2013 Candidate: Joseph Scioscia, Bellevue Mayor


BS in Physics, VMI

Technical editor, USAF

Intelligence Officer, USAF

Plant Manager, Jean Alexander Cosmetics

Division Manager, Extrude Hone (electronics and software production)

Intelligence Officer, PA Army National Guard

Military Analyst, Vista Design Technologies

Bellevue Councilman for 9 years (resigned from office when deployed)

Training Officer, Army Reserves

Deputy Program Manager & Management Specialist, CSC

Citizen of Bellevue since 1965

Married to Alisa for 30 years, 5 children.

Survey Response:

1. What is your vision for Bellevue? Beautiful, peaceful, affordable.

2. What do you see as Bellevue’s strengths & weaknesses/struggles? Its strength is its location; its weakness is its politicians.

3. What would you propose to resolve the weaknesses/struggles? Election Day. A quorum of reasonable councilmen and women is required; intelligence, experience, and communication skills strongly preferred. Greater visibility of the boro and school board checkbooks will inhibit foolish spending. Right now visibility is zero.

4. How do you see the council and school board working together in the future? We work together now, the Boro supplies a School Resource Officer (a policeman) and splits the cost of the crossing guards.

Note to fellow candidates, school board and council: without tax discipline, Bellevue will end up a wasteland of high taxes and subsidized housing. Take the long view, improve your process and lower your budgets so people will know that this is a great place to invest.


2 Responses to “2013 Candidate: Joseph Scioscia, Bellevue Mayor”

  1. Hi, Joseph. I just wanted to invite you to the Support Local event I’m hosting on May 18 from 2-5pm. You can find the details on my facebook page, vencent menosky. You can also contact me at vencent1971@gmail.com


  1. Election 2013: General Election is Nearly Upon Us! | Liberty in Bellevue, PA - October 10, 2013

    […] click here to read the rest of Mr. Scioscia’s biography and survey response […]

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