Two Upcoming LiB Events!

We’re excited to announce two new LiB Events coming in just over a week!!!

1) September Residential Spruce Up – Cleaning up Bellevue is about more than a political house cleaning.  Cleaning up Bellevue is also about literally getting our hands dirty.  For this reason, on Saturday, September 29 from 9am-12pm LiB will be hosting a community-wide clean up of the many side streets that make up our community.  If you haven’t noticed trash and litter seem to be lining every street of our fine borough and before that trash gets mixed in with the leaves that will soon be on the ground we’re hoping to collect it and properly dispose of it with your help!  The number of streets of  Bellevue we’ll be able to clean will depend upon the number of people who are willing to join us.  If you have a few hours you can spare to help LiB spruce up the residential areas of Bellevue, let us know by clicking here and selecting “Join!”  We will be meeting near the pavilion at Bayne Park and will have plenty of trash bags and gloves to share (feel free to bring your own gloves and any other gear you might need to collect trash).

2) September Voter Registration Drive – Though this is not a cycle for elections in Bellevue, 2012 will be a decisive election year for state and national elections.  For this reason, Liberty in Bellevue is excited to help the numerous unregistered residents of our borough get registered by hitting the streets of our borough to register as many voters as possible on Sunday, September 30.  LiB as a group does not endorse any particular politician or political party, our primary concern is that as many Bellevue residents are involved in the local, state, and national political process.  If you would like encourage your fellow Bellevue residents get involved in the political process, RSVP to be a part of the LiB Voter Registration Drive by clicking here and selecting “Join!”  (RSVPing for this event is required to participate)

See yinz guys next week!


3 Responses to “Two Upcoming LiB Events!”

  1. Where do we RSVP for the voter registration drive

  2. Tom, Did you know Bellevue Christian Church posted the following: Sat., Sept 22: Bellevue Litter Clean-Up: If you would like to help clean up the streets of our community please gather at BCC on Saturday, Sept. 22 at 6PM to do just that! For more information contact Beth Kloss. Perhaps there is an opportunity to unite!

  3. thanks Michele – we are aware of BCC’s project. We encourage participation in that but would rather not mix the church’s work with the efforts of LiB for numerous reasons. BCC is cleaning up Lincoln Avenue, which is why we are specifically targeting the side streets. The more efforts put into cleaning up the borough, the better!

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