Nothing to see here – ignore the people behind the curtain

Original post:

LiB is very excited to announce your officially endorsed Democrat Party candidates!

Jim Viscusi


Sue Viscusi


Jane Braunlich


For the sake of transparency, LiB is also excited to announce the names of the Democratic Party official endorsement committee!!

Jim Viscusi (and Linda Woshner)


Sue Viscusi


and, last but not least…Jane Braunlich


There’s nothing to see here folks. Liberty in Bellevue, they’re the crazy radicals who think there’s corruption in Bellevue politics. Absolutely nothing to see here.

Well, other than this article here.

For the sake of full disclosure let us identify all the endorsed candidates for office and official party members responsible for endorsing them:

Endorsed Candidates:

  • Mike Braunlich (Jane Braunlich’s husband) and Henry Lenard for First Ward Council seats
  • James and Susan Viscusi (husband and wife) for second Ward Council seats
  • Lynn Tennant-Heffley for the Third Ward seat
  • Jane Braunlich was endorsed for the Mayoral seat

Party members responsible for endorsing them:

  • Jane Braunlich – Current council, running for mayor.
  • Mike Braunlich – Previous mayoral candidate, husband of Jane, running for council.
  • Susan Viscusi – Current council, wife of James.
  • James Viscusi – Current council, husband of Susan.
  • Joe Heffley – son of Lynn.
  • Connie Rankin – owner/editor of The Citizen, campaign chair for Jane Braunlich for Mayor.
  • Linda Woshner – Current council president.
  • Rich Furis – Former Bellevue council. Former Northgate School Board.
  • Patrick Jennings – Former council.
  • James Scisciani – Current council.
  • Betty Jane Murphy – Former Bellevue auditor.

Update 13 May, 1:30pm:

We received official word from Vencent Menosky, Democratic Candidate for Council in Ward 2, stating he was never contacted to participate in the endorsement process by the Democratic Party of Bellevue. It is safe to assume none of the other democratic candidates seeking the party’s nomination were considered for nomination either.

We also heard from the Bellevue Republican Party Committee Chair, Dave Gillingham Jr., who explained that the local Republican committee usually does not endorse candidates until after the primary election, as they believe it is the job of the people to select the nominees for the party – not the party itself.

The purpose of this post is not to endorse one party over another (the individual writing this update is a registered Democrat). We are simply exposing the corruption we’ve been witnessing within the borough’s government since Liberty in Bellevue came into existence over a year ago. There are numerous new Democratic candidates running for office that are not connected to the “old guard.”


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  1. The Viscusis are married. And all of this time I thought they were twins because they vote the exact same on everything. Gawd, I wonder who is the brains of that combo! Is it race car man or what’s her name?

    Regarding the democrat cabal. Corruption I understand and expect from democrats since most democrat political hacks are generally self centered, self serving megalomaniacs. Continuing ignorance and plain stupidity, however, are unacceptable. Nice work, democrats. You turned the lovely town we moved to during 1995 into a real mess. Democrats need to learn to leave important things to the grownups. But at least you can get smokes, lotsa pizza and one dollar items here. People from Sewickley race here to be the next in line at these places.

    Hey, on the upside, if the democrats win in the end we can always be proud that our community is the only place where people can see the Tuesday evenings Marx Brothers performances free, live and in color.

  2. Let it be known that technically they are not doing anything wrong by being elected persons on this committee. But one does have to ask the most important question, How does someone with a set of values placed oneself in a position where they truly can not uphold the requirements these seats they represent? Almost no one is going to give up an endorsement for their own seat. Conflict of interest in the first degree.
    The National Democratic Committee is tying to change some of the by laws that allow these types of conflicts. They are also very busy and under staffed so they do not have the man power to police all the committees. This I was told by a Allegheny County Democratic worker and she also mention that one can file a compliant. I have nothing against the Committee, it’s like a gun,it doesn’t intend to do wrong but the people on the trigger might.

