2013 Candidate: Vencent Menosky, Bellevue Council, Ward 2

What is your vision for Bellevue?

To create a town that has its own identity. We have many attributes to offer that range from our central location to important access points to our diverse properties that have a little bit of everything to offer to home owners. Believing that we can move our small town in the direction of forward, to compete with similar towns in our region and grab a foothold that makes our citizens proud of the progress and challenges that we faced so that one can say true and loud, yes I live, shop, and worship in Bellevue.

Let’s not hesitate to lead the way and take on new and exciting roles of a small town. Together we can enjoy a productive and peaceful neighborhood by combining our dreams and ideas in a diplomatic way. Only when we work together and set forth goals in a clear conscious, can the voices from the people be heard and hidden agendas omitted. Upon this we will see a community united as one for the mission of everything good and the best of interest at heart for all.


Location is critical and I think Bellevue ranks high for being central to many key points of access, 279 for instance. We also have a few Pat bus routes that make public transportation accessible to many who wish to leave their car park or use this as their primary source of travel. Pittsburgh being a few miles from Bellevue should be a critical point in marketing our town as a desirable place to live.

The police force seems to be in order with adequate man power and tools at their disposal in keeping the town a safe community. The fire dept. seems to hold though own as well with providing quick responses and professional service even though they are volunteers.

Businesses have a personal touch to add when shops such as The Main Attraction, Lincoln Bakery, Dietz’s Floral and Ace Hardware have remain in Bellevue for some time battling good and bad economical times.  It’s great to see these types of retail that give a sense of nostalgia to a neighborhood that does try their best to support the local shops while in return establishing a friendship that goes beyond the transition of currency. Along with privately own shops we also have access to national chains on Rt. 65.

The parks and library offer great services for resources and play. With the addiction of the skate and dog park, residents are able to make use of these amenities that many communities lack.


Empty store fronts, this I’m sure everyone one love to see improve. Drugs in our community of course are something that every town deals with. Crimes such as burglaries and theft are always happening. Businesses that are open who do not keep their fronts clean or take pride, many do. Or commercial property owners who do not keep up with maintenance such as lots that need repaved. Borough website could use improvement in regards to current information and keeping the public informed on important events. There are more that could be said but I will stop here for now.


Overall I think Bellevue can and must work together as a community to help mend some of the issues we currently have and install a network of programs that work to produce a sense of ownership and pride. Nine people on council are a limited number when we have 8,000 voices that have concerns and suggestions on how and what to improve.

I would like to see and hear the concerns and ideas that you have. I’ve been talking and listening with many of you and I am trying to pull together the major issues that you feel we have. The event I hosted last week Support Local at Azure Café and Grill is an example of bringing people together for open discussions and a chance for you to be heard. Look for more of this to come in the future with an open invitation to everyone.

We have a streetscape project that is going to be in action soon, this should create a new buzz. This is important as we want to move forward in progressing as a town with a strong business district. Let’s take this breath of fresh wind and utilize it’s potential to attract business that will stay and bring a positive image. While attracting business maybe we could look into programs that offer incentives for people to purchase homes that they reside in and take a stake in the property as oppose to converting it into a rental property. Rental properties are necessary to the neighborhood, as long as those owners keep in good standing for the well being of the borough. Ownership brings pride and responsibility.

Incorporating a good rapport between the fire and police dept. could be a great way to gain a sense of commitment of safety. When citizens establish a relationship with these departments, communications and awareness become stronger. With a few officers on duty at a time, I feel we can help them by being the eyes or ears that they do not have due to time and space limitations. As we bring more people out onto the streets for activities such as running, shopping and play, the more we can become aware of our surroundings. So not only does it take funding to make these departments better but an outreach of community interaction is a tool that can not be beat. Kids could learn that the police are not to be feared instead they are here to serve and protect the well being of all.

There are many areas of concerns and issues that can not be address here in this questionnaire. I hope this helps some of you understand what I stand for, community. I am here to offer my time and efforts to help produce what it is most of us are wanting, a great home town. Team work is essential along with the true understandings of what the people want. Removing self interest and having a transparency to the people can help eliminate myths of urban folklore. Together I am willing to bring positive and sound ideas to the table. With compromise and integrity we can move the town of Bellevue forward.


Thank you in advance

Vencent Menosky


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