Special Council Meeting – STAY TUNED!

All we can say is WOW! what a night it was within the council chambers!!!! Between accusations of ethics violations, political corruption, and a councilwoman who waited for members of our group outside of the council chambers to continue the fight (and spit at one of us I might add), it was an exciting night in Bellevue. There’s videos and footage to unpack and blogs to write.

All Bellevue voters need to be aware of how their council has decided to operate. It’s not pretty, but the truth is coming out. Stay tuned for more!


9 Responses to “Special Council Meeting – STAY TUNED!”

  1. Who’s the spitter?? Everyone would really like to know.

  2. Hello Bellevue! I tumbled into your blog today while googling “ethics violations in Pa.”

    After blogging for a year about the slumlords in Pottstown, I began to see that the trail leads to a lack of leadership on our council. A small group of residents are now blogging about local gov’t and the cronysim we see here.

    Has anyone in your community filed ethics violations with the PA Commission on members of your council? If so, has the commission stepped up?

  3. Hi Golden,
    I’m not familiar with the Pottstown area, could you give us a link to your blog and the group that is heading the investigation into the decline that you see? I’m not sure if any Bellevue community members have filed with the ethics commission about our council. If you were to ask me, i think our council is good at walking the thin like between ethical and unethical…and they tend to really walk that line very closely with a lot of the laws they make and decisions that they make.

    From my perspective, the Liberties of the community members are not taken into account when they’re throwing around their power to make ordinances and laws. Our towns business district has been on the decline for a while now, and we cannot blame the current 9 people on council, it has been decades of bad leadership and bad decision making, paired with a general lack of business sense and vision for the future of our town. Other areas of Pittsburgh (ones that were/are faced with an even steeper climb to success) have found ways to prosper. It sounds as if you’re faced with similar issues as we’re dealing with in Bellevue, I will have to look into where Pottstown is and some of its stats to see how closely related the two towns are. If you’re not familiar, Bellevue borders Pittsburgh city proper, and we’re about an 8 minute drive to downtown Pittsburgh.

    I would love to hear more about your blogging and the group that you’re working with to turn things around, please post some links for us!!


  4. Sure Thing Danina!! Pottstown is W. of Philly about 45 min. Our population is 22,000. We have a healthy blogging community here so I’ll give you several links to check out. You’ll get the jest that we have among the highest crime rate in the nation and PA, (for all towns of it’s size). We have been in decline for a long time due to the good old boys club. Council promoted the Police Chief, in Nov., with a hefty salary increase and he is now our boro manager despite the fact that crime has risen 157% since he became the Chief of Police and despite the fact that he has no specific experience or education running a municipality and there were around 50 applicants from outside of Pottstown who were educated and qualified for the job. The taxpayers paid for a professional search committee to find candidates only to have council reject them all in favor of Mark Flanders. Here’s some good links.




  5. WOW!!! Sounds like you’re dealing with worse issues than we are! If you’re able to acquire an video camera, i 100% suggest that you begin to film and publicly post the unedited videos of council meetings, school board meetings, etc… If they refuse to be transparent, then at least put it on display for the people of the community to see for themselves. Even after we decided to begin filming meetings, our council tends to act as if no one is watching…so they continue to just do what they do. There is an election coming up in Bellevue where several council seats will be up for election, LiB thinks it’s long past due that we get some creative thinkers, fiscally aware, energetic, and capable people in leadership. From my personal perspective, the reason that our town is being left in the dust compared to towns around Pittsburgh that are not quite as equipped to succeed as we are, is due to the leadership that we have here. Everyone “grew up here” and wants to keep it the same as it was in the 60’s and 70’s…which obviously isn’t possible.

  6. Oh yeah, your town sounds like a carbon copy of this town, just a little smaller!! Even as the buildings and homes crumble around our feet, council sits up there making decisions that keep us stuck in filth, blight, empty downtown buildings and the irony is that THEY LIVE HERE TOO. Where’s pride, dignity? How do they derive a sense of “worth” from their misguided egos? HOW? We are have 5 council seats and a weak mayor positions open this year too….we are running young, fresh candidates but having difficulty attracting potential because everybody is so burned out by the crap. Do you have an active group of people willing to run? We are running on the issues not party line and some are libertarian in their views. Should be interesting. I have your blog on my radar now and have shared links with others in our community via Facebook. Do you have a strong mayor form of government? Let’s keep in touch, we can learn from one another. Nice to find you !!! Katy

  7. i will subscribe to your blog as well! I think it’s a great idea for us to keep in touch, or at least keep up with what’s happening in other areas of PA. We have some people that are going to run for council, some are LiB members, many others are just residents of the borough that are fed up with the lack of progression, etc… Many of them are independents or Libertarians, and others are Reps & Dems. I think small gov’t like ours should not run on party affiliation, but more on ideas and ideals, and ability to execute them. Unfortunately, voters that vote “straight party” tend to not really vote based on the person, but more on what party that person falls into. It’s a shame, especially in small gov’t where people of all parties have something that can change the towns direction for the better or for the worse.

  8. We wish you all good fortune in your efforts to change things up in your local govt. scene!!! We’ll consider Bellevue our “Sister City” and lets do keep tabs on one another – perhaps we can share ideas and help each other move toward progress in our communities. I am pretty sure we are bucking the odds here as there are so many staunch party people, but we’ll give it our best effort! Last year I was served with a defamation lawsuit from a management company here that represents slumlords. The suit was ultimately dropped when I hooked up with a young, passionate First Amendments Rights attorney from Philly. He’s also an activist in his Fishtown neighborhood. He told me that blogging and putting information on the net about the actions of people in their local govt. has been very effective, their worst nightmare, in a sense. A fellow activist there writes a blog that I find very interesting and helpful, (they’re taking on the city of Philadelphia), your group might enjoy it as well…http://www.philadelinquency.com/

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