    I was also told that two seats will be up next year, I can promise you with my life that I would not run for that seat if elected onto council. Yet I may help the community become aware of when those seats on to be voted on so that all people can take it upon themselves onto whom they would like to see on the local Democratic Committee.

    Lastly I would like to know just why I wasn’t invited to the local Democratic Committee of endorsing. I understand that maybe you do not have to invite me. I understand that I wouldn’t of had a chance when you look at the facts of who is on the Committee and the after fact who was endorsed. I also don’t understand that one of the Committee members has my address and knows that I am running. Here is my phone number 412-877-3200 or my email vencent1971@gmail. If any of you have an answer.

    When is it that we lose sight of just what it is that we are responsible to uphold. We are human and have flaws yet we also have the ability to know right from wrong. Power of the people holds it’s weight when disperse to all, it Implodes when consume by one.

    What does Bellevue need? A strong foundation that supports the people who aim to erect a town that has the will to progress with time and ability to maintain a core set of values that can not and will not be undermined. The citizens are here to support the sake of good and they have the desires and visions to help construct a neighborhood that will prevail over the dark clouds that currently lurk over Bellevue.

  3. ‘are’ should replace the ‘on’ in the second paragraph….I swear I double check before hitting the send button…lol

  4. wow!! just shaking my head in disbelief and yet sadly not surprised.

  5. In Ward 2 the winners of the Primary take all due to all of one party having 4 candidates and only two seats. Therefore it would be important to have the endorsements at present time. I am okay with not being endorse but I do not believe the committee could endorse at this time with true merit based on involvement with other elected offices.

    I am well aware that the members of the committee will get this message, just make sure you understand me clearly, I do not feel that anyone on council should be on a committee that is responsible for endorsing their own seat.

  6. Vencent, what do you expect?! If you cannot be counted on to stay on their plantation they are not ever going to endorse you. If there is the least doubt that you may do something without their sanction they are not going to endorse you. Forget about improving Bellevue, these democrat council persons (with the exception of Mr. Scisiani) are in it for the power and whatever goodies may come their way.

  7. I’ve been a resident of Bellevue for 26 years now yet somehow have managed to avoid and largely ignore the petty personal and partisan interactions that have characterized Borough politics as long as I can remember, and which are most visible in the proceedings of our dysfunctional Council. The same dysfunction and namecalling that pervades Congress is being played out on a smaller stage right here in Bellevue. When I first became aware of “Liberty in Bellevue” I hoped that it was a nonpartisan organization that was committed to improving our town with no regard for political affiliation. As we get closer to the election it is becoming clearer that there is another agenda at work here. The letter from “Bill” with its talk of a “democrat cabal” and “democrat political hacks” is just more of the same mudslinging and namecalling that I’ve grown to hate around here, and I’m beginning to suspect is not unique to “Bill” among the LIB group. I hope I’m wrong, because I do feel that LIB has provided a service by posting videos of the Council meetings and the candidate forum which provide important information to those who can’t attend in person.

    • Scott – just to be certain, Bill is not a representative or member or in any other way affiliated with LiB other than as someone who reads our posts and comments as he personally sees fit.


      • Fair enough, Tom. It’s not clear on here as to who is affliated with LIB and who is just reading and commenting.

    • And, Scott (one last response to your comments, I promise), just to be clear also about the partisanship-issue. The core group leadership team of LiB is representative of Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and independents. We were careful to include all possible voices in our leadership team in order to best ensure the organization does not veer down one political aisle over the other. We’ve found this non-partisan nature of our organization to be both a struggle and incredible tool as we seek to understand what is best for our community from all perspectives. If you were to sit in our core group meetings, you would hear us disagree with one another. However, the beauty of what we’ve been able to accomplish via LiB is demonstrate that bipartisanship IS possible when each are committed to the betterment of the community rather than personal agendas or power struggles. Clearly, LiB is hardly perfect and we’ll ruffle feathers (it is the nature of politics is it not?). But to stand idly by while a community-wide political endorsement committee does nothing but serve its own people before seeking what is actually best for the community it claims to serve would be to go against everything we believe in. This is why we published this article as soon as we the information was confirmed, we felt the public needed to be aware of the self-serving nature of some of the people who claim to serve Bellevue.


