November 13, 2012 Bellevue Council Meeting

We have provided timestamps below to help you to jump to different topics and discussions within this video.
Please be sure to share this video with your friends! We are encouraging residents to get more involved (even if it’s from the comforts of their homes, watching on YouTube!).

0:01 – Call to Order, Flag Salute, Roll Call
IN ATTENDANCE: Kathy Coder (via conference call), Jane Braunlich, Jim Scisciani, Mark Helbling (arrives at 3:34), Solicitor McDermot, Pres. Linda Woshner, V. Pres. Jim Viscusi, Lynn Heffley, Sue Visusi, Frank Camello.
ABSENT: Mayor George Doscher
1:20 – Public Contribution – Connie Rankin presents the N. Boros Pet Calendar, proceeds from calendar sales will benefit the Bellevue Dog Woods (located at Bellevue Park).
4:47 – Approval of Bills
5:20 – Review of Prior Meeting Minutes for 10/9 Council Meeting, 10/23 Special Meeting, 10/23 Committee Meetings, and 11/7 Pre-Council Meeting.
5:55 – Treasurer Report – Borough Balances and American Flag Purchases are discussed.
10:48 – Mayor Report – Mayor Dosher is absent from this meeting, but council members received his report in their packets.
10:56 – Solicitor Report – Residential LERTA is discussed.
14:26 – Engineer Report – Storm Water Maintenance, Skate Plaza Phases are discussed.
18:34 – Administration (D.A.S.) Report – Presents need to schedule a budget meeting, and introduces the boroughs newest employee, Jennifer Melvin (she will be responsible for recording minutes for meetings, and other tasks).
19:58 – Council Reports – Pres. Woshner organizes the budget meeting as suggested by the D.A.S..
28:52 – Finance Committee Chair Report
29:00 – Finance Chair presents, and council approves, a Motion to approve payment #5 to Civil and Environmental Consultants for $5,100 for Bellevue Streescape Design Project.
29:50 – Parks and Recreation Committee Chair Report – (NONE)
30:18 – Public Safety Committee Chair Report
30:23 – Public Safety Chair presents, and council approves, a Motion to suspend parking fees from 11/23-12/31. Discussion of free parking continues, including talks about advertising via A-Frame advertising, banners, posters, etc…
36:20 – Pres. Woshner opens discussion of Skate Plaza issues with skaters being in the park after dark. Council is informed that there are lights in that area, however they are not being turned on.
39:48 – Public Works Committee Chair Report
39:50 – Public Works Chair presents, and council approves, a Motion to approve payment #1 to Insight Pipe Contracting L.P. for $29,804.
40:44 – Special Committee Reports – NONE
40:49 – Bids – NONE
40:50 – Resolutions – NONE
40:52 – Ordinances:
40:58 – Second Reading of Bayne Park Rules and Regulations. Followed by a Motion to amend ordinances for rules and regulations at Bayne Park & the Skate Plaza.
41:26 – First Reading of Parking Enforcement Ordinance. Motion to introduce a new parking ordinance to provide free parking at specific times of day and on weekends throughout the borough.
41:50 – First Reading of Residential LERTA. Followed by a Motion to introduce the real estate tax abatement program.
42:09 – Old Business – NONE
42:13 – New Business – Auditor & Solicitor interviews are discussed and scheduled. Auditor interviews are scheduled for 11/27 @ 7:30pm, Solicitor interviews are scheduled for 12/11 @ 6:00pm. Bellevue’s Light Up Night is presented.
54:50 – Public Contribution – NONE
55:00 – Adjournment

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