January 8, 2013 Bellevue Council Meeting

2013 will be a big year for Bellevue. We have a lot of decisions to make about the future direction of our community. There is no question that Bellevue is not as it should be. Between the mass exodus of long term, quality residents from our borough, our increasingly dismal business district, oppressively high tax rates, a floundering school district in turmoil, and no vision from our elected officials to bring prosperity, growth, and health to our neighborhood we are more inspired than ever to liberate Bellevue from those responsible for strangling the life out it.

The year began with yet another demonstration of the kind of failed leadership of the which has become all too common among our current council. The hour and a half video below of the January 2013 Council Meeting is chock full of examples of why Bellevue is caving in on itself. Some of the most notable examples include a president who claims political responsibility for all of the “great things” of Bellevue, a rash decision to hire an interim borough manager at a price of  thousands of dollars (nearly $65/hour)  without as much as an interview, and a self righteous declaration that the council majority can spend tax payer money as they see fit (i.e. the Bellevue Dog Woods budget line item after months of scrutinizing employee cell phone bills under the guise of “saving even a few dollars”).

As the new year gets into full swing, Liberty in Bellevue is dedicated to keeping the public up to date on what is going on within the council chambers and other areas of concern within the community. We will have many important decisions to make as the year progresses and information will be absolutely vital for us to make the necessary decisions which will bring life, growth, and prosperity back to the town we love.

There are timestamps available below to help you navigate through the video!
Please feel free to leave comments below!

0:37 – Call to Order, Flag Salute, Roll Call
ATTENDING: Jane Braunlich, Kathy Coder, Lynn Heffley, Mark Helbling, Jim Scisciani, Jim Viscusi, Sue Viscusi, Linda Woshner, Mayor Doscher, Solicitor McGrail
ABSENT: Frank Camello
2:55 – Public Contribution (NONE)
3:10 – Approval of Bill List (passes unanimously)
3:42 – Review & Approval of Prior Meeting Minutes for 12/4/12, 12/17/12, 12/27/12, & 1/2/13 (passes unanimously)
4:16 – Treasurer Report
6:52 – Mayors Report
7:15 – EMS Report
7:20 – Library Report
7:25 – Engineer Report
8:40 – Administration Report – DAS mentions an upcoming meeting on 1/22 @ 6:30 for a millage increase of 5%.
11:40 – Mrs. Woshner bids farewell to DAS Doug Sample.
12:25 – Tax Collector Report
12:30 – Council Report – Mrs. Woshner appoints Kathy Coder & Mark Helbling as representatives for the Council of Governments (C.O.G.). Mrs Woshner changes committee chairs as follows: Public Works will be chaired by Jim Viscusi, Public Safety will be chaired by Jane Braunlich.
13:30 – Mrs. Woshner gives her “Presidential Report” for 2012.
19:29 – Discussion & Override of Mayors veto of budgeted benefits for borough employees
38:41 – Finance – Discussion & Debate on hiring an Interim Management Service for $5k/80hrs/month ($62.50/hr).
1:02:20 – Parks & Rec
1:03:14 – Public Safety
1:03:26 – Public Works – Final payment to Insight Pipe Contracting (passes)
1:04:22 – Special Committee Reports
1:04:23 – Bids
1:04:25 – Resolutions
1:04:32 – Ordinances – Second & Third Reading of Budget Adoption
1:05:55 – Mayor Doscher explains the reasons for his veto – police vehicles, and a budged line item for the donation $2K of borough tax dollars to the Bellevue Dog Woods (a 501c3 non-profit organization). Mayors veto is again overridden.
1:10:57 – Introduction of 2013 Real Estate Property Tax Rate (rate TBD)
1:11:21 – Old Business – Kathy Coder inquires with Solicitor McGrail about terms, conditions, and pricing. Kathy Coder inquires about the netbooks that were provided to council members that are not being use, suggests selling them if they’re no longer needed.
1:15:42 – Jim Scisciani inquires about the upcoming school board proposal. Lynn Heffley speaks about upcoming school board proposal to cut teachers, aides, and programs.
1:17:12 – Public Contribution – Lisa Saylor about the upcoming school board proposal & the Streetscape plan. Barb Doscher inquires about the councils willingness to give $2K to the BDWA after the BDWA committee previously stated that they would not ask for or require any tax payer funds.