    • It is denied but this forum is not nonpartisan.Please notice only certain Democrats are criticized and called corrupt. Never the Republicans. Corrupt is used loosely and with no proof. Only certain Democrats have no vision or are power hungry. The accomplishments of the current council are never recognized. I believe most people can see between the lines.

      • President Woshner,

        The people that are criticized are the people that are clearly out of touch. It has nothing to do with the D or the R next to their name. Anyone can watch a video of a council meeting and see this in plain sight. Half the time when something controversial or trivial arises, your buddies look directly to you for an answer. The people in which you “endorse” have not proven to be good at what they are elected to do. If you’d like me to point some things out for you again…here goes:
        I have attempted on numerous occasions to contact Jim Viscusi, Sue Viscusi, Lynn Heffley, and Jane Braunlich. Braunlich can barely make a motion without looking to you for back-up, Jim is in another world half the time, Sue seems to have good intentions but tends to vote with the “we know better than you” crew, and Lynn (in my opinion) is the most level headed, and is in fact the “swing” vote, but somehow always ends up voting with the “we know better than you” crew on nearly every motion.
        Jim Viscusi has been accused of (and shows some good signs of being guilty, judging by his eye rolling during any mention of it) stalking a salaried borough employee and video taping him…talk about creepy. Jane Braunlich is quick on the ordinance trigger, and judging by her lack of a filter, has, on numerous occasions seemed angered that any business in Bellevue would dare to make a profit, let alone seek support from council on ways to increase said profit. Jane also says that she’s for the people and for the families, if i had a penny for every time she rolled her eyes or shuffled her enormous stack of papers when someone was speaking…talk about rude and unprofessional.

        So tell me again, what do all of these things have to do with the D or the R next to their names? NOTHING at all. It’s just as simple as committing to watching the council videos and seeing for oneself.

        Please tell me, why do these people deserve to be endorsed by themselves???
        Unfortunately, at this point, the bad outweighs the good. No one is saying that the current council hasn’t done anything good. But if the bad outweighs the good and the eye rolls outweigh the support..then what is a borough to do?
        We can’t keep voting for the same people and expect a different outcome. Last time i checked, that’s the definition of insanity.

  8. Thank you for this information. I’ve been trying to wrap my head around why Mr. Cusick, who has a proven track record in Bellevue politics and once held the position of mayor, is not being endorsed by the Democratic Party in Bellevue.

  9. 24 hours later and my post is still “awaiting moderation”? OK, now I’m finally beginning to understand. The nonpartisan facade seems to be melting away…what a shame.

    • Scott – I must personally apologize to you. I don’t know how I missed your comment. However, as soon as your second comment came through I immediately rectified the issue to demonstrate we’re not trying to quiet any voices on this website. My deepest apologizes for missing your comment.


    • Scott H,
      LiB rarely (like nearly never) blocks a comment from posting on this site. We mostly try not to allow posts with swearing, etc. in the grand scheme of other comments on this site, yours is not extreme enough to block. When a blog goes live, lots of emails begin flowing in, in the form of comments, questions, ect. It’s easy to accidentally miss a few. Hopefully you’ll understand that it was a clear mistake. We’ve had other “new” commenters question why it took a little time for their comment to post, and we’ve told them the same thing…we have to approve new commenters comments. We generally only moderate the first few comments made by a person to ensure that they’re not spam or a potty mouth. I hope you continue to participate in the conversation and give your input and ideas!

      As for your comment about another commenters opinions…this forum is open to any and all to leave comments. All commenters are not LiB members, and all LiB members have differing opinions on different issues. I think that’s what makes this such a good source of info, opinions, and a place to hopefully toss some different ideas around about a multitude of issues.

