Election 2013 Update – Vencent Menosky Meet/Greet

Vencent Menosky, candidate for Bellevue Council in Ward 2 has announced that he will hold an informal meet and greet on Wednesday, April 3, at 6:30pm, at Azure Cafe (former Bite Bistro) on Lincoln Avenue. Additional candidates for both council and school board have expressed interested in participating in this informal gathering. Mo, chef of Azure Cafe, has confirmed that seating will be available for those coming to participate in this event. Spend time getting to know Vencent and supporting our newest restaurant on Lincoln Avenue!

Hope to see you there!

Update – click here for the FB event page. 


2 Responses to “Election 2013 Update – Vencent Menosky Meet/Greet”

  1. I wish you would have posted this earlier. I would like to attend but will be helping out with my daughter’s baseball practice tomorrow and wasn’t aware of this event until today. I hope the “additional candidates” that have expressed interest aren’t just those that are closely supported by LiB. I am happy that LiB is bringing together information for the upcoming elections, I just hope that you guys are doing your best to be impartial.

  2. Hi Brian,
    This is not an LiB event. The idea for this meet & greet was posted by Vencent in the form of a comment on March 27th (It may have been the 26th, not sure). The event on Facebook was posted a day or two later by Vencent. We just thought it would be a good idea to post the info here since a lot of candidates are visiting the site regularly and he expressed that he was trying to get candidates to join in the conversation.

    The event on Facebook can be found here :


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