27 Responses to “January 8, 2013 Bellevue Council Meeting”

  1. Appointing Jane Braunlich as chair of the Public Safety committee? Is that some sort of under the table favor to give her some sort of qualifications for a run for Bellevue Mayor? She can solve the Northgate crisis – cut all grades above eighth!

    What makes Linda Woshner believe we must fire the solicitor to possibly save $17,000 (we’ll wait and see!) but is suddenly willing to throw $2,000 at the Dog Woods. Where is the free money for Artoberfest? Or Improve the Vue? Or the Farmer’s Market?

    Let’s get some real leadership on this Council. Woof woof!

  2. mhelbling@comcast.net Reply January 10, 2013 at 8:32 am

    Nice commentary !!

  3. As a member of the board and volunteer that has put countless hours into this project I won’t pretend to speak for all of the volunteers for Bellevue Dog Woods Assoc, but I can tell you that the idea of not excepting public monies was decided on before my time. I disagreed with it when I first heard of the concept of not accepting public money and I still disagree with the concept. This is a public park to be used by the citizens of Bellevue and we assume surrounding communities within a certain radius. Unlike the Skateboard Park in Bayne this can be utilized by an overwhelming majority of citizens in the area. Not only that, but it is going to be a premier dog park second to none, including North Park. No one that I know of ask for the donation, but we certainly welcome it and should make it a policy to solicit monies from all surrounding communities that will have citizens that will surly use this great park. The volunteers that built this park have done a great community service for the Citizens of Bellevue and Bellevue Memorial Park, strictly through volunteering their time efforts and money. You have a great asset in Bellevue Memorial Park, a 72 acre gem that is, in general, in poor and outdated condition. $2,000 towards improving this asset, in my mind, is tax dollars well spent. And I hope a catalyst for others to step up and volunteer to improve one of Bellevue’s greatest assets.

  4. A few things that I picked up from this video…
    That speech from Woshner had the makings of a great celebratory speech, until SHE read it. It was not a celebration, it was a defensive stance. The rest of council, as well as the entire audience were baffled by here attitude while presenting that speech. It felt as if we were being yelled at, and her attempt at sounding genuine was not successful. As you can see by the lack of applause and awkward silence near the end, it seems that the rest of the room felt the same way that I did. Unfortunately, the opportunity to really come across as positive was squashed by her tone of voice and negative body language. Mr. Sample was able to get an applause from the council and audience just by saying an off -the-cuff farewell and thank-you to the borough.

    I’m confused about several things, and would love to have some questions answered…
    What day did the borough become aware that our DAS was going to be moving on? Why hasn’t the borough been able to get some interviews set up to replace him prior to only two weeks before his last day? I understand using one of these agencies in a pinch, but is this really a pinch? According to Sue Viscusi, she says that it’s for “a few months”, at $5K per month ($62.50/hr)! As a business minded person, i completely agree that the DAS position needs to be (at least) temporarily filled to prevent a big old mess in the admin office, but don’t we have any current employees that could take on the extra work and be compensated for it?

    As for the $2k going towards the Bellevue Dog Woods Assn (a 501c3 non-profit organization), i just don’t get it. At a previous meeting, Connie Rankin (a lead representative for BDWA) stated her enthusiasm with how great the park was going, and how proud they are that they were able to put this together without the element of using tax payer funds to build it. According to some members of the BDWA committee, that was one of the ultimate goals of the dog park – for it to remain void of any tax money contribution. $2K is just drops in the bucket compared to the overall budged for Bellevue, it’s not the cost that concerns me. It’s the principal that our council thinks it’s ok to take tax payer funds and toss it at a 501c3 non-profit. Last time i checked, it’s MY prerogative to donate or not donate my money to an organization. Besides, I believe that the tree debacle of 2012 was PARTIALLY about lining the dog park parking lot, a project that could have been done for FREE by Treevitalize (they stated that the project was a PERFECT candidate for “what they do”). Instead, tax payers paid for those trees to be planted in a manner that treevitalize professionals warned against.

    As for changing the committee chairs, Woshners tone while announcing the change was awkwardly defensive. Not sure why, and I would love to know the reason for the changes.