  10. First off, truth in advertising, I am not a resident of Bellevue. I have lived within a stones throw of Bellevue for 50 years and I daily shop, eat, and my wife works there so I do have an interest in what happens in the community. To that end, I attended the “Meet the Candidates” event last week. I was thoroughly impressed with the moderator and appreciated her ability to control what could have been an ugly situation at the end of the school board candidates discussion. Kudos! What did disappoint me was the lack of participation on the part of the incumbents. Only Mrs. Coder seemed interested in a continuing conversation with the electorate. Bellevue has a high turnover rate of residents and to assume that, since you’re already a councilman, the public already knows you is shortsighted and borders on elitist.

    There are several things about Bellevue politics that, frankly, confuse me. Why 9 councilmen? Moon township, which is 3 times larger in population, has only 5 supervisors yet runs efficiently. Is the goal to represent a greater cross-section of the community? Unless you’re trying to reach down and find candidates who are high school dropouts or drug addicts, I don’t think a community of this size needs this many councilmen. In the current state of limited budgets and tight finances, efficiency and streamlining is what the public needs and should demand.

    The problems of Bellevue are obvious but council seems to dwell on minutiae and managing decline rather than making bold steps to solve the problems of, an unfriendly business environment, absentee landlords, and too many single family homes converted to mini-apartment buildings, to name a few. The sooner the community elects councilmen with vision and the energy to implement that vision, the better for the residents of Bellevue and the surrounding communities.

    Thanks LiB for shining the spotlight on what’s happening behind the scenes! Keep it up!

    • HI DJ, Thanks for your comment! It is spot on. As I have asked council to lay out their plan I have been writing a series of blogs to try and kick start those conversations and laying out what would be my plan for the community. I will have a new one ready to go in the next couple days but I encourage you to read those that I have already written.

      I truly hope that our council members read them as well and reach out to me as there is a need for a Community Development Corp in our town to help things along but we need to ensure that our council will embrace it.


  11. I would like everyone to know that I was informed that everyone was mailed an invite to the endorsement, including myself.We do not know what happen to my letter. My suggestion to the committee is to send by certified mail to reduce this from happening in the future or send by regular mail and email. See you all at the Pizza Tasting.

  12. Scott, I’m not a Lib person. Just a person that sees what’s going on in the community and the country. I’ll rescind my “democrat cabal” statement. I’m changing it to the Woshner, Braunlich, Viscusi and Viscusi cabal. Does the fact that they act like and govern like typical democrat hacks that accomplish nothing meaningful mean nothing. Why the fear and dislike of labeling politicians for what they appear to be so offensive. Why bring anything into discussions? Why bother with anything? If you do not take your blinders off and see what the democrats have done to our community and our great country then what is the sense of all this. Should we just use this forum to chat and be nice and sing songs or should we use the forum to influence people to achieve change? And when is criticism mudslinging? It’s just another word to stifle commentary. There is nothing malicious in my comments. If the democrats are not responsible for the downward spiral of Bellevue then who is? They have held the majority of seats on council for ever.

  13. Tom,

    This is unrelated to this blog post, but I was wondering if you could publish a list of the core LiB members.


    • Bryan – asking me to publish a list of the LiB Core Group is like asking me to publish a list of my friends. It’s no secret who I hang out with, but it’s also not something people usually go around asking others to state publicly. People come and go as part of the LiB Core Group. Some of deeply involved. Some are loosely affiliated. If individuals who consider themselves a part of the organization would like to identify themselves, that is up to them, but they’re under no legal obligation to do so. LiB is not a publicly traded company or a government organization. Those who associate with it can do so as publicly or privately as they see fit.

