Voter Registration – April 22, 2013


Desiring change in Bellevue is a good thing. Getting involved in the community and offering a fresh perspective is great. But, unless you get to the polls and vote on May 21, 2013 (and again in November), everything will remain the same. Unless you vote and elect the change we all desire for our borough, Bellevue will continue on its downward trajectory of vacant store fronts, dilapidated properties, misguided resources, and increased taxes. Unless you vote and elect the best people to nurture and lead our community, Bellevue will never experience the health and growth we all desire.

However, before you can plan to cast your vote on May 21, you need to register no later than April 22!

Remember, only those registered with a party can vote in that party’s primary in the May election. So, for example, if you wish to be able to vote in the Mayoral Election (2 Democrats and 1 Republican running), it might be wise to register with the Democratic Party before Monday April 22 (the single republican candidate will automatically be on the ballot for the November general election). If you’re a resident of Ward 1 or 2, it might also be wise to register with the Democratic Party as the only choice to be made in either of those elections on May 21 will be between the myriad of democrats on the ballot (the two republican candidates in Ward 1 are automatically in the general election). Switching parties or registering with a party for the first time is very easy. Just check the proper box on the voter registration form.

Below is the highlighted map of the Wards. Be sure to find your address and note which ward you reside in. For those who need to register to vote and/or change their political party, click the link here to download a voter registration application and be sure to submit it no later than April 22 (submit in person or postmarked by April 22)!!!

The future is bright for Bellevue, but only if we show up to vote for it on May 21!



3 Responses to “Voter Registration – April 22, 2013”

  1. Very good points!

    • ed bowman/orlando fl Reply April 17, 2013 at 6:38 pm

      does anyone else notice how sweet baby jane shuffles papers while citizens are speaking and pays little or no attention. mayoral material I thinkith not.

  2. Ed – I completely agree! I’ve mentioned this exact item before on this website. When anyone that she doesn’t like speaks, or a member of the audience addresses her or challenges her, she shuffles her “hand delivered” materials. She’s so special, she requires all documents to be printed and given to her instead of emailing like the rest of the world.

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