Election 2013: Getting to Know the Candidates

Liberty in Bellevue is your source for all information regarding the 2013 election cycle in our borough and school district. However, to help us all get to know the candidates and why they deserve your vote this May and November, we need to hear from you!

If you could ask all of the candidates one or two questions, we want to know what those questions would be. Do you want to know why they feel qualified to lead our community? Perhaps you’re curious about their vision for the future of the North Boroughs. Maybe you just want to know their feelings on some of the hot button issues of our region.

Whatever your questions might be, please post them in the comments section below. We will collect the questions submitted, formulate a standard list of questions for the candidates and give them each an opportunity to answer them for you. Our hope is to record interviews with each of the candidates on camera in order that we might all put a face with a name as well as get hear their answers to your questions.

Here’s your chance Bellevue voters, ask away!!!


12 Responses to “Election 2013: Getting to Know the Candidates”

  1. What are your academic credentials?
    What is your occupation?
    How does your education and work experience qualify you to manage a public entity?
    Do you have any accomplished experience in public administration?
    What are your ideas that would make Bellevue more appealing to prospective businesses?
    What are your ideas that would make Bellevue more appealing to prospective residents?
    Are you in favor of reviewing the borough codes and rescinding all outdated, unenforceable, redundant and useless ordinances?

  2. Hi everyone, I am Vencent Menosky running for Ward 2. I am looking forward to answering and posting thoughts for the community of Bellevue to view. I will have my bio put together by the upcoming week. I wish the best for everyone!

  3. My bio is available on my website cusickformayor.com. I will be glad to answer any questions asked. We need a change in the governing body of Bellevue.


  4. Mr. Cusick,
    Our hopes are that all of the other candidates can present a well detailed and comprehensive resume as you have posted on your website. Thank you.

    • Bill,

      Good questions you have posted. Below, here is my backgrounder. Looking forward to asking any and all questions any voter may have.

      Henry Lenard

      Lenard to Run for Bellevue Borough Council
      Henry J. Lenard, a lifelong resident of Bellevue’s First Ward, is seeking the Democratic nomination for one of the ward’s two seats up for election this year. The municipal primary will be held on Tuesday, May 21.
      Lenard, 55, graduated from Bellevue High School in 1975 and received his B.A. in journalism in 1979 from Duquesne University. He currently operates a marketing communications consulting business, in addition to being the Pittsburgh correspondent for Boston, MA-based Robotics Business Review.
      Prior to starting his own business, Lenard served as marketing and communications director at two of Pittsburgh’s 10 largest law firms, Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti LLP and Klett Rooney Lieber & Schorling. He also worked in public relations at St. George Group and at MARC USA. He was editor-in-chief of IndustryNet, a nationally focused print and online industrial news publication, and is a former editor-in-chief of the Pittsburgh Business Times. Lenard began his professional career with the now-defunct City and Suburban Life newspaper in Bellevue, first as a reporter and then as editor.
      Lenard resides on Keswick Avenue with his wife, Helen, and son, Henry III, a second grader at Avalon Elementary School. He is a member of the Church of the Assumption in Bellevue.

  5. Thank you, Henry. Also an impressive background.

  6. Henry, your background in marketing leads me to believe that you may have some ideas to market Bellevue, very nice to see!

  7. Hello,
    I am a ward 2 voter and am really interested in more information about the new candidates in this ward. Vencent, I am eagerly awaiting your information! Paul, You already have my vote! Good luck!
    Stacey Dillon

  8. Hi, Everyone. Here is the information that you were asking for.
    Education consist of an associates degree in progress in Liberal Arts. I will complete this at CCAC this semester. Afterwards my thoughts are leaning towards a career in the medical field.
    Occupation for the pass 10 years or more has been an independent Dj. I also held a manger’s position for Service Master in Warrendale from 2007 up to 2012 when the owner of that branch decided to close shop and retire.
    I was born in McKees Rocks and moved to Bellevue about 7 years ago. After some years of residing at my current address an opportunity arose for me to become a property owner in Bellevue.
    I am running for council in the belief that I can do good for the community. Helping people and maintaining a sense of well being is my love of life. Working with people in my current and past work experiences I feel have strengthen my character and improved my ability to understand and work together with people as an whole.
    Running for council and obtaining that seat gives the opportunity for one to listen to their fellow citizens and understand their concerns and needs while tying to give back in action what it is they seek.
    As for the questions from Bill, I think Bellevue needs to do some research in regards to the business side and understand what it is that Bellevue is lacking and what are the demands from consumers. Retail and offices work well when there is a balance. I am by no means a business major but would love to see the empty store fronts open for a growing town. I believe we have a lot to offer especially with the new street scape in the works.

    For appealing to new residents we need to have a safe clean town. There are nice properties here and offer great access to many points in Pittsburgh. Give the people a place to shop and dine and the youth a place to scream and play.
    The codes and ordinances that are outdated maybe could use a revision and voted upon to see if the borough needs to have them still enacted.

    I hope this gives a better picture to who Vencent Menosky is and for those in Ward 2 I will be knocking at your door soon to introduce myself and take notes of your concerns.
    Thank you for your time.

  9. One more question for council candidates and mayoral candidates. We are already well into the second decade of the twenty first century. With personal computers, laptops, smart phones, smart pads and other digital devices there is no excuse for not having either an email address, Facebook account, Twitter account, etc. Will the candidates, when they assume office if elected, make themselves available to the citizens of Bellevue via email or other social media? It does little good if the residents of Bellevue cannot contact council members or the mayor with their concerns or ideas without having to go to meetings. To make my question more clear, will you candidates post your phone numbers and email addresses so the residents may contact you?

  10. Hi, Bill. Having contact information is a valuable tool for communication and therefore if elected I would have that available for the citizens. Have a great weekend!

  11. I realize I’m a bit late to this party, but I do want to answer a few of these questions (for the rest, please refer to my submission to LiB which will be posted with those of the other candidates). I am certainly for reviewing the ordinances and dealing with those which may be outdated or unenforceable. Also, I am a huge proponent of the accessibility of candidates. I would encourage people to feel free (whether Ward 1 residents or otherwise) to contact me. My email address is mnms1787@gmail.com. I am unfortunately not able to check this around the clock, but I will do my best to send a response in 24 hours. I can also be found on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Swack4Council and on Twitter: Swack4Council. I will be posting events such as those that Vencent organized for last week as I am made aware of them, as well as council meetings and election date reminders. I hope to see the other candidates and those on council and school board make themselves similarly accessible to their constituents.

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