Bellevue Borough Pre-Council Meeting, 2 April 2013

120625-LiB-Logo-BlackDue to some unforseen scheduling conflicts, for the first time in many months, LiB was not able to film the Pre-Council Meeting on Tuesday. However, we did have some LiB leaders at the meeting taking notes to report on the meeting. Attached here is the agenda for ht meeting: April 2, 2013 Pre Council Meeting Agenda. Below are the combined notes of a few LiB members:

Due to a previous engagement, our camera was not available for this meeting. Luckily, things stayed pretty uneventful within council chambers. We have provided the agenda for the meeting, along with some collective notes taken by several LiB team members. We hope this makes it easier to follow the series of events.

Jane Braunlich, Jim Scisciani, Solicitor McGrail, President Linda Woshner, V.P. James Viscusi, Interim DAS Whitney Brady, Lynn Heffley, Susan Viscusi, Frank Camello, Mark Helbling.

Kathleen Coder, Mayor Doscher

Connie Rankin spoke about the Grand Opening for the Bellevue Dog Woods happening on May 4th from 10am-2pm. She invited/encouraged all members of council & the public to attend. She explained that there will be vendors, animal organizations and other activities. She followed by requesting that council approve the use of $1k (out of the budgeted $2k) to be used to spruce up the cinder lot. the $1k will be used to add gravel and wood chips to muddy areas. She asked that council push this approval through tonight (4/2/13) because she wants the lot to look nice for the grand opening. She also went into detail about what she envisions for the rest of the lot, including the removal of currently planted pine trees, to be replaces with Dogwood trees.

Interim DAS Brady covered an issue with a resident regarding a real estate tax late fee issue. She said that if the resident contacts Jordan Tax, they will work out the issue from there.

The QCOG is requesting approval for a funding issue due to a deadline.

As per councils request, the DAS is searching for video recording equipment for the council chambers. The DAS said that council needs to find a volunteer to film the meetings. She also inquired about possibly airing the videos on a cable local access channel.

The engineer covered issues regarding Ross & Bellevue sewage.

Also explained that several projects were out for bids. Projects include a paving & sewage project and phase 3 of the skate plaza.

-Motion to recommend the approval of 3/13 invoice for Civil & Environmental Consultants.
-Motion to recommend advertising to the QCOG for the Business District Streetscape Design Project in the Citizen.

-Motion to accept the bid proposal for the pool bath house roof replacement in the amount of $46,178. (motion passes)
-Motion to approve the purchase of 7 filter boards for the pool at a cost not to exceed $650/each. (motion passes)
-Motion to approve $1,000 (of $2,000) to be spent on wood chips & gravel for the Bellevue Dog Woods parking lot. (motion passes)
-Treevitalize will be contacted about possibly planting the future trees in the lot.

There were no reports from the Public Safety or Public Works chairs.

-Motion to hire a part time library page. (motion passes)

-Motion for the second reading of the Pawn Shop Ordinance. (no discussion)
-Motion for the second reading of the Large Vehicle Ordinance. (no discussion)
-Motion for the second reading of the International Property Maintenance Code. (no discussion)
-Motion for the second reading of the Wage Ordinance. (no discussion)

-Vencent Menosky tells council about a meet & greet for election candidates that he has organized to be held at Azure Cafe in Bellevue on Wednesday 4/3. He invites all council members and the public to join for dinner and open conversation about the future of Bellevue.

-Council retreated into the board room for an executive session regarding the selection of a new DAS and to discuss a DPW Contract. President Woshner stated that no action will be taken after the executive session (i.e. it was just for discussion purposes).
-LiB members did not stay after council retreated into executive session being that it was stated that no action would be taken.


3 Responses to “Bellevue Borough Pre-Council Meeting, 2 April 2013”

  1. The Pawn Shop Ordinance is another stupid redundant ordinance.

  2. Wait…Bellevue’s getting a Pawn Shop? I don’t know if I interpreted that correctly, but if it is I really don’t think Bellevue needs one of those…[or does Bellevue already have one? lol]

  3. Leigh,
    Bellevue doesn’t have anything labeled as a “pawn shop” as of right now. But we do have cash-for-gold type stores and all the makings of a town headed in the direction of more nuisance commercial storefronts.
    The pawn shop ordinance is not an ordinance banning pawn shops, it’s an ordinance stating that pawn shops or second hand shops need to have a minimum “hold” time for valuable trade-in’s.

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