  5. Wasn’t Braunlich diligently pushing to remove the School Resource Officer from our High School only a few months ago? I’m sure the police are just THRILLED to have her as the chair of Public Safety Committee. I wonder what her stance on the issue is now, after the massacre in Connecticut? Want to talk about tax money well spent? I’d rather take the $2K that council threw at the BDWA, and give it to the SRO to better equip our school for possible disasters. Maybe take the $2K and train our school staff on what to do in a situation like the one in CT. The dogs will not miss the $2K (they would likely be happy with an open field to run and pee in. If the residents of Bellevue wanted to donate money to BDWA, they would have done so on their own accord. It’s not the governments job to donate tax dollars to 501c3 organizations. It’s not THEIR money to spend, and that’s the issue with government – from small local towns all the way up to the big dogs (no pun intended). It’s really easy to spend the money when it’s not yours.

  6. I’ve watched the video. I’ve listened to Linda and Jane and their friends. I’ve listened to the people of Liberty in Bellevue. And, I have to say, even though I was once really concerned that Liberty in Bellevue was nothing but a bunch of kids upset about the alcohol referendum, but I must say this group could really be what Bellevue needs to bring new life and growth to it once again. As a life long resident of Bellevue, I’ve seen our town go down the toilet for years. I thought Linda and her friends were the solution, but they’re not. They do nothing but cause controversy by putting in ordinances that solve nothing and simply do not have a clue how to cast a vision and lead. I’m excited for 2013 and really think Liberty in Bellevue will be the driving force which helps us put the right people in the right places of leadership so that Bellevue might be prosperous once again.

    • Thanks “Lincoln Bellevue” for your support. However, as we have told “Bellevue Lincoln” and other anonymous commenters in the past we require their real name when you post comments to the site. We do not want to hide behind fake names because we believe in transparency and honesty when it comes to leading our community. Thank you for your post though. It is quite encouraging.

  7. Mr. Purcell – I certainly can validate your sentiment that the Dog Woods will be yet another community asset for Bellevue. I’m excited to take my own dog to the park when its complete. However, Bellevue council has made it abundantly clear that they don’t wish to support other NPOs that benefit the community. I don’t recall seeing or reading a request for funding from the BDWA.

    There are many other worthy organizations in Bellevue who could have utilized $2,000 in support from the borough such as Improve the Vue, BABA, or the Enjoy Bellevue farmers market. There are certainly better uses for this money for existing programs.

  8. Thank you so much for doing all this. It is often impossible for me to attend meetngs in person and your efforts keep me informed. You also raise my blood pressure at times, but that’s not your fault. Keep up the good work!

  9. Whoa. What’s up with you, BellevueLincoln? You wanna play nice now? I don’t get it. For the newcomers to the site, please scroll through some previous comments from BL, you will see that this is not their normal ranting. Not sure what’s going on here, but let’s stop with the fake names and pseudonyms, it’s a waste of time. You have no merit if you don’t have a real name, and most people will simply ignore your statements, even if you do have a change of heart for LiB (which i’m having trouble believing, sorry…no dice!!)

  10. All the above comments by Lib folks only validates what I have been saying all along. You’re a political Action Committee that has noting, or has offered nothing but scandalous remarks to what your organization or Kathy Coder/Mark Helbling perceive as the opposition or anyone else that disagrees with your defamatory remarks or lies. Example; you take a report about saving the taxpayers in Bellevue hundreds of thousands of dollars and criticize it for, “The tone of Linda’s voice?” How crass you are, and how petty that remark was.

    Bottom line? This group does not have a clue as to what the real problems are in Bellevue, how they came about, or what to offer to help alleviate them, and you could really care less. You’re nothing more, or less, than a scandal sheet, a poorly lead political action committee. Now this is posted by me, Mark Purcell, are you going to keep censuring me from your front page? Or are you just going to continue this charade and feed your sheep without any opposing opinions?

    • Crass? A year in review should be something positive, celebratory, and be inspiring to people in the room…If her goal was to accomplish the things that i just mentioned, it didn’t happen. Criticizing the speech for what it was…a defensive statement is not a crass move, but it is certainly the truth. I agree that a lot of the things she listed are fantastic, but the presentation of them was more of a way to pat themselves on the back for spending tax dollars on events that a lot of people in the borough don’t even know are planned half of the time. Maybe your general lack of people skills has made it impossible for you to read body language and tone of voice as part of every day communication. If she would have written it and posted it somewhere for people to READ instead of attempting to present it the way that she did, I imagine it would have gone over a lot better. But it was clear to me, and apparently clear to the council and the audience (there were about 20 in attendance) that it was in fact some sort of defensive statement. Everyone looked around at each other at the end of it wondering what the heck just happened. Even the council seemed a little taken back…you should have seen their faces. Completely baffled looks across the board. No one knew what to do…clap, laugh, cry, or hide. Needless to say, it was not very becoming on her or the borough. A little more rehearsing, and maybe a genuine smile or two could have taken that speech to the level that would have invoked a conversation, an applause, a sense of inspiration, and most likely would have thrown LiB for a loop since we’ve never really seen any genuine raw emotion or happiness from our council President. Instead, it was exactly what we’ve come to expect from council…COLDNESS.

