather have the person tell me for themself why they act and decide in the way that they do. (An example of this is Mr. Purcell mentioning that things were happenning out of spite. I cannot accept that because I would have to hear the other side of the story) When I get frustrated that these things arent happenning you try to label me. Why didn’t the council listen, answer the questions, and try to work on more compromising solutions (i know this is in the eye of the beholder) that I had prior to the start of LiB? I think I know why so I am inferring (because no one has answered) that it’s because some of you have personal disagreements with other council members and instead of asking us as individuals, you painted us with the label of being a mouthpiece for someone else instead of respecting us as citizens of Bellevue and ensuring that we felt that our voice carried the same weight as others and respected us enough to honestly answer the specific questions that we have. I have spoken at council at one time and directly gave them this message. That they, when representing council, are there to work for us, listen to what we say and acknowledge that good or bad, we will hold them accountable.

    I encourage you, Mr. Purcell, to pass this message along to your friends on council. They should see me as someone who is passionate about the community, not as part of an angry mob. If they could do that and see that we probably have that in common then maybe it could be a first step in repairing a very damaged relationship. At this point, as council members who should be concerned with the state of the residents, they should be the ones reaching out and taking the next step. They see me on a regular basis whether at council meetings, on the street, at community events, or at volunteer activites. I have never once pushed them away from approaching me.

    Regards, Mark Robinson

  9. Mark, you continue to incorrectly define us. LiB was started by Tom Fodi and was quickly joined by a dozen other engaged citizens fed up with Bellevue politics and those who are enabling the community’s gradual decline. Kathy Coder is indeed a member of Bellevue Christian Church (I am the only LiB member who is a BCC member), but again to clarify – she has NOTHING to do with Kathy Coder. In all honesty, I haven’t seen or heard from Kathy in weeks. If you explore Bellevue Christian’s website, they clearly spell out their beliefs: There are three little bulleted statements at the top – the second bullet completely contradicts Evangelical philosophy. Therefore, BCC is not an evangelical church. Also, Bellevue Christian absolutely does not participate in the political process. In terms of LiB, I’m fairly certain that we have non-Christians in our group, but that’s my assumption BECAUSE WE HAVE NEVER DISCUSSED FAITH.

    If you want to talk about “saving the world from itself” – that is exactly what your pals on Bellevue Council are trying to do with their legislation. They say Bellevue citizens can’t responsibly drink alcohol, Bellevue businesses can’t responsibly sell alcohol, nor can they burn or grill responsibly. So they introduced unnecessary legislation to regulate all of that. It’s funny that I mention that because attempting to protect Bellevue from itself is one of the very problems LiB has with the current state of Bellevue.

    We are a diverse group of individuals of terms of political parties, creeds, faiths, and yes…citizenship status.

  10. Non-political groups can absolutely help some of the issues that we see in Bellevue, but they need to have a supportive council that will back them up and not crush their attempts to revitalize our precious town. Just because some of us agree with SOME decisions made by certain council members DOES NOT mean that we are in ANY WAY affiliated with them. (We have even applauded some decisions and actions by those we disagree with most of the time). Liberty in Bellevue is not working to get Kathy Coder elected (for council or state house). Kathy and Mark Helbling have “liked” our Facebook page because they appreciate that there is a young, passionate group in Bellevue working toward change in our community – change that is desperately needed. They have not “liked” our Facebook page because we are a right-wing group trying to get them re-elected. One of our hopes is that NO seat on council is uncontested. The people of Bellevue deserve to have a choice in their representatives. The people of Bellevue deserve to be educated on the histories and track records of ALL the council members (not just those we disagree with). One cannot go into the polls and cast a thoughtful vote without being educated on who it is they are voting for. Whether people agree with what we want for our town or not, they should go into the polls knowing who they are casting their vote for and what that person stands for and wants for Bellevue. Liberty in Bellevue DOES NOT uphold any political party or religious view. Liberty in Bellevue DOES want the citizens to be educated and to have a council that will support growth in our community.

  11. Mr. Purcell, your argument is tired and we’ve engaged with you for two days with no considerable results. There has been ZERO affiliation with any church or religious organization, nor have we inserted any religiously driven opinions into any of our opinions or opposition. If you can show me an example of LiB mentioning anything religious, I will retract my statement. You are really getting desperate for talking points, and it’s become blatantly clear. Now that your words are pretty much etched in stone on this blog, I’m sure your “friends” are wishing they would have chosen to align with a more successful and eloquent individual to use as their puppet. I consider myself to be an independent thinker, In my lifestyle, my political views, and my spiritual views. I will kindly excuse myself from this debate with you at this time. I’m sure you will attempt to rope me back in by taking a low blow or attacking me personally. It’s very clear to anyone with 1/2 of a brain that you’re nothing more than a mouth piece for your friends, doing what you can to keep them in office, even if you disagree with them (your words, not mine). It’s been great going in circles with you and I’d like to thank you for confirming that you are exactly the same person that so many articles, emails, and random strangers have painted you to be. You know you’ve really created a great reputation for yourself when random strangers send emails to LiB explaining their experiences with you and thanking us for debating with you on a public forum. Maybe we’ll see you at a council meeting soon? It would give you a much better version of what’s happening on council than getting the biased “overview” from your “friends” when you help at the dog park on Saturday mornings.

  12. Here at LiB, we encourage constructive debate on issues and pride ourselves at not filtering commentary, even commentary we may disagree with. It is our goal to engage citizens, to encourage them to not only open their eyes to what is going on around them, but to become involved – to ask the tough questions and demand accountability and transparency from their local elected officials. We encourage healthy and fair debate and acknowledge its importance in moving towards the goal of a better Bellevue for all. Unfortunately, this also opens the door to individuals with less than genuine intentions. Despite multiple attempts to engage Mr. Purcell on the issues, he has responded with baseless allegations and relentless and childish attempts to incite by any means necessary. Mr. Purcell has refused to answer fair questions posed to him and has yet to present a consistent, coherent or legitimate argument. Above all, as a non-resident of Bellevue, Mr. Purcell’s conveniently-timed diatribes, admittedly back-scratching intentions and probable self-serving objectives should be irrelevant in the Bellevue debate. (Although, we do encourage you to question WHO would insert an individual with a track record of dishonesty and playing dirty into Bellevue politics and WHY they would do so…) As such, we will no longer be responding to Mr. Purcell’s underhanded attempts to intimidate, incite or distract.

    Mr. Purcell, with UNdue respect, we formally acknowledge your IRRELEVANCE in the matters of Bellevue. We refuse to give you what it is that you “honestly” and so desperately seek, we will not stoop to your level nor will we be pawns in the political games of you or your “friends.”


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