5 February 2013 Bellevue Pre-Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 5 was the night of Bellevue Council’s February Pre-Council Meeting. Pre-Council meetings are generally short and sweet. This one, however, lasted quite a while and included an interestingly long ‘executive session’ which clearly changed the mood of the council. We are not privy to the behind closed doors discussion that occurred in executive session, but we can only assume something of interest is on the horizon.

0:01 – Call to Order, Flag Salute, Roll Call.
ATTENDING: Mrs. Braunlich, Mrs. Heffley, Mr. Helbling, Mr. Scisciani, Mr. Viscusi, Mrs. Viscusi, President Woshner, Solicitor McGrail.
ABSENT: Mr. Camello, Mrs. Coder, Mayor Doscher
1:25 – Public Contribution (NONE)
1:47 – Review & Acceptance of meeting minutes for 1/8/13 Council Meeting, 1/22/13 Special Meeting, 1/22/13 Committee Meetings.
2:52 – Treasurer Report
3:13 – Administration Report – The Interim DAS gives her report
8:05 – Council Report
FINANCE: (4 Motions)
8:13 – Motion to extend contract with Public Partners & Borough Manager Search Services
10:12 – Motion to approve CONNECT invoice for January ’13
10:25 – Motion to authorize Code Enforcement Dept to apply w/ Local Gov’t Academy for an intern.
10:45 – A move to vote on the code enforcement intern (last minute vote due to time sensitivity)
13:07 – Motion to approve the 10/12 invoice from Civil & Environmental Consultants for Business District Streetscape Design Project
PARKS & RECREATION: ( 2 Motions)
15:17 – Motion to approve pay for Phase II of Bayne Park Project to Spohn Ranch
16:40 – Motion & Discussion for additional site prep work for Phase II due to inadequate grade elevations, may require additional excavation. (Borough Engineer weighs in on the issue)
PUBLIC SAFETY: (2 Motions)
23:31 – Motion to approve purchasing software for Evidence Room Records Management
24:04 – Motion to approve contract to convert the fire fighters health care plan
25:38 – Discussion about parking on Kendal Ave.
27:52 – Discussion of accepting the construction code & amending the burning ordinance accordingly.
PUBLIC WORKS: (5 Motions)
29:50 – Motion to approve 2013 Sanitary Sewer Repair Project Proposal
30:22 – Motion to approve the 2013 Road Program
30:43 – Motion & Discussion on the purchase of a 2013 Ford F-550
31:43 – Motion & Discussion to approve municipal expense portions of handicapped ramp construction on Route 65
35:43 – Motion & Discussion to authorize the Borough Engineer to prepare documents for public bid for the 2013 Pavement Maintenance Program
41:10 – President Woshner states that she would like to look at what other communities have done to successfully receive the Pavement Maintenance Program funding.
RESOLUTIONS: (3 Resolutions)
41:48 – Motion & Discussion to advertise for the hiring of PT library employees
44:03 – Motion to approve the resolution, authorizing the hiring of three PT fire fighters
PT Administration
46:06 – Motion & Discussion on hiring a PT administrative assistant. Wage & Hours are discussed
49:58 – Motion to authorize the Interim Manager to request a 60 day extension for funding to complete the concrete work for Bayne Park Project Phase II
51:00 – Motion to authorize Interim Manager to request and extension of 90 days for the Housing Demolition of 537 Madison Ave.
53:40 – Mrs. Braunlich announces info on an upcoming hearing about Marcellus Shale Fracking in PA.
54:50 – Mrs. Heffley inquires about a TV news story that she heard about door-to-door solicitation scams occurring in Bellevue. Police Cheif Setner elaborates and encourages residents to subscribe to Bellevue’s “Nixel” update system.
57:31 – Borough Engineer encourages council to move forward due to a deadline for a consent order regarding ALCOSAN.
59:05 – Public Contribution – (NONE)
1:00:08 – Council returns from Executive Session.
1:00:10 – Motion made to approve payment to former DAS Douglas Sample for his total approved unused sick time. (Passes)
1:01:14 – Adjournment

One Response to “5 February 2013 Bellevue Pre-Council Meeting”

  1. Ho hum. But, God, yes Janie B. We citizens should all be aware of and get ready to accept passage of a law banning fracking for Marcellus shale gas in Bellevue! Can’t have that evilness here! And you, Janie B. will become our hero for saving us all! Praise both God and Allah for your leadership!

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