October 9, 2012 Bellevue Council Meeting

We apologize for the delay in posting it, but please take the time to view yet another embarrassing example of local leadership via the Bellevue Council. Pay special attention to the unexpected and previously unannounced motion to replace our solicitor Tom McDermott. Enjoy!

0:01 – Call to Order
0:17 – Flag Salute
0:45 – Roll Call
ATTENDING: Jane Braunlich, Jim Sciciani, Solicitor McDermot, Linda Woshner, Jim Viscusi, Lynn Tennent-Heffley, Sue Viscusi, Frank Camelo.
ABSENT: Mayor George Doscher, Kathy Coder, Mark Helbling (arrives later in the meeting).
1:12 – Public Contribution (NONE)
1:30 – Approval to pay the bills
2:08 – Approval of September minutes for 9/11 Council Meeting & 9/25 Committee Meetings
3:34 – Treasurer – (NONE – Treasurer Cusik was absent from this meeting)
3:42 – Mayor – (NONE – Mayor Doscher was absent from this meeting)
3:48 – Tax Collector – (NONE)
3:51 – Solicitor – (NONE)
8:26 – Engineer – Highlights storm water maintenance and other reports.
12:52 – Administration – (NONE – DAS Doug Sample was absent from this meeting)
13:02 – Council – Highlights transfer of $100K, and discuss stray dog business.
18:25 – Motion to authorize the DAS to submit a request for a Borough Auditor position
19:45 – Part time clerical position
20:59 – Authorize the DAS to prepare and solicit for a new solicitor (WAS NOT IN THE AGENDA AND WAS NOT PASSED THROUGH COMMITTEE.)
Parks & Recreation:
23:35 – Discussion about Bayne Library parking lot
25:50 – Discussion about Bayne Park hours
Public Safety:
26:40 – Discussion of PT Firefighter followed by a MOTION to advertise for the position.
30:12 – MOTION and discussion to purchase UHF pagers from Staley Communications, followed by decision to send it back to committee.
Public works:
32:44 – CCTV contract
32:55 – Councilman Mark Helbling joins the council meeting.
33:00 – MOTION to approve payment #2 to Insight Pipe Contracting for $51,630.72.
34:08 – BIDS: (NONE)
34:15 – Bike Donation program discussion
Wage Ordinance:
36:12 – Second and Third reading of Wage Ordinance
38:02 – Adoption of Wage Ordinance
Excessive Police Calls Ordinance:
39:22 – Second and Third reading of Excessive Police Calls Ordinance
40:42 – Adoption of Excessive Police Calls Ordinance
Fingerprinting Fee:
41:28 – Second and Third reading of Fingerprinting Fee Ordinance
42:30 – Adoption of Fingerprinting Fee Ordinance
Bayne Park Rules and Regulations:
43:20 – Introduction of and ordinance to change the rules, regulations, and skate plaza hours of operation at Bayne Park.
43:40 – Councilman Mark Helbling questions President Woshner about the request to advertise for a new solicitor. Also asks which new law firm is being considered for the replacement of the solicitor. President Woshner disregarded the question.
45:05 – Solicitor McDermot answers questions and discusses some previous items/issues from the council meeting.
51:16 – Public Contribution – (NONE)
51:30 – Adjournment

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