Candidate Forum TONIGHT!!



To RSVP to our Facebook Event click here!


3 Responses to “Candidate Forum TONIGHT!!”

  1. I would in advance like to thank all the people responsible for putting this together. And let’s not forget to raise the roof for Professor Amos for taking a stake in Bellevue property and restoring it as well as opening the doors for this community forum.

  2. I was disappointed to see that the same people who did not provide bios to LiB are most of the ones that did not attend last night’s forum. I think our community has some great options in this upcoming election and I am excited for Bellevue’s future!

    Thank you so much for all the hard work put into this event by those organizing and for all the great ideas put forward by my fellow candidates!

  3. I didn’t notice The Citizen owner/reporter in attendance. Hopefully this event will be covered. Coincidentally, the owner/editor of The Citizen is running the campaign for a mayoral candidate who has repeatedly declined invitations to make herself available [unfiltered] to the citizens of the community she wants to lead. She also was absent Wednesday night.

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