March 5, 2013 Bellevue PreCouncil Meeting Agenda

120625-LiB-Logo-BlackFor some unknown reason Bellevue Borough Hall has been incapable of uploading the agenda for their regular meetings throughout the past few months. In order to ensure all those who would like to see the agenda prior to the meeting tonight, you can download it by clicking on the link here: Council Agenda 3-5-13.

This agenda raises a few concerns:

  1. This is not the first time there is a blank in the dollar amount designated for spending on numerous items for purchase. These items, namely the video recording equipment and time clock software and licenses, will likely amount to a significant investment of tax payer dollars. We’re supposed to just trust the proper amount will be added later?
  2. Have the borough employees not been properly paid up until now? Why is there a need for new time clock equipment? What is the goal with purchasing all new time clock equipment for the borough hall, police office, fire department, and public works department? Is there a problem needing rectified? Why hasn’t that problem been publicly discussed?
  3. Pawn Shop and Large Truck Ordinances – what are they? Either of these ordinances could be positive or negative for the borough, but we’re still at a loss for why newly proposed ordinances are not spelled out for the public to read and consider with the council.

Hope to see you at the meeting this evening!


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