Candidate 2013: Daniel Klicker, Northgate School Board

Daniel Klicker – Candidate for Northgate School District Board of Directors

I, Daniel Klicker, am an incumbent candidate for the Northgate School District Board of Directors where I currently serve on the finance, technology, and communications committees. I am a Northgate alumnus (2003) and a graduate of the Honors College of Duquesne University in 2007 with a degree in music education. I am currently enjoying my sixth year teaching elementary students music, chorus, band, and serving as a technology integrator for the Central Valley School District. I am an active member and musician at Covenant Community Church in Wexford. I reside with my wife, Sarah, in Avalon.

My vision for Northgate is to sustain and strive to improve the quality educational and extra-curricular programs that Northgate offers so that the school can best serve the students and the community. I believe that looking to the future and planning accordingly is imperative, especially given the current climate of public education and the economy nation-wide.

Thoughts on the Northgate Community’s Strength and Weakness

Northgate is not just our community school district. Our community is the Northgate Community. The school is dependent on the municipalities (Avalon and Bellevue). The community in many ways depends on the school district. The school and community entities are intertwined and thus a combined strength and weakness. The community cares for the school and the school for the community – this is evident. Avalon, Bellevue, and Northgate together form the strength that is the Northgate Community. A challenge lies in that our two small municipalities have little, perhaps no room, to grow even if economics were such that could support growth.

We, the Northgate Community, must make efforts “to sell” the Northgate Community. A simple ad or PR campaign will not solve this issue. Can the Northgate Community work to improve PR? Most definitely, yes! However, the best PR is every member of the Northgate Community doing their best in whatever part they play while validating what is good and constructively expressing concerns, ideas, and visions for future growth and improvement. Words matter. Words that one might share with a friend, which are passed on, and on, about the Northgate Community, positive or negative, have more impact of the perception of the Community than does a website or ads in a pamphlet.

Only as a political entity is Northgate separate from Avalon and Bellevue. The three governmental bodies truly are the inseparable Northgate Community. One might say our weakness is the size of the Northgate Community. However, if we choose to take ownership, appreciate the good around us, and fervently work to enhance our community, perhaps our strength is our small Northgate Community.


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  1. Hi, Dan. I just wanted to invite you to the Support Local event I’m hosting on May 18 from 2-5pm. You can find the details on my facebook page, vencent menosky. You can also contact me at


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