      For my part, I’ve made it no secret that I launched the organization and continue to lead it. I launched LiB after a thorough investigation of the reasons behind Bellevue’s decline over the past few decades. I discovered that every effort to effect change in our community have been thwarted in recent years by those who have clung to power for years and years (you can look above for a list of those individuals). Every community in Pittsburgh that is experiencing new growth and prosperity as a result of the renaissance our region is enjoying right now did so by pooling their resources and enabling the people/organizations with the know how and passion for community growth. Bellevue, on the other hand, has been run by nothing but a “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” philosophy which is DESTROYING our town. I decided enough was enough and launched what has become a swelling movement of like-minded individuals who want something better for Bellevue.

      I appreciate your interest. As I said, if anyone else wants to share that they’re a LiB Core Group member, they’re welcome to. Good luck in the election. ~Tom

    • Also *raises hand*.
      I am Vice President of LiB. Most people already know that I’m involved, but just in case. I also write blogs, have opinions that are all my own, and I tend to be pretty vociferous when it comes to leadership in Bellevue.

    • I’m also a semi-active member of LiB. I participate when I can – mostly through comments & opinions. I want to see Bellevue improve so it remains a place I want to raise my family and invest as a homeowner.

  14. *raises hand* no surprise here…i help administrate the email and facebook pages in what little spare time i have but mostly just comment and write blogs

  15. If anyone wants to know what my party affiliation was in Canada…it was nothing…Canadians don’t affiliate themselves as belonging to one party or another…I thought Jean Chretien was a great prime minister and voted for his party…he was the leader of the liberal party…when he left office I didn’t much care for his replacement so in the next election I voted for the progressive conservative party….I think that anyone who blindly follows a political party just because they self identify themselves as democrat or republican is sadly short sighted. none of them are perfect…you should still look at both parties candidates though and choose the least of the two evils…American politics in my opinion is utterly ridiculous…the amount of money spent on campaigning, the 2 year long campaigns…give me a break…its obvious that all politicians…especially presidential candidates who try to buy votes through the platform they are running on….to hear that someone is a lifelong democrat or a lifelong republican scares me to death sometimes because it shows how inflexible their thought process is….we need people who are real leaders….we need people who are going to bring others together regardless of political affiliation and put everyone’s ideas together to find the best possible solution…I know there are folks on here that are strict republicans and strict democrats who are going to hate what I have to say however that is what I believe. and mark…your labeling of people with a group shows that you are just as incapable of comprehending those ideals and understand that its ok to be flexible in your views…to be completely honest the one thing that I see happening in Canada right now that bothers me the most is that the American partisan politicking has started to inch its way north of the border.

    As far as Paul Cusick, I just met him for the first time about a week and a half ago…I have spoken to him, and he seems like a good guy…if I had the opportunity to vote in this election in the democratic primary I would easily choose him over jane strictly based on the platforms they are running on….and as far as fraud goes…it was good to see that the owner of steel city landscaping has a braunlich for mayor sign on his front lawn…after all….she has sent business his way…the “fraud” you talk about exists everywhere not just outside of your social circles…

  16. I’m trying to figure out what the problem is with switching parties? Especially in PA…if you have conservative leanings but really like a Democrat presidential candidate, you’re forced to switch your registered party in order to vote for who you want. As far as I’m concerned, I think the U.S. should simply have the rule that you “register to vote”, that’s all. Not register with a party to vote. Simply register to vote and pick and choose who you want as your representative. So until that happens (which i doubt it will), I will continue to change my party affiliation as i see fit. I am more of an Independent leaning Libertarian, but that serves no purpose in Pennsylvania when it comes to voting in a primary or National election. So i choose to change my party according to who i plan on voting for.
    Sorry Markie, i think you’re grasping at straws here to try to corner all of us and detract from the actual issues in OUR borough (not your borough).
    As of the 2013 primary, I’m a registered Democrat…if you don’t believe me, i can email you a picture of my voter card.

    We also figured out how to add the website “hit” counter last week…check that out while you’re trolling the page.

