All Candidates Invited! Bellevue Election 2013

LiB Election 2013As the residents of Bellevue dig out of what will hopefully be the final blast of winter, the candidates running for office in our borough are being handed a very important letter from their postal carrier. Last week, LiB sent certified letters to each and every candidate running for office inviting them to take advantage of the swelling community forum LiB has created throughout the past year. Our analytic tools tell us that LiB receives roughly 300 unique hits on our website every day. On days with exciting news and developments within the borough, our web traffic spikes to nearly 2,000 unique hits per day. For a borough of roughly 8,000 residents, to say we’re ecstatic by growing popularity of LiB and the interest in the future of our community would put it lightly.

The numbers alone tell us that the future is bright for our borough. However, it takes more than watching videos and reading blog posts to transform a declining community. We all need to get motivated and get involved. That’s why we drafted and sent a certified letter to the candidates for public office. We want to harness this swelling interest in the borough, hear from our candidates themselves, encourage open dialogue, and motivate you, the voters, to turn out for both the primary election in May and general election in November. The content of our letter to the candidates is below. We’ve asked them to provide their responses no later than April 5. Shortly thereafter we will post all of their responses on the same day so as to not give any particular candidate an advantage of having their information available first.

Once all the responses are posted, we encourage you, the voting public to engage the candidates with your questions, thoughts, and concerns in the comment section. Information is power and the more information you have to make an informed decision this election season the better chances our borough has to experience renewed growth and development.

(Just as a side note, obviously no candidate can be forced to engage the voting public via the forum created by LiB. However, to ensure full disclosure that every candidate was given a fair opportunity to interact with the voters via LiB, we will provide proof that each candidate received their letter on the day we go live with the rest of the candidates’ responses.)


Letter to Candidates for Public Office in Bellevue and the Northgate School District (sent Friday, March 22, 2013)

Hello 2013 Candidates!

First and foremost, the LiB team would like to congratulate you on entering into the race! We are very excited to see the growing interest in Bellevue’s future from residents and candidates alike!

As a growing number of community members are looking to Liberty in Bellevue for election coverage, council meeting coverage, school board coverage, and general information on the “happenings” in town, a section on the LiB website will be focused on the 2013 local elections. We see this as a great way to create a forum for all candidates to introduce themselves and share their election platform with the community. LiB’s viewer base is growing, and we’re amazed at the website traffic that visits our Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube channel, and Website/Blog. We think that this would be great exposure for all candidates!

An “Election 2013” tab has been added to the LiB website as a way to deliver information about the upcoming election. We’d like to invite you to take advantage of the increasing popularity of Liberty in Bellevue by sharing a personal biography, as well as some thoughts on the following questions.

LiB will post your unedited response to our website.

For Council Candidates: (EDIT: This section should have read For Council/Mayoral Candidates. Candidates for Mayor are invited to respond to this section)
What is your vision for Bellevue?
What do you see as Bellevue’s strengths & weaknesses/struggles?
What would you propose to resolve the weaknesses/struggles?
How do you see the council and school board working together in the future?

For School Board Candidates:
What is your vision for Northgate?
What do you see as Northgate’s strengths & weaknesses/struggles?
What would you propose to resolve the weaknesses/struggles?
How do you see the council and school board working together in the future?

Please send your response no later than April 5th, 2013.

Responses can be sent via email to:

Or via snail mail to:
Liberty in Bellevue
600 Maryland Ave.
Bellevue PA, 15202

Looking forward to an exciting election season!
-The LiB Team-


This letter was addressed to the following candidates:

Northgate School Board Candidates:

Lisa Saylor
Brad Hazelwood
Amy Joy Robinson
Jennifer McWilliams
Louise Pascale
Bryan Johnston
Dan Klicker

Bellevue Candidates:

Ward 1 
Kathy Coder(R)
Megan Swackhammer(R)
Mike Braunlich(D)
Henry Lenard(D)
Michael Sendro(D)

Ward 2 
James Viscusi(D)
Susan Viscusi(D)
Matthew J. Senvisky(D)
Vencent Walter Menosky(D)

Ward 3 
Grant Saylor(R)
Lynn Tennant-Heffley(D)

Joe Scoscia(R)
Paul Cusick(D)
Jane Braunlich(D)


9 Responses to “All Candidates Invited! Bellevue Election 2013”

  1. You can view my information on my website: If this is not sufficient please let me know.

    Paul Cusick

  2. Paul,
    If you could give us your bio along with your views on the questions in the letter, that would be great. This way we can post it on the LiB site. And we will certainly link your website with the bio that you submit to LiB!

  3. Greetings Paul! Thanks for the quick response. We will gladly share your campaign website. However, we’d love to hear your responses to the questions we posited in the letter. The goal is to hear from each candidate on those particular questions in order to generate discussion on the similarities/differences that might exist among the candidates concerning the borough. In an election where Republican, Democrat, or Independent mean very little in terms of an individual’s vision and ideas for the borough we believe our carefully crafted questions might provide some much needed insight into how the candidates think.

  4. Dear LIB. You seem to still have a problem with the concept of political parties and how the party philosophies relate to the candidates individual ideas on things. Parties represent political philosophies. And party affiliation matters hugely as to how candidates will act on issues. Republican, democrat or independent affiliation have very much to do with an individual’s vision and is in fact and history, unless they are completely clueless, the determining factor on how they think and will attempt to govern.

  5. @Mr. Soost,
    I generally enjoy reading your posts, if for no other reason but to bring a little snazz to the conversation. But I must also admit that while in the grand scheme you may be correct that the registered party to which a person belongs is a general indication of how they will govern, i think that small town politics is a little bit different. The problem with Bellevue, from my perspective is that we have far too many people that vote “straight party”. I think that a balanced council (a council with all walks of life and all points of view) is important. So, I have to disagree with your indication that we need to have a council full of Republicans. I think that the reason that a lot of small towns are thriving and revitalizing is because they’ve found balance. I personally think that both major parties (dems & reps) are doing a PISS POOR job at the moment, from the federal level all the way down to the local level. I think that there is a lack of good representation in the parties. For instance, if someone is clearly a socialist or communist, they are pretty much forced to run as a democrat, instead of running for the party that they relate to most. Another problem with the current parties is that there is really not too many differences between them, they are both crappy.

    I think that what a local council needs is not a town that looks at the letter next to a candidates name. Clearly, that method isn’t working too well for the borough, as you can see. I think that we need a group of people that can work together regardless of party affiliation, to revive the community. I think it requires a balance of business sense, green initiatives, fiscal responsibility, and the motivation, creativity, and drive to get this stuff DONE. Right now, other towns are passing us by, and leaving us in the dust. We need to keep up with the times, change for the betterment of the town to bring in new blood. And it needs to happen fast, or else we’ll be left with nothing but a ghost town when everyone moves away due to the decline. Divide among leadership is what has played a major part in the current state of the borough.

    LiB members come from all walks of life, and diverse political party backgrounds. We have members that are democrat, republican, libertarian, independent, and so on. We work together and sometimes we disagree on things. The difference is, we are able to disagree and still move forward. Our council doesn’t seem to be able to do so. So while i respect your opinion, and i think you bring a lot of great points to the discussion, i think that being too extreme in any direction is not going to do the borough much good.

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