Seeking a Few Good Men and Women

be-the-change-dockBellevue is looking for a few good women and men to step up and lead our fine community. The 2013 election cycle is right around the corner and, as anyone can see by a simple stroll down Lincoln Avenue, our community needs leaders! We know of a few people who are throwing their names into the hat for consideration this election cycle, but if you feel the urge to lead, you might be just the final piece to puzzle which can change Bellevue for the better once and for all!

We couldn’t care less if you’re a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or straight Independent. Liberty in Bellevue just wants to talk to folks who are interested in putting the best interest of Bellevue before their pet projects or personal grudges.

Many seats on council will be up for election this cycle, along with the mayor’s office. To be qualified for a council seat, one must be a qualified voter and have lived in the ward which the seat represents for at least three years. To be qualified to run for mayor, one must be 21 years old and have lived in Bellevue for at least three years.

The council seats to be elected this cycle are as follows:

  • Ward 1 – Two Seats (Kathy Coder and Jane Braunlich)
  • Ward 2 – Two Seats (Jim Viscusi and Susan Viscusi)
  • Ward 3 – One Seat (Lynn Heffley)

Below is the best map we’ve been able to uncover highlighting the geographic locations of each ward.


If you are interested in running for council or mayor, please contact Liberty in Bellevue via email at Thank you in advance for considering this opportunity to serve and lead the community we all love.

Update 10:10 PM, 11 January 13

Petitions for signatures will be ready for pick up on February 19.


2 Responses to “Seeking a Few Good Men and Women”

  1. Makes me wonder what Ward I am in…my street is right on the line of the 2nd and 3rd ward

  2. from what I’ve been told concerning these situations is that one side of the street is in a different ward than the other. Someone can literally move across the street and disqualify themselves from candidacy because they haven’t lived in their respective ward for three years.

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