Dear LiB: A Letter from Mayor Doscher

LiB often receives messages from residents, business owners, local officials, etc. and we’ve decided to give these messages space on our website. For this reason we’ve started a new category of posts on the site called “Dear LiB” which will include any and all letters written to LiB which the authors would like for us to share with our readers. These letters must be signed with your full name as we will not post anonymous letters.

LiB exists to promote awareness and involvement of all community members in the ongoing work of local government. Dear LiB letters may not represent the views of all LiB members, but are published for the purpose of encouraging further discussion and engagement.

Dear LiB,

I have included in my letter to you a copy of my veto of the Borough of Bellevue budget for the year 2013. I felt it important to let the public know that the changes that council have made are unnecessary financially and will lead to diminished customer service to the taxpayer as well as a compromise in officer and citizen safety.

If anything the cuts made by Council may very well generate a greater expense than we now have as aging vehicles will require more repairs but also higher paid employees will be doing tasks that eliminated part time staff were doing at a much lower hourly rate.

I presented to Council a balanced budget with no proposed tax increase, as well as a $600,000 surplus from 2012; I am not sure why we need less service to the taxpayers as well as compromises to public safety while pet projects of Council are financed at taxpayer’s expense.

Geo. Doscher

Mayor of Bellevue


The Mayor’s Veto:

Members of Council,

I am vetoing the 2013 budget ordinance for the following reasons.

  1. The elimination of a part time position in the police office that will now result in the increase in time that officers will be doing paperwork instead of being on patrol. Other duties when not able to be reassigned due to other employee’s workload will not be able to be completed. Customer service (service to the public) will be diminished.
  2. The elimination of a vehicle for the police. The lack of a newer police vehicle will diminish officer safety and lead to an increase in service and repairs to the existing fleet resulting in a diminished savings. The vehicle that would be replaced could be used in another department for a supervisor freeing up a truck for work in the Borough, again with a cost savings.
  3. The line item for the Bellevue Dog Woods dog park ($2000) needs to be eliminated. When the board of the dog park proposed the use of Borough property, they were adamant that there was to be no financial or like services asked for or wanted by the Borough of Bellevue. This would allow the dog park to remain autonomous from the Borough.

Geo. Doscher

Mayor of Bellevue


7 Responses to “Dear LiB: A Letter from Mayor Doscher”

  1. All valid points Mayor, but if you don’t mind I would like to add a few thoughts. Bellevue is a one square mile town with a thriving business district. Population about 8,000 at last count? You carry 14 officers and a police chief. Your neighbor to the north, Ross Township is 15 square miles, 32,000 population and three very active business districts. Manned by 39 police I believe. Let’s do a little math. Ross, 2.6 officers per square mile, Bellevue 14 officers per square mile. I believe about half of your six million dollar budget is spent on public safety? You carry a partially full time paid fire department on top of all of this. Are there any crime statistics that give anyone a reason to believe that you need such a large department? Last stats I saw actually showed crime in Bellevue down somewhat. I think we all know that serious consideration should be given to consolidation of departments with Avalon and Ben Avon. Just for starters. These small boroughs that ring the city can no longer afford, nor justify such an expense anymore, considering that these same boroughs continues to lose population. Just ask Northgate School District.
    Is Bellevue fully and effectively utilizing its department? Indications by overtime suggest it is not. Do you know that your force is being used to its fullest potential? I can’t remember the last time I saw policemen walking the beat on Lincoln Ave. Do you know where your police cars are at all times? You should. (GPS) would give you that information. Police in Bellevue have computers in their cars; can they not kill two birds with one stone and do their paper work while providing a presence on the street? I believe so. So do you really need extra personal in the station doing what they can do anyway?
    There is going to come a time when Bellevue can no longer afford to reach into the pockets of their taxpayers for expenses that it can no longer justify. I would suggest that it would be prudent to cut out all the fat before you get to that point.
    On the contribution for the Dog park. You know that I disagree with the concept of the borough not giving money to the project. Bellevue Dog Woods is its own entity and giving money to the park will not give the borough any say so, political or otherwise on the everyday operations of the park. Question; did you support the giving of Avalon poll money last year? I think the contribution was $2,000? If so, where is the difference here?

  2. I actually know more about police than all of you put together. By the way, Commissioner Lou Cherpes that removed me as chair of Public Safety for political reasons went to jail for 2 1/2 years for taking bribes, and The Ruyaks and Mr. Schall, neighbors from hell, with all their trash instigated by Mr. Schall because I switched from Republican to Democrat, were finally taken before a magistrate, In Shaler, after I requested a change of venue and told under no uncertain terms that if the harassment continued they were going to jail. It all stopped after that. You see, Lib is not the first to practice sleazy politics, along with hate and slander for personal reasons. You’re really not even good at it.
    I again challenge anyone to find where I ever violated the public’s trust, ethics laws, or was charged with political corruption as a Ross Commissioner for 20 years, as alleged by Rev. Tom Fodi. You find it, I give you my home mortgage free…….Of course you won’t bother to do the leg work because slandering people for your political agenda is the sleazy way, Libs way.

  3. thank you Mayor for having the safety of our community first. And I remember when I first heard of the dog park I was very concerned that tax payers were going to pay for it, but was pleasantly surprised when my neighbor working on the project said that would not be the case. Thank you for keeping that promise to the tax payers

  4. The dog park President blamed the council for the age 12 limit for children in the park. She stated that it was in the best interest of the Borough for insurance reasons. The Dog Park is not connected to the council and the Borough of Bellevue and is not carrying the insurance on the property? Who is lying to me about the choice to keep the age limit higher than the rest of the Allegheny County Parks that are at your own risk with parent supervision? Is the dog park insurance being paid for by the Borough and tax payers? Is Bellevue completely off the hook for the expenses associated with that parcel? .

    • Hi Beth,
      You pose some great questions. I would suggest contacting the borough about this issue and/or the BDWA directly. I would suggest doing so by email and not by phone so that you can have a record of their responses. Please share with us your findings!!!

  5. $600,000 surplus?! You’re not supposed to have a surplus. It means you are overtaxing. Refund the money to the taxpayers.

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