2013 Candidate: Matthew Senvisky, Bellevue Council, Ward 2


Dear 2nd Ward voters,

My name is Matt Senvisky and I am running for one of the two open 2nd Ward council seats in the upcoming Democratic primary on May 21st. I am writing this letter to provide my professional background, education, brief personal background, and why I am running. My hope is to find like-minded registered Democrats in the 2nd Ward interested in capitalizing on Bellevue’s unlimited potential and untapped opportunities.

Professionally, I am a Manager in the Carnegie Mellon University bookstore, a position I took in 2010 so I could move my family closer to home. Before taking my current position I spent over ten years at Columbus State Community College in Columbus Ohio serving as a warehouse and bookstore Manager. I have over ten years of experience managing a wide variety of people, process, and procedure.

Educationally, I grew up in Youngstown Ohio and graduated from Youngstown Ursuline High School. After that I attained my Bachelor of Science degree with a focus in Organizational Management from Wilberforce University.

Personally, my wife of 13 years and I have an eleven year old daughter that attends Bellevue elementary and a five year old son that will be entering into the Northgate school district next year. We chose to move to Bellevue in 2010 because of its proximity and easy commute to the city, small above average school district, affordable housing, and its walk-able business district.

Why I am running, as a homeowner with kids in the Northgate school district I have more than a vested interest in seeing this Borough turn into a destination spot for young families and good people looking for a safe, clean, tight knit, forward thinking community to live and shop by capitalizing on all the things that attracted my family to live in Bellevue. In order for that to happen our Borough office holders need to work together to formulate a plan that focuses on cleaning up the business district, work with the school board to ensure we are doing everything within our power to ensure our kids are getting the best possible education experience, invest in updating our walk-able parks, and take advantage of existing unused green space.

Basically I believe that by focusing on working together and governing within our means we can come up with a shared vision focused on cleaning up our business district and the distressed properties throughout the Borough as well as making better use of existing walk-able green space. By investing in our infrastructure we give good people and families a reason to invest in property, and in turn a community able to support a vibrant and potentially thriving business district. With the right leadership and forward thinking people involved I truly believe Bellevue isn’t that far off from being a place good people desire to live, visit, and invest in.

If anyone wishes to ask me any further questions, or would like clarification on where I stand on any issues important to you, feel free to email me at mjsenvisky@gmail.com.

In response to the questions asked by the folks with Liberty in Bellevue i have provided my answers below.

1.) My vision for Bellevue is one that utilizes and builds on the strengths of our Borough in a way that encourages buy in and pride from current residents while creating an atmosphere that outsiders want to be a part of.

2.) With our proximity and access to the city, small above average school district, walkable business district, and beautiful affordable housing we have the building blocks/strengths that people look for when seeking a place to live and raise a family. With that said we do not do a good enough job marketing our strengths and building on them. Some of the struggles i see have to do with current office holders inability to work together to put the peoples wants and needs ahead of their own personal agendas.

3.) I am running for council because i see the need for forward thinking people that govern based on what is best for our Borough regardless of political affiliation. The only way for our Borough to capitalize on our strengths and properly deal with our weaknesses is to create an atmosphere where the people have a voice and office holders work together to make sure that the current and future generations of Bellevue’s residents have a Borough that offers them a clean thriving business district, well kept neighborhoods, good schools, and a safe place to raise a family.

4.) Council and all of the elected officials of our Borough need to work together and value each others views but always putt the needs of the Borough first. It is crucial that all elected officials look at the issues we face and make sure we govern in a way that addresses our current issues while always keeping an eye on the future. Sometimes tough decisions have to be made, as long as you are honest and open in your approach, involve the community, and have weighed both sides of an issue you will begin to see a more supportive and prosperous community.

Thanks for you time,

Matthew J Senvisky for 2nd Ward Council


2 Responses to “2013 Candidate: Matthew Senvisky, Bellevue Council, Ward 2”

  1. Hi, Matt. I just wanted to invite you to the Support Local event I’m hosting on May 18 from 2-5pm. You can find the details on my facebook page, vencent menosky. You can also contact me at vencent1971@gmail.com


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