“The Truth Squad?”

478096_4955814129936_1209655232_o479066_4646680053244_69719572_oLiberty in Bellevue is always excited to hear about new groups that are looking out for the betterment of Bellevue and looking for transparency within the borough, its candidates, and its elected officials. As a watchdog group, we think it’s only fair to look into what’s going on in borough chambers and to check out new groups that may surface in the borough. During the last week, we’ve had several candidates contact us with questions about a group called “The Truth Squad.” The candidates received letters from the group with questions, both personal and electoral. Several candidates seems concerned about the group due to not having heard of them before. There’s a general reluctance to respond to the letters because there is no email address, website, or much of anything in terms of contact information. The only information that was included in the letter was the following:

“The Truth Squad” – “For the good of our community.”

B. Leindecker – Chairperson

J.R. Foster – Secretary

Carlie Moser – Research

P.O. Box 41083, Pittsburgh PA 15202

Liberty in Bellevue did some research on the group to no avail. As of April 30th, we were not able to find any information about the group or its members. We Googled the names of the Chairperson, Secretary, and Researcher, with no results. We Googled the name “The Truth Squad” and received no results. We tried to find the group on Facebook, with no results. And we even tried to Google the P.O. Box address, with no results. Perhaps this group is very new and is currently working on contact information, but there seems to be none available as of the release of this article.

We are not sure what to make of the letters, but would like to extend a warning to the candidates to respond at your own risk. Please remember that email is one of the ONLY transparent forms of communication, in which your words cannot be changed or altered. With no information available about the legitimacy of this group, it would be wise to ensure that you’re releasing your information with confidence and protecting yourselves from any form of fraudulence. As a general rule, we suggest that you research anyone that contacts you to ensure that they are in fact a legitimate person, group, or organization.

If you or someone you know is a member or founder of the group “The Truth Squad”, please encourage them to contact Liberty in Bellevue via Facebook, email, or through our website.


3 Responses to ““The Truth Squad?””

  1. Has anyone else noticed how uncommonly quiet this post is, as important as it is? You would think that maybe there’d be some response from the persons involved saying “Oh yeah, that’s us” or something. I did get a Google/Bing hit on a couple of the names, but I think they were just people with the same name living out in California and elsewhere. I also wasn’t able to find any sort of company site or connection to the PO box listed. Fishy… And besides, in regards to the landlord letter, if I were the receiving party I don’t think that I would want to answer to any letter like that anyways without checking its legitimacy, as ambiguous as it is. Especially with what seems like a threatening final statement: “You should also know that we plan to share all background information we find on any candidates and the answers we receive from them with the voting public.” I should think that, since most of the candidates have already shared lots of their info with LiB and elsewhere, the fact that the letter even has to have this statement is pointless. But, I think you guys at LiB already know all this. 🙂 Keep it up!

  2. scottirlbacher Reply May 2, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    I believe I know the identity of owner of the Post Office box, but that name is not listed on the letterhead. Various methods of searching databases with citizen information has yet to turn up that any of these names are anyone living in Bellevue. One name listed on the letterhead lives in Ohio Township. We can’t locate the other two names listed as living anywhere near Bellevue.

  3. If the Truth Squad was so obsessed with the “truth”, they’d all be coming out the woodwork to claim the organization that they’re so proud of, right? You’d think that people that are seeking the “truth” would also strive to be transparent.

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