Invitation Refused


Councilmember Jim Viscusi in a heated contest for his seat in Ward 2 has refused Liberty in Bellevue’s invitation to communicate with the citizens of Bellevue.


12 Responses to “Invitation Refused”

  1. This is why we can’t have nice things….

  2. All I can say is NICE. I am taking my ball and going home….

  3. I guess Linda won’t permit him to come out and play with the commoners…

  4. Well, I guess he figures that he is one of the community’s “betters” (fancy yellow corvette and all) and doesn’t have to respond to the commoners.

  5. There is no reason to denigrate someone who does not wish to participate in this forum.
    I don’t want to speak for any of the candidates but I would not post my information on this site, either. Why would I when I am called names and personally attacked? I am ripped apart in EVERY blog. I would not want to be connected to this forum. It is my opinion this is a negative forum and, certainly, is not fair and balanced.

    There are positive accomplishments about Bellevue council to talk about. Among other things, this council saved $171,000 for the taxpayer. That is a lot of money to me. You have denigrated some on council every time you didn’t like where we looked to save money. $150,000 has been budgeted for road replacement which has not been done for more many years. The Business District Advisory Committee will have $5000 to promote the business district. The library pediments should be replaced this year. There is free parking after 6 pm every day plus all day Saturday and Sundays to help the business district. This is to name a few of the accomplishments of this council. Give me a break. How about recognizing these accomplishments of this council? Of course not. You applaud those who are disruptive and attack other council members. You dwell on what you don’t like. Also, there are many positive things about Bellevue that are not recognized. This forum does not promote our community. It is giving our wonderful community a bad reputation.

    I guess you are doing what you think is right for this borough? Rip Bellevue apart every chance you get! I don’t want negative people managing my borough. You have to see the positives to work on the negatives. Not one positive issue has been addressed by this forum.

    You say I do not have a vision. Well, I have goals which I am actively working on. One of them is to cut waste and save money. I guess you cannot see that.

    • Madame President, please enlighten me how Liberty in Bellevue denigrated Mr. Viscusi. Unless of course you consider merely reporting verifiable actions public denigration.

  6. Ms. Woshner,

    Thank you for your response.

    Mr. Viscusi isn’t just unwilling to participate in our forum or provide information to his constituents, he isn’t willing to represent them either. He is my Council representative and he has never once responded to e-mails or phone calls from me as one of his constituents – and I have NEVER once criticized him directly in an any public arena. This seems to be the case with others – Mr. Viscusi seems to pick and choose WHO he represents.

    He chooses to do business and meet with others outside the borough – why? I see him meeting with non-residents at a particular business in Ben Avon several times a month. We have family within a stone’s throw from that business and see him in there frequently. Why is he so much more willing to talk with a Ross Township resident than the man my tax dollars compensate to represent me on Council?

    This is my issue. This is why I’ve registered Democrat and will vote against Mr. Viscusi. He doesn’t represent me or my ward. There – I said it.

    • Scott,
      We do have a life outside of council. I just had lunch with some other insurance people this week and they are not Bellevue residents.

      • scottirlbacher April 26, 2013 at 4:31 pm

        My question was more about why he refuses to represent me. That’s his position. To be my representative. He refuses.

  7. Those who disagree with Mark Purcell = trailer trash. Very nice, sir. Very nice.

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