  17. When is the last time Jane Braunlich worked an 8 hour paid work day? Just wondering…

  18. So Mark are you saying that:
    1. The police in Bellevue are cheaters and all of their time should be tracked? I will make sure that as I speak to people that I let them know that this is Jane’s point of view seeing as how that must be what she is campaigning on for you to make such a strong statement about it.
    2. Did Jane not vote to pay your sons company for the Dog Park trees? I don’t care if he made a profit or not just stating the fact that Council (Jane included) approved to buy trees from your sons company at cost? That’s “business” regardless of profit motive. Not lying, just stating the fact.

    Also, just like Linda, you were harping about the negativity of this website. I started writing some positive blogs that had zero finger pointing at council and were from the perspective of encouraging residents to come together to make things happen without the council. I suppose you have no comment on that because they are positive blogs? From the way Linda and yourself were talking about what you thought we “should”be doing, I figured the two of you would be the first ones to jump over there and start throwing good ideas out.

    Then again, I understand that its campaign time so there really isn’t enough time to focus on the positive right now is there?

    DJ: For the record, and Mark has said this a few times himself so he isn’t hiding anything, Mark Purcell aka Markie….is a resident of Ross Township. He is a member of the Dog Park committee with Jane Braunlich and Connie Rankin. His son owns the company that the trees came from to satisfy a petition that he submitted to council. He is an ex-Ross township commissioner and former chief of staff for a state senator with multiple questionable activities reported in local papers during his time in office. And to quote him, “will do everything [he] can to make sure his friends get elected” in Bellevue. That’s just a brief summary.

    • So, let me get this straight, he’s a failed politician from another municipality who couldn’t make a positive impact in his own community so he’s trying to be the puppetmastet in some one elses? It’s kind of sad. I think Walmart is looking for greeters.

  19. I know you don’t want answers but I’ll give them to you anyway.

    A business that comes forward and offers a donation is one thing. A business that has gone through a multiple vendor quoting process and is selected is business regardless of the fact that they provided that items at cost. In order to keep the trees cheaper they provided them at cost. That’s great for the borough, I can acknowledge that.

    Public employees that have affairs while on the clock or not, is despicable. Not just from a business perspective but from a moral one as well. The employees that I think you are accusing of this no longer work for the borough, so problem solved.

    Employees that are paid hourly workers that are consistently not putting in their time should be paid for hours worked and no more. Salaried employees who are expected to be on the clock all the time that flex their work time throughout the day i think is acceptable as long as the job is getting done. If you are specifically referring to the DPW supervisor, the apparently there is more to the story. If you are claiming that there is more to the whole story then I question how you know as that information it was restricted to executive sessions wasn’t it? Is there a leak on council that is giving you this information. From my personal experience even before I ever got involved with the community, whenever I had a question or a concern and called the DPW supervisor I was always extremely pleased with the work that him and his team did. I have never gotten to know him personally but do know that even if i called him outside of hours he made sure he was available. It is interesting to note that during the claims of the videotaping that the house that Jim V would have gone to to videotape from which is directly behind the DPW supervisors house has elect Jim and Sue signs on it. Your personal grudge against him has nothing to do with the execution of the borough activity. I honestly don’t even care about your personal matters with him.

    Police should be more visible. I agree. I also know that Police have an extremely tough job. I also am very aware of the duties that they have and what they go through every day. To claim that all members of the police force do nothing but try and find places to sleep is incorrect and disrespectful. There are police officers that I see all over Bellevue taking care of what they need to. It is a shame that Jane’s platform shows that while she has ideas of what she wants to do with the police force, she has no idea what running a police force actually takes. She is absolutely clueless.

    If there are employees that work 7 hours a day and that does not fit the business need then there are two options… disciplinary action and if that doesn’t work you terminate them.

    Politicians…that’s a whole other story. The way the rules are setup promotes the switching of parties depending on the point of view of the politician they have no choice but to switch parties in order to support the greater objectives of whichever party platform they support. If you don’t like the rules then don’t blame the players, you should try and change the rules of the game.

    It is great to see that in your world everything is black and white. You have no ability to think and be a problem solver. This is the same problem with Jane. You are stuck in a box called politics and have no ability to have your own thoughts.

