January 21, 2013 Northgate School Board Meeting

We apologize for the delay in publishing this video. Even though it occurred two weeks ago, we know many of you are still waiting to view it for yourself. Feel free to post your comments or thoughts below!


2 Responses to “January 21, 2013 Northgate School Board Meeting”

  1. I love how the union was able to gag the school board from saying it was a budget issue. The parents and students all mean well but when they are not allowed to be informed this is what happens. The people that had to make a hard and educated choice look like the bad guys. Do you really think they wanted to do what they did? They had to make the cuts to protect and in some ways save the school district.

    It’s now time for the communities to do what they can to get people and business moving back to this area. If enrollment wasn’t down and there were more property owners to tax the school wouldn’t have to be making these cuts.

    As a community it’s time for us to take action so we will not have to head down this road again.

  2. Well, they might have come off less like “bad guys” if they had maybe started paying attention years ago and began cutting and trimming when things first started to appear to decline. Unfortunately, their tough decision hurts everyone, and their lack of foresight was like a bomb on this community. I know it’s lame to be defeatist about it, but what in the world would make people enroll their kids in Northgate at this point?! More tax payers would be nice, but that’s a very unlikely dream.
    I think it might be helpful to start looking to the future of what is going to happen when Northgate is completely unsustainable, which is much more likely than seeing a large enough rise in enrollment. What would be the best outcome then? Can we be pro-active about that adjustment, since the ball on this one was dropped a long time ago, by the school board? ( I get that these cuts had to happen- I do- I just think they were ignored for so long, and the blame for that is squarely on the school board. With gradual cuts and more community involvement starting years ago, things could have been very different. It doesn’t help to bail out a ship that is already sinking, but if you start as soon as the leak appears, you can keep things afloat. Sorry- I just bristle at anyone’s defense of this school board and the way their hand was forced by their own careless dismissing of issues until it was too late.

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