Dear LiB: Mayor Doscher Speaks Out Concerning March 5 PreCouncil Meeting Disclosure

I Heart LiB ProfileToday we received a letter from Mayor Doscher that is a response to a letter written to other publications in Bellevue by Council President Linda Woshner. In order to best understand the context from which Mayor Doscher writes, we recommend viewing Liberty in Bellevue’s video footage of the pre-council meeting of March 5, 2013 and reading President Woshner’s letter to the editor (note: Woshner’s letter was not sent to LiB, but to the “North Borough News”).

Dear LiB,

In response to the letter to the Editor from Bellevue Council President Linda woshner in the March 22, 2013 edition of the Citizen, I feel I must defend my actions, which apparently disturbed President Woshner.

President Woshner was very correct when she said that executive sessions are not meant to be transparent to the public as these sessions often are forums for personnel matters, which need to be confidential in order to protect said employee. President Woshner states that I was out of line as I was discussing the employee that was the subject in the executive session. If you have had the opportunity to watch the video of my actions, never once was the employee mentioned. In fact, the reason for my speaking out was clearly about the actions of the Vice President of Council James Viscusi.

I believe that all behavior of council members should be transparent to the public, therefore, I felt compelled to bring this to light.

It was brought to my attention, at the executive session, that Vice President Viscusi was stalking and videotaping a borough employee. Allegedly he had been informed by “someone” that there may be “possible” misconduct by said employee. Ms. Braunlich corrected me and said that Vice President Viscusi was not following the employee—he was merely sitting outside this persons house and videotaping their comings and goings. (I think that’s stalking)

I believe President Woshner was attempting to silence me more out of embarrassment than to protect the borough as she stated. President Woshner was well aware that this behavior was going on and in fact, she chose to circumvent the normal disciplinary chain of command that is set up in the borough, and agreed with this behavior.

President Woshner stated in her letter that I was grandstanding at this meeting and eluded that it may be because it is election time and keep politics out of this.

My intention was nothing more than to keep the public informed of the President and Vice Presidents poor judgment and bad behavior and to protect all employees of our borough. If President Woshner truly feels that my bringing this behavior to light was unethical, I welcome her to contact the state ethics commission.

I again will reiterate Councils job is to legislate—not manage. No one on council, to my knowledge, is a paid investigative reporter and no, that is NOT their job. We have fine management and the chain of command is quite clear.

George Doscher
Mayor of Bellevue


4 Responses to “Dear LiB: Mayor Doscher Speaks Out Concerning March 5 PreCouncil Meeting Disclosure”

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, Mr. Mayor.

  2. Mr. Mayor,
    Thank you. I appreciate your efforts and candor.

  3. I think all the council members involved in this should appologize to the employee for their wrongful actions. If the members who were involved don’t have anything better to do, let me know, I have a lot of work they can do around my house.

  4. Mr Doscher Sir; I heard every word you spoke at that time,….even with our fine Council President trying to muffle your words by repeatedly hammering with her gavel. I appreciate your honesty, integrity and sincere concern for the residents of this small community.

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