    Again, feel free to comment on the vision blogs and provide the positive input that you were ranting about a while back. Or is it time to acknowledge that you don’t have any ability to contribute to the conversation in a productive way?

  20. Danina,

    Out of touch? We have saved the taxpayer about $171,000. There is free parking after 6 pm and on weekends. The sidewalks in the business district are swept Monday, Wednesday and Fridays weather permitting. Jane Braunlich sprearheaded the free parking and the business district’s sidewalk sweeping. There is increased hours of operation at the swimming pool. This is just to name of few of our accomplishments.

    I am glad there is the ability to view council meetings from the convenience of their homes. In the near future, they will be able to view the meetings from the borough website. Unfortunately, you do not video your friends on council playing with their phones or surfing the internet instead of paying attention to the meeting. But Jane is criticized for what she does. Let’s talk about those on council who are not professional enough to attend meetings or come in late or leave early on a regular basis. What about those who are disruptive during the meeting? Getting up from their chairs and yelling then walking out. There was a councilperson who did not attend any of the budget meetings. But they are not criticized because they are not out of touch?

    I cannot address personnel issues, however, Jim was acting on complaints from residents. Should those residents’ concerns be ignore? What is creepy about making sure our employees are doing their jobs? He has had residents thank him for doing his job. Of course, the mayor was not criticized for ignoring the solicitor’s advice not to disclose information from an executive session. HIs disruptive behavior is acceptable? Where have you criticized him? If Jane or I did the same thing, I could only image the headlines.

    I am not sure why you think those on council should not look at me. Proper procedure is all remarks and questions are to be directed to the chair of the meeting. Even visitors are to address the chair of the meeting. I guess we are not to look at each other? You do not look at each other during the meetings?

    Thank goodness for Jane. She, primarily, makes the motions for resolutions and ordinances. Jane is the most knowledgeable of parlimentary procedure. She will be a missed not being on council.

    What are you talking about the “we know better than you crew?” If it is about how we vote. Let me refer you to the minutes for 2009, 2010 and 2011. You will notice 99% of the time there are 5 council members who vote the same on all motions, resolutions and ordinances. That is not the case with the present council. There, really, is no real council majority. You will notice there are many times the council members you choose to criticize do not vote alike. Even Jim and Sue Viscusi many times disagree on matters discussed. I have voted differently than all of council many times. You do not want a council which votes the same all of the time.

    Come on. Let’s be, really, nonpartisan.

  21. Ok Linda Lets talk about some of that. Let’s put it out there? Here is your statement…

    “Let’s talk about those on council who are not professional enough to attend meetings or come in late or leave early on a regular basis. What about those who are disruptive during the meeting? Getting up from their chairs and yelling then walking out. There was a councilperson who did not attend any of the budget meetings.”

    You want to talk about it.

    Please name the people that are doing this so that I know who to address in my response because some of those things are not acceptable. To me the not showing up at a meeting is not acceptable.

    As far as what Jim did, when the complaints came in did he address it with the Borough Manager so that they could address it? They are not Jim’s employees. If the mayor broke protocol then what are you doing to address that situation? I am not going to criticize him because I agree with him letting us know what our councilperson was doing. He didn’t refer to which employee and what the employee had done. Its funny because the person that did tell exactly who the employee was, was someone that wasn’t on council so should I question who told them that information? …he was talking about the actions of a councilperson which is fair game. I have heard complaints about each and every council member…as those on council are our employees should we follow you around with a video camera to ensure that you aren’t doing anything wrong?

    Again….you want credit for the positive stuff you think has been done.

    Free Parking – Please show me the data that indicates this has grown business in Bellevue. I was at the meeting when that was thrown out there and voted on.

    Extra hours at the swimming pool – Do you really consider this an accomplishment? This conversation and decision can be made in thirty seconds. Is it good…sure but don’t take credit for spearheading the decision to increase hours at the swimming pool. It so minor its not really even worth talking about.

    You also said above “Should residents concerns be ignored