November 7, 2012 Borough of Bellevue Pre-Council Meeting

Now that the national election cycle is behind us, it is time to put local politics back on the radar. Wednesday was the November Bellevue Pre-Council meeting. Check out the video of the meeting below. A very interesting conversation ensued concerning the parking meters throughout the business district. The council wants to weigh a decision to either tax the new businesses and customers coming into town or encourage their growth by making parking free on weekends and after 6pm on weekdays. Watch the video below and add your two cents in the comments below.

Update: Timestamps are available below, making it possible for viewers to jump to specific sections of the video. We apologize for some sections of the video that have poor sound quality. We have asked the council members on several occasions if they would speak into their microphones, many simply do not do so.

0:01 – Call to Order, Flag Salute, Roll Call.
Mayor Doscher
Jane Braunlich
Jim Scisciani
Mark Helbling
Solicitor McDermot
Pres. Linda Woshner
V. Pres. Jim Viscusi
D.A.S. Doug Sample
Lynn Heffley
Susan Viscusi
Frank Camello
Kathleen Coder
0:57 – Public Contribution
2:28 – Review & Approval of meeting minutes for October Council Meeting, Special Meeting, and Committee Meetings
4:09 – Finance Chair Report: (NONE)
5:06 – D.A.S. states that the RFP packets containing info for a new solicitor will be handed out post-meeting.
5:18 – Parks & Rec Chair Report: (NONE)
5:50 – Public Safety Chair Report: (NONE)
6:12 – Pres. Woshner mentions desire to have more police presence at the Skate Plaza.
7:03 – Public Works Chair Report:
7:05 – Discussion & Motion to approve payment #1 to Insight Pipe Contracting for $29,804, for action on 11/13/12.
7:26 – D.A.S. discusses sewage problem & solution. States that a more powerful backhoe is needed to finish the job.
8:27 – Discussion & Motion made to approve $1,500 to rent a larger backhoe.
9:46 – Special Committee Reports (NONE)
9:50 – Bids (NONE)
9:53 – Resolutions (NONE)
9:55 – Ordinances
9:57 – Second reading of Bayne Park rules & regulations.
10:28 – First Reading of new parking enforcement ordinance, followed by discussion on the issue.
22:00 – First reading of Residential LERTA.
21:10 – Old Business (NONE)
21:14 – New Business – Mr. Scisciani presents info on Bellevue Veterans Day Events. Pres. Woshner mentioned X-Mas parking information.
24:00 – Public Contribution – Input from public and from council includes discussion about the proposal for free parking.
35:28 – Motion to Adjourn


2 Responses to “November 7, 2012 Borough of Bellevue Pre-Council Meeting”

  1. Could someone summarize the remarks. The sound quality is too poor to understand most of the dialogue.

  2. Hi Bill,
    Many LiB members were away for the past weekend, away from our computers. We are working on getting the timestamps together for this video, they will posted on the YouTube channel shortly, followed with being posted underneath the video posted to this blog.

    As a side note, we (multiple members of LiB) have requested that the council members speak into their microphones during the meetings. If you look closely in this video, you will notice that some of them either have their microphones facing away from them or have placed the microphone too far away for it be effective. Not sure if this is just a constant, repetitive slip-up on their part, an intentional move to prevent us from recording quality videos, or a way to try to make themselves less accountable for what they say. You would think that the members would be proud of what their opinions are (even if some people disagree with them). If they cared enough to run for council, you’d think they’d care enough to want the public to hear them.

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