Bellevue Council Meeting September 2012

We feel maximum participation among the community in the local political process is the only way we can create real, worthwhile change in Bellevue. Whether someone is a democrat, republican, libertarian, or any other political persuasion honestly doesn’t matter to us. What truly matters to us at LiB is that the public is aware of what is going on in their local government and engaging in the conversation. For this reason, we’re now filming and posting online every council meeting we are physically capable of attending.

In order to add a little context and the occasional sarcastic remark to the videos you will notice “pop up” style comments when viewing the video from the main website. Due to YouTube’s programming, unfortunately the notes will not appear on mobile formats at this point.


One Response to “Bellevue Council Meeting September 2012”

  1. Again, with the accusatory statements minus any substance. Mark, we’re openly sharing our ideas and thoughts about the leadership of this community. We’d love to hear yours. Still waiting on them. Oh, that’s right, you and your cronies do not have any…

    Feel free to offer your political rebuttals to any of the comments mentioned above. We’d love to illustrate how you and your puppets have none and are merely power hungry wolves attacking anyone who rightfully challenges you. We look forward to a substantive debate, but will not waste our time responding to ignorant, mud slinging comments like the one above. Thank you for taking the time to read and view our stuff. Glad to have you in the audience!

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