Presenting Your 2013 Candidates!

LiB Election 2013On Friday, March 22, 2013 Liberty in Bellevue sent certified letters requesting biographical information to each and every candidate running for public office in Bellevue and/or the Northgate School District. Due to the swelling interest in LiB as the primary source of political information in Bellevue, we felt it a worthwhile public service to provide as much data as possible to the voters about the individuals you will be choosing to lead our community into the foreseeable future.

All but five candidates (four incumbent, one new candidate) have responded by the deadline to our invitation to share some information about them and their vision/goals as a potential public servant for the upcoming term. Below is a list of each candidate under the corresponding office through which they hope to serve and lead our community. Each candidate who has provided information is highlighted by a hyperlink. By clicking the hyperlink the candidate’s personal “2013 Candidate Page” will open up. This page is your opportunity to communicate with the candidate. Feel free to ask questions in the comments section. The candidates are encouraged to access their personal page regularly to stay in touch with their potential voters.

The candidates who declined our invitation to provide information to the voters are still included in the list below, but their name does not include a hyperlink. Theywill not have a “2013 Candidate Page” until they ask for such by sharing personal biographical information.

Note to Candidates: Due to some formatting complications, minor formatting edits had to be made to some of the documents you shared with LiB. You are welcome to update or edit the information you provided us at any time. Simply e-mail us at Additionally, if you’re a candidate who has yet to respond to our invitation for information, please feel free to do so at any time via the same address. 

Northgate School Board Candidates (4 Seats Available):

Lisa Saylor
Brad Hazelwood
Amy Joy Robinson
Jennifer McWilliams
Louise Pascale
Bryan Johnston
Dan Klicker (incumbent)

Bellevue Candidates:

Ward 1 (two seats available)
Kathy Coder(R) (incumbent)
Megan Swackhammer(R)
Mike Braunlich(D) *no information provided
Henry Lenard(D)
Michael Sendro(D)

Ward 2 (two seats available)
James Viscusi(D) (incumbent) *no information provided
Susan Viscusi(D) (incumbent) *no information provided
Matthew J. Senvisky(D)
Vencent Walter Menosky(D)

Ward 3 (one seat available)
Grant Saylor(R)
Lynn Tennant-Heffley(D) (incumbent) *no information provided

Joe Scoscia(R)
Paul Cusick(D)
Jane Braunlich(D) (current councilmember) *no information provided


14 Responses to “Presenting Your 2013 Candidates!”

  1. Well Done! I know this was alot of work. THANK YOU!

    Warmly, Kathy


    “Growing People and Organizations to Greatness” Kathleen Coder 412-716-0445

  2. Part I of 100, let’s have some fun!

  3. Thanks for compiling all of this information. I think there was a great response. Too bad it wasn’t 100%. Please pass this along to your friends. It is important to know the people who will potentially represent you. For the first time in quite a few years you have many choices. Nobody is running un opposed. What do you want for Bellevue?

  4. Thanks for the hard work! I’m a big fan of LIB. For those of us who just moved into the area, would it be possible to indicate which candidates are the incumbents?

  5. Interesting to note that of the 5 incumbents only 1 provided information and all other candidates except the husband of one of the incumbents provided information as well. I guess it shows where the transparency is…

    • Just to be clear, I can personally vouch that those who did not respond with anything were personally invited at least three separate times. To be fair to Lynn Heffley, I personally spoke to her last night at the council meeting and she communicated that she was working on her information. When/If we receive it we will be sure to make it available.

  6. Is this once again the arrogance of that troublesome cabal on council that will not provide any information? Do these people, other than somehow getting on council and their experience thereof, really have any qualifications for the seats they occupy?

  7. I HOPE that the lack of participation by some is due to delays in submitting information rather than refusing to play along with a well-intended effort by a group that has openly criticized them. In their minds, why should they participate in LiB’s efforts, right? Then again, why wouldn’t they want to put themselves out there and state their positions?

    For what its worth, we’re coming up on the anniversary of this Council’s ill-advised grilling/fire ordinance. I wonder how many permits they’ve granted, how many will have been fined, and just how critical this acrimonious ordinance was.

  8. I was really hoping that the incumbent council candidates would look at this as an opportunity to play nice and if nothing else…get some FREE facetime and a chance to present their platforms. Is their lack of participation is a sign of arrogance, as in they feel that maybe they don’t NEED to put themselves out there because they feel that they have it in the bag already? Maybe they feel that they can simply win the election by breezing through as they’ve done in the past. I think the fact that there are over 20 candidates in this election speaks volumes to the inspiration that residents feel about their town. I read an article last week that said that the entire township of Ross didn’t have a single new candidate running in their election…think about that for a minute. Our little town has 15 NEW candidates. I think it speaks volumes about residents feeling like they can do a better job than the current seat holders. It shows that many people feel that there is an overall lack of vision for the direction of the town amongst the “old guard” council members. They refuse to participate in anything that could result in their having to present a plan, or possibly defend their actions or decisions. They brush off invitations to events or a simple invitation to have dinner and shake hands with locals at a local establishment. Outside of politics, I’m sure they’re all wonderful people…but within the confines of council chambers and acting in their official capacities…they are a sad group of people who are not open to suggestions or change. I encourage residents to come to a council meeting and ask these candidates what they’re platform is, what they see Bellevue’s future to be in the form of a 5 year plan, etc…

    I read this a few days ago and it really concerns me. I wish Bellevue was included in this list. The reason that we’re not starts with 20+ years of bad leadership, lack of vision, and thirst for power instead of thirst for progress. Look at the list of towns and think about the reasons they made the cut vs. the reasons that Bellevue didn’t make the cut. A few of the places in this list are comparable to Bellevue in terms of size, income levels, etc…

    My favorite quote from the article is this:
    “Obtaining the “Banner Community” status indicates that a community uses best practices in all aspects of operations and governs in an inclusive, collaborative manner, according to a news release.
    Fitzgerald said, “these 21 municipalities really have set a standard of how local government should function, and should be commended for the work that they do for their residents.””


    It’s time for a change, it’s time for a better direction. It’s time for the current seat holders to realize that this town can be made a better place without their input. Time for new, fresh takes on what we want our town to be for generations to come. I really hope that we have a record breaking primary election day, with record breaking turn out and lots of great ideas to toss around!! It’s just around the corner, and the time is NOW.

  9. Hi, everyone. I just wanted to invite you to the Support Local event I’m hosting on May 18 from 2-5pm. You can find the details on my facebook page, vencent menosky. You can also contact me at It appears that many of you are taking an interest in this election so please spread the word and stop by to vote for the best pizza and meet with all the candidates running for School Board and Council. This is not a LiB event.
    If you do plan on attending please contact me to give me the number of people that you will be bringing.
    The mission of this event is to:
    1. Support local business
    2. Bring community together
    3. Meet and Greet School Board and Council members and candidates, one on one.

  10. Best Pizza Tasting of Bellevue.
    To get you prepare for the Primary.
    Voting will be for best pizza in Bellevue.
    Family event
    Another chance for people to meet their candidates, one on one.
    Music and Games!
    There will be a small cover fee to cover cost of Pizzas and drinks.
    None of the monies collected will go to any candidate’s committees.
    More details to follow.
    Commitment to the event will be greatly appreciated in order to keep accuracy for the amount of pies that will be needed.
    At some point there may be a limit.
    Let’s support and have fun!

    Place: Bayne Park
    Time: 2-5 PM
    Saturday May 18
    I am posting this in case you can not see my personal Facebook page.

    Thank you LiB for this cyberspace.


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