9 April Bellevue Regular Council Meeting

April 2013 Regular Bellevue Council Meeting – April 9, 2013

Point of interest worth noting during this council meeting: At 0:05:22 a lengthy debate begins about the current majority’s decision to eliminate all the “bump outs” from the streetscape design created/approved by a professional engineering firm and citizen’s advisor committee. The debate for nearly an hour and included detailed explanations by Brad Hazelwood, one of the engineers who designed the streetscape plan and Connie Rankin of “the Citizen” and the business district advisory committee. On one side of the debate were those who felt the bump outs would cost too much to maintain and possible cause damage to snow plows and on the other side were those who felt the borough would be missing out of a beautiful addition to the business district, not to mention an increase in traffic safety and the possibility of hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional grant money due to an increase in green infastructure in the community.


5 Responses to “9 April Bellevue Regular Council Meeting”

  1. I would like to thank Brad Hazelwood for his dedication and patience on working on the streetscape project. After having some conversations with Brad, I know that he is doing his very best to bring every possible angle to the table. He has worked with other towns doing the same project and what a great opportunity as a town that we have one of our own working unselfishly to bring awareness of the potential on Lincoln Ave.

    Thank You Brad!

  2. What is the amount of grant funding that would lost by not having the bump outs? What would the cost of the bump outs be to have installed? Are there artist renderings of the street redesign made public? Are there renderings with and without the bump outs?

  3. Why does Linda always say “no more discussion” or “discussion is over” versus asking “is there any more discussion?” Especially when the discussion is leaning in a direction against her position…just an observation.

  4. I thought the designer/engineer was really informative and addressed practically all of the concerns of those that voted no. The bump outs do not narrow street, do not cause maintenance costs and effort (the rest of our streets are already messy), do not hinder traffic, and don’t hinder bus stops. So with all of those concerns addressed, shouldn’t they reconsider? And continually saying that bump outs in one neighborhood are disliked and horrible when it was stated the design is not even the same just makes people look foolish with their decision making and grasp of the information. I think the idea of extra room for things like info areas, benches and trees sounds fantastic! He also states how much money could be lost in grant funding overall for the town and project by not having as much green. “Be careful of the software”…who in the world said this? Are they as smart as the software simulation designers that know the dimensions of trucks and can simulate all of those details with 100% accuracy. The same reasons of why the design is not wanted even though those exact issues were shown to be non-issues. I love the comment “it is the whole future of the whole street”…I think that deserves an in-depth detailed discussion even if that means 8 hours of discussion let alone 30 minutes. “This should have been done a month ago”…no kidding…so why wasn’t it? I find myself screaming at my computer screen every time I watch these meetings. But thank you for sharing.

    • Scott, thank you for watching and commenting. We thought Brad did a great job going through all the fine details of the plan as well. Linda’s continual resistance even in the face of clear answers to her concerns demonstrates that the current majority are far more concerned with power and getting their way than what is best for the borough. We’ve seen this demonstrated time and time again. This is why LiB exists; to share this absurdity. Please share your thoughts and this video with your friends and neighbors. Nothing will change unless we vote for proper leadership in our community. The May 21 election is absolutely vital!

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