Response to Mark Purcell from the LiB Core Group

Here at LiB, we encourage constructive debate on issues and pride ourselves at not filtering commentary, even commentary we may disagree with. It is our goal to engage citizens, to encourage them to not only open their eyes to what is going on around them, but to become involved – to ask the tough questions and demand accountability and transparency from their local elected officials. We encourage healthy and fair debate and acknowledge its importance in moving towards the goal of a better Bellevue for all. Unfortunately, this also opens the door to individuals with less than genuine intentions. Despite multiple attempts to engage Mr. Purcell on the issues, he has responded with baseless allegations and relentless and childish attempts to incite by any means necessary. Mr. Purcell has refused to answer fair questions posed to him and has yet to present a consistent, coherent or legitimate argument. Above all, as a non-resident of Bellevue, Mr. Purcell’s conveniently-timed diatribes, admittedly back-scratching intentions and probable self-serving objectives should be irrelevant in the Bellevue debate. (Although, we do encourage you to question WHO would insert an individual with a track record of dishonesty and playing dirty into Bellevue politics and WHY they would do so…) As such, we will no longer be responding to Mr. Purcell’s underhanded attempts to intimidate, incite or distract.

Mr. Purcell, with UNdue respect, we formally acknowledge your IRRELEVANCE in the matters of Bellevue. We refuse to give you what it is that you “honestly” and so desperately seek, we will not stoop to your level nor will we be pawns in the political games of you or your “friends.”


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