Is it a Vote for Jane Braunlich or Connie Rankin? Confusion…

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Many residents in Bellevue today started receiving leaflets from the “Committee to Elect Jane Braunlich Mayor.” It is election season after all  and Jane is one of two democrats vying for the vote of residents next month. Nothing out of the ordinary, right?

A member of the Liberty in Bellevue Core Group thought the same, until they explored the website listed on the leaflet. Below are the screen shots of the website launched by the “Committee to Elect Jane Braunlich Mayor.” None of the images below have been doctored or manipulated in any way, shape, or form.

Who is the committee asking us to vote for? Jane Braunlich? Or Connie Rankin, owner and editor of “The Citizen?”

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Is this an official endorsement of Jane Braunlich’s campaign or simply a very weird coincidence?

Perhaps Connie’s own blog can shed some light on the matter. On April 12, Connie published a blog article titled, “You’re fired!” which vaguely criticized some “elected officials.” We couldn’t be sure exactly to whom Connie was referring.  Based on Connie’s criticism of “certain elected officials” and the above posted screen shots we believe it is safe to say the owner and editor of “the Citizen” is supporting the Jane Braunlich for Mayor campaign.

Why all the secrecy? Why speak so vaguely but work quietly behind closed doors? Isn’t transparency in government what we all claim to want?


9 Responses to “Is it a Vote for Jane Braunlich or Connie Rankin? Confusion…”

  1. I do think it is funny that she has a website since she refuses to use technology while she serves as a council person. How is she going to manage the police department with really no knowledge of technology ( I know this from serving with her)? When I served with her she had her council documents dropped off at her house. Delivered. I remember at one council meeting she quoted something from the internet and she couldn’t give the web address. She just kept insisting it was the “internet” like it gave what she said some sort of credibility. Oh…the good ole days :).

  2. Here’s a couple of my favorites from her website:

    In January she was appointed to the chair of public safety…well for one…the only reason that happened was because she wanted to run for mayor and as head of the police department she would have had no experience at all. When council was asked what the pawn shop ordinance was about she couldn’t answer the question. Instead the answer was that we should ask the police chief because he is the one that brought it up.

    Every thing mentioning about her record says she worked with someone. There isn’t a single thing that says she can lead something. As someone who is fairly in tune with what happens on council I am confident that the “worked with” or “helped do” comments are strictly related to her following her instructions on what to vote for and what not to vote for.

    As she is going to be the person that is going to draft the borough’s budget, where is her finance experience? What is her educational background? Does she know how to do this? It doesn’t mention a thing about it on her website. Keep in mind, she has refused to use a computer up until the last few weeks to assist in conducting borough business and doesn’t even have an email address listed on the borough website today. The only reason she has a computer now is because she is in election mode.

    Shes also VP of the Bellevue Dog Woods…remember the trees and the big battle put up by them to buy more trees to replace the ones that the evil borough cut down? Well if you take a drive by the parking lot now…all the trees that lined Bellevue road have been cut down….i inquired and found out that the borough didn’t authorize the DPW to cut these down and that the dog woods folks did it themselves….

    Her website also claims that renegotiating the solicitor contract saved money in 2012…the solicitor was replaced in order to save money for 2013…a whopping $15,000!! then she voted to buy a time clock for $15,000 and couldn’t explain all the features of it because she doesn’t understand technology.

    The most disturbing sentence on the whole website is the one that says she is going to work with the people in Bellevue to solve the problems that we all face….I have personally asked questions directly to her, asked council people to send my message along, I have never received an answer…am I not a person in Bellevue? That statement should be finished off with the statement…She will help you…as long as you agree with her or are a friend of someone she knows…or if one of her handlers tells her to help or answer you….

    people are going to say…but i am in LiB and always criticizing her…unfortunately a lot of those things were before LiB ever happened…some of those things were what helped create LiB…a group of people unsatisfied with people only paying lip service to our community.

    and one last comment….keep in mind…none of the things on that website were written by Jane…I wonder who is going to put her budgets together for her?

  3. Gotta love when your local “newspaper” owner is clearly backing a candidate. Seems a little fishy to me. All of a sudden Jane is online, with a website and (gasp!) email address. I wonder who will be responding from this email address? I don’t have a problem with friends helping one another out…but c’mon…let’s look at it from a professional position, shall we? The owner of the local newspaper. Setting up a website for a candidate within the borough that she writes her paper for. This kind of stuff just can’t be made up!

    I wonder if Connie wrote Jane’s platform and everything else on the website? Conveniently leaving out all of the important info…such as what actually qualifies her to be a mayor (or hold any legislative position for that matter), to create a budget, to relate to police matters, etc…
    Just because you claim to have had some hard times financially doesn’t qualify one to create a budget for an entire borough.

  4. Just viewed Jane’s mayoral website. On her home page it states, “People will tell you that ‘party doesn’t matter’ on the local level. If that is true, why are Republicans changing their voter registration to appear on the ballot as Democrats?” I mulled this over, and decided that if this is indeed happening, perhaps folks were motivated to keep Jane from being elected as mayor. Their motivation might even match Jane’s own when she used a lawyer to get a soldier’s vote discounted during her last run for Council.

  5. Hi Jim,
    I suggest that you engage with the candidates on their personal bio page within this website. As we cannot answer this question for them, you will have to ask them directly.

    You can navigate to the candidate page of your choosing by clicking on their name in this blog:

  6. “There is only ONE lifelong Democrat on the ballot. Only ONE Democratic candidate who has always worked for the ideals and policies of the Democratic Party in Bellevue.”

    What if what is best for Bellevue doesn’t exactly align with the ideals and policies of the Democratic Party? This is coming from someone who has been registered & voted Democrat.

    “People will tell you that “Party doesn’t matter” on the local level. If that’s true, why are Republicans changing their voter registration to appear on the ballot as Democrats?”

    Already going negative, Jane?

  7. If Connie wants to endorse Jane and use the power of her limited circulation then be up front about it. The secret high school shenanigans is what disgusts me with our current local political representatives.

    • Sorry, fingers got ahead of me. Above statement was written by me Veronica resident of Bellevue, certified coding specialist physician based, employed by the United States Government and a registered Democrat with liberal tendencies but may go conservative at times if the planets align to the right. Just want to validate who I am for the nay-Sayers

      • Veronica – I somewhat agree… However, this group of people don’t play fair and are rarely transparent. The issue with Connie clearly backing Jane is that Connie will likely do multiple articles in her opinion/newspaper covering the election. With her paper being nothing more than her interpretation of events and “news”, I find it hard to believe that she can be bipartisan for a single second. Mind you, this is the same person that didn’t consider the Grillabration to be newsworthy enough to walk a half block from her office to cover. HUNDREDS of people & media outlets came for that event, but the local paper owner thought nothing of it. The same person that declined an invitation to a sold out last-minute candidate meet & greet a few week ago. I guess those kind of events aren’t newsworthy? I just question the authenticity and transparency of this old guard clique…

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