  11. So Danina it now comes down to personalities? Council is not there for your entertainment, they are there to run the town. I actually don’t see anyone on Council that I would give a job to in the entertainment business, but let’s face it, this is a government body, the business is dry at times, but it has a purpose. It’s not; Days of Our Lives.
    Reality? Had Kathy Coder given that report your praise would have filled Heinz Field. Problem is, with all her education in Communication and Organizational Leadership she lacks credibility. That’s according to the residents of Bellevue of course.

  12. Thought I would post this here also. Posted as a response to the Mayors comments on the budget.\:
    All valid points Mayor, but if you don’t mind I would like to add a few thoughts. Bellevue is a one square mile town with a thriving business district. Population about 8,000 at last count? You carry 14 officers and a police chief. Your neighbor to the north, Ross Township is 15 square miles, 32,000 population and three very active business districts. Manned by 39 police I believe. Let’s do a little math. Ross, 2.6 officers per square mile, Bellevue 14 officers per square mile. I believe about half of your six million dollar budget is spent on public safety? You carry a partially full time paid fire department on top of all of this. Are there any crime statistics that give anyone a reason to believe that you need such a large department? Last stats I saw actually showed crime in Bellevue down somewhat. I think we all know that serious consideration should be given to consolidation of departments with Avalon and Ben Avon. Just for starters. These small boroughs that ring the city can no longer afford, nor justify such an expense anymore, considering that these same boroughs continues to lose population. Just ask Northgate School District.
    Is Bellevue fully and effectively utilizing its department? Indications by overtime suggest it is not. Do you know that your force is being used to its fullest potential? I can’t remember the last time I saw policemen walking the beat on Lincoln Ave. Do you know where your police cars are at all times? You should. (GPS) would give you that information. Police in Bellevue have computers in their cars; can they not kill two birds with one stone and do their paper work while providing a presence on the street? I believe so. So do you really need extra personal in the station doing what they can do anyway?
    There is going to come a time when Bellevue can no longer afford to reach into the pockets of their taxpayers for expenses that it can no longer justify. I would suggest that it would be prudent to cut out all the fat before you get to that point.
    On the contribution for the Dog park. You know that I disagree with the concept of the borough not giving money to the project. Bellevue Dog Woods is its own entity and giving money to the park will not give the borough any say so, political or otherwise on the everyday operations of the park. Question; did you support the giving of Avalon pool money last year? I think the contribution was $2,000? If so, where is the difference here?

    • This is George Doscher, Mayor of Bellevue, responding to Mr. Purcell’s comments. I want to thank Mark for pointing out how very well staffed our police department is at this time. Thank you, also, for letting everyone know that Bellevue crime rate is down and we can give credit to our fully staffed department. Nothing makes residents feel more secure than knowing that their tax money is being spent on their safety and security and you pointed it our very nicely. Where you were mistaken is your comment about no police presence on Lincoln Ave daily. An officer is there on a daily basis. I agree with you completely that small boroughs will not be able to continue to maintain independent police departments in the future and that is why I campaigned heavily to have the referrendum passed that would allow for a consolidation with some of our neighboring police departments. Bellevue has been ready, but we are waiting for the other boroughs to follow suit. Your comparison of Ross Township to Bellevue is not credible since the demographics are so vastly different. I am also a bit concerned that you feel there is no need for police desk personnel to serve our residents. Perhaps you should voice your concerns to your own township and have your own police desk personnel eliminated.
      Is your true concern with the betterment of Bellevue and our police department or is your issue really with my wanting to eliminate the line item expense for the Bellevue Dog Woods Dog Park, that is a non-profit organization? I believe that the dog park is a wonderful addition to our borough and I know, for fact, that you have put in countless volunteer hours and have been a key person in completing this project. However, when council openly states that every expense needs to be looked at closely and we are eliminating personnel, service to the public, and requiring a small,non-union group of borough employees to contribute a greater amount towards their health care premiums than any other union group, perhaps $2000 to a non-profit organization is not exactly fiscally responsible.


    • I know this has been asked before to you Mark, as well as members of council, but what is your involvement with Bellevue politics and why? Concerned neighbor I get, but it seems to more involved than that. I’m sorry, I just don’t understand why no one is able to answer this question. I’m asking out of my own curiosity here… Thanks.

      • Exactly, Jeff. You can be a “concerned neighbor,” yes. But it does seem to me like Mr. Purcell is being more than just a concerned neighbor when he is involving himself unnecessarily in the business of areas that are not his own, and from what I’ve been reading here, not in a good way either. I don’t know much about politics but it doesn’t seem right to me either.

  13. To the Mayor, George I don’t think I have to tell you that I respect you and what you do. There is no question on my part that you have the best interest of the citizens in mind in all you do a Mayor of Bellevue. Please believe me when I tell you that the donation to Bellevue Dog Woods has nothing to do with my ideas and thoughts on policing Bellevue. You know that we will find a way to finish the dog park no matter what Bellevue Council does, but I still believe that the boroughs and townships that are going to benefit from this park should contribute something. I visit Bellevue daily; do my banking, shopping there. Eat in some of the restaurants there. Visit family and friends in Bellevue, and as you know lived for some time in Bellevue, grew up there as you did. If there is an officer walking the main street, or any street of Bellevue I’ve missed them. Growing up in Bellevue you couldn’t miss the police presence on Lincoln Ave, because if you were hanging out on the corner you were told to get moving. The police knew everyone by name and as you know Bellevue was a great and safe place to live. Still is I believe. The business people I know tell me the same story. Understand none of this is a criticism of your police force from me or my friends that own business’ in Bellevue. I know from living next to Bellevue Memorial Park for many years that if you need them they are there quickly. I hear the same from people that I know living in Bellevue. But, can you afford such a large force anymore? That is the question Bellevue is going to have to confront in the near future.
    On the issue of consolidation, what I am told, and its only from people I know in the other boroughs is, the other communities do not want a merger at this time because they believe Bellevue is to overloaded with police personal and it would end up being too expensive for them to merge. Is that a fact? I don’t know, or is it as I suspect that higher ranking officers do not want to give up their positions and wield influence over some members of their councils?
    In the end Mayor, to me, the number one priority of any governing body is to find a way to hold the line on taxes while balancing the vital services needs of its community. It’s a tough task, but I believe that this particular council is moving in the right direction, away from nepotism, favoritism, cronyism, and wasting tax dollars in the name of political gain.
    There is a lot of work to be done in Bellevue bringing government in line with what the people of Bellevue can afford and deserve. Unfortunately, at least on this particular site, it is all overshadowed by the ugliness of its so called (Administration) and some misguided followers political agenda of taking back control of council for the republicans. I’ve seen it all before Mayor; it’s a red herring for sure.

    • Leigh, In case you have forgotten your civics lessons, I, as an American citizen have the right to help anyone anywhere in this good old country campaign for any political office I choose. Your, “Close the gates of Bellevue from to any outsiders is really narrow minded, but oh well, what do you expect from anyone that follows this bunch?

      Now if you really want to help our political system come out of the gutter. Do a little research on where Kathy Coder got hundreds of thousands of dollars given to her for her legislative campaign and doesn’t even have to list it on her expense reports for full public disclosure. Now THAT should worry you, don’t you think?

      • Anyone anywhere? Ha. It seems to me Mr. Mark that you are getting nervous. It seems to me that the more you get nervous the more you talk, because it also seems to me that you just admitted right there to having involvement in the politics of Bellevue, whether backhandedly or directly.

        And, in commenting on your “I have a right to run for any political office” blah blah blah, yes you do. You just need to follow the proper rules and procedures for doing that if you want to fix the political system. I’m not “closing the gates…” I’m closing the gates from you. Did you not read the requirements for running for Bellevue office? You need to be a resident. And as such, you are not. Hence you shouldn’t influence someone YOU want in office to be voted in.

        I do want our political system (as a whole) to come out of the gutter. If you really want to help, why don’t you help IN YOUR OWN township? Are you not concerned with the crime and accident rates there? If you claim to be all-knowing about what can fix government, then why are there so many newspaper articles out there against you? Tell me that one.

  14. Jeff thanks for the inquiry, to be sure my involvement with Bellevue Council and their daily business is nonexistent. I helped them in the last election cycle, actually volunteered my help, was not asked to get involved, but did because of the rude treatment and response from Bellevue Council on an issue of maintaining Bellevue’s parking lot next to my street. I’ve straightened that out and now am in the process of helping with the campaign to defeat Mayor Ravenstahl in the City of Pittsburgh. He’s too immature for the position and I’ve been asked to help and am gearing up for that. What you see on here is just banter and amusement for me. Hope this answers your question.

    • I guess your obsession with Kathy Coder has shifted to the Ravenstahl family. Why don’t you try to oust the father at North Catholic while you’re at it? Maybe this time you won’t try to spread lies and use deceitful mailers against a Ravenstahl… http://northpghpolitics.blogspot.com/2012/04/nasty-and-slanderous-negative-from-mark.html

    • Well Leigh, I can see by your very intelligent response that you sure do know what you’re talking about. So….My leave of absence from the Loony Bin is up so I am going back to the home and leave Bellevue to its own politics….BUT, on my next leave I have a date with the Mayor of Pittsburgh, see if I can (convince) him to step down, but of course who hasn’t had a date with him…Oh well….

  15. This is an e-mail from one of the extremely intelligent people on Lib. He wants to take his little baby girl up to the new Dog Woods park and let her play there. So why doesn’t he ask the Dog Woods people? I hear it was because he is not allowed to post on Bellevue Dog Woods site…harassment I hear…The e-mail was to Mark Helbling. He should really be asking Helbling…did you use your office for your own personal gain by having a sewerage lean illegaly removed by the borough manager??? Huh?, Huh? Well???

    Hi Mark,

    Not sure if you caught this – I moved onto North Fremont in Jesse’s row of townhouses, so you’re now one of my councilmen! I have an issue below…

    Since the Dog Woods is now taxpayer-supported and built on borough land, why is my daughter not allowed to use the dog park according to the rules posted? The sign posted today says “No children under age 12.” To me this violates her right to use public property and age is certainly a protected class under the Civil Rights Act.

    Scott Irlbacher

    • Hi, Mr. Purcell. Thanks for posting my question to Mark Helbling. I appreciate the compliment on my intelligence.

      To clarify, I don’t want to take my daughter to play in the Dog Woods. I want to take our family pet, a Schnoodle, to enjoy the dog park that is now publicly funded. Forgive my wife and I from wanting to being our daughter to watch her pet play. Instead she is banned from the dog park for ten more years. Who bans children from a dog park? I’ve done the research – Bellevue now has the only dog park in the region that prohibits children. Dick and Jane can’t see Spot run in Bellevue’s dog woods.

      You seem to have missed why I contacted Mark. He’s my council representative and in a representative democracy that’s how things work. If you look hard enough, you can see I signed my name to that message rather than hide behind a pseudonym like the coward at Carolbelle965@Gmail.com.

  16. For the umpteen time, I’m not (Mr. Purcell) and you did not answer if it’s true that you cannot post on Bellevue Dog Woods because of harassment, and you do not seem to want to ask councilman Helbling if he used his office for his personal gain, and I think Bellevue has three council people from each ward that includes from the 3rd. ward you live in, James Sciscianni and Lynn Heffley? Oh but darn! They are the opposition aren’t they? They don’t support the Coder/Helbling/Camello/Doscher/Lib team do they? And finally I have told you all before, why should I give you my real name? So you can do to me as you have to Mr. Purcell? No thanks!

    • BL, I’ve asked you several times to remove the cowardly pseudonym and reveal your true identity but you’ve ignored those requests for maturity and authenticity.

      The absolutely false accusation of me harassing Dog Woods folks is straight out of the Purcell playbook. I challenge you to provide evidence of ANY communication between myself and the Dog Woods Facebook page. In fact, I “liked” the page this past Saturday but because I am well experienced in managing a Facebook page I know that I was blocked before I liked it because I instantly wasn’t able to post to the page. It wouldn’t surprise me if most Liberty in Bellevue folks are blocked from commenting. Again, I put the challenge out there for proof that I had any contact with the Bellevue Dog Woods Association prior to Saturday.

      I sent e-mails to Mark Helbling and Lynn Heffley (sent 5:11pm on Saturday). I have not yet received a response from Ms. Heffley. I had every intention to call Mr. Scisciani this week but have been consumed by work and family life. Within 24 hours I received responses from Mr. Helbling, Mr. Doscher, and Ms. Woshner.

      Go ahead and spread lies. Be a coward and hide behind a fake profile. Bring down the community with dishonesty and petty politics.

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