Video of Avalon-Bellevue Candidate Forum 2013

We were so excited to join about 150 residents/voters of Bellevue and Avalon to hear from and visit with many of the candidates for elected office on Wednesday during the Avalon-Bellevue Candidate Forum. The discussion about the major challenges and issues facing our community and our united desire for its future were very encouraging. Though we were disappointed some candidates decided not to accept the invitation to engage in the open exchange of ideas with the voting public, we were thrilled to hear from those took advantage of the opportunity provided.

The candidates running for Bellevue Council/Mayor who were present included: Kathy Coder, Paul Cusick, Henry Lenard, Venecent Menosky, Grant Saylor, Matthew Sevinsky, Michael Sendro, Megan Swackhammer

The candidates running for Northgate School Board who were present included: Bradley Hazelwood, Bryan Johnston, Jennifer McWilliams, Louise Pascale, Amy Joy Robinson, and Lisa Saylor

The Avalon-Bellevue Candidate Forum Planning Committee which included members of Liberty in Bellevue, North Suburban Chamber of Commerce, the League of Women Voters, and the Bellevue/Avalon PTOs wish to extend a very sincere “THANK YOU!” to Amos Harp. Mr. Harp not only graciously donated the use of meeting space at the former Bellevue Central Methodist Church, but also provided cookies and bottles of water for all to enjoy throughout the evening. The former church is looking beautiful and we’re thrilled to see more events/activities to be held there in the future!


5 Responses to “Video of Avalon-Bellevue Candidate Forum 2013”

  1. Note to the citizens of Bellevue: You will NOT see a story on this event in this week’s version of The Citizen. Just like you didn’t see any report of the Grill-abration. The editor of our local paper has been caught red-handed as the campaign chair for a mayoral candidate that has been criticized by this group. She also conveniently has ignored many of our successful events.

    Please take notice that while much opinion is shared on this site, the videos are unedited and DO NOT LIE. Watch the dysfunctional government “protecting” our community. Watch the blind and faulty leadership. Read on here the abundance of criticism from these folks without any shared vision or ideas.

  2. Scott, the Citizen is to the bumbling Woshner, Braunlich, Viscusi cabal as the major media is to the Obama administration. The Citizen, other than listing a few advertisements, high school sports results and recent deaths, is a useless rag.

  3. This needs to be discussed at the next public meeting.

    A public disclosure of this and other conflicting relationships is in the public interest. Withholding this information from Bellevue voters would be immoral. They need to know what they’re getting is not “news”, but marketing material from an ~unregistered political action committee~ (vs 501c, etc).

    It would be civil to allow The Citizen to offer public disclosure and fix their tax status on their own. If not, it can be done for them.

  4. I wasn’t able to attend the forum, so it was great to have the opportunity to meet the candidates via this video. Thanks for providing it!

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