Dear LiB: Get Involved

LiB exists to promote awareness and involvement of all community members in the ongoing work of local government. Dear LiB letters may not represent the views of all LiB members, but are published for the purpose of encouraging further discussion and engagement.

Dear LiB:

So what happened last night totally sucks. But it can’t be undone. And we can write angry letters until we have have carpal tunnel from all the ding dang typing but we also need to improve test scores and make our district better right now. How about we channel all this energy directly into our kids. Show them we have lost a battle but we can still win the war, we were handed lemons but, gosh darn it, we are going to make some wicked lemonade, and all those other cliches. Let’s get involved in the school, people!!! Involved parents are just as important as small classes and amazing teachers (see links to articles). 

Join the PTO, plan some educational events. Like art? See if your child’s teacher will let you do a presentation on a famous work and do a craft based on it. That’s what the elementary parents do at one of the North Hills elementary schools. Does the library need a volunteer? Does the art teacher need help pre-cutting projects? Could your child’s teacher need help with anything, anything at all? Don’t have the time but maybe have a few extra bucks? The classrooms always need pencils, tissues, wipes, and hand sanitizer. Recycle ALL your paper at the Abitibi Paper Retriever! We want the best for our kids, so lets make it happen ourselves!

Cheryl Reidel Patalano

2 Responses to “Dear LiB: Get Involved”

  1. Thank you , i couldnt have said it better.

  2. Cheryl, I agree with everything you say except your second sentence. Of course it can be undone, there a lot of things that CAN happen, whether it will or not is a completely different story. You are right though, people should get involved and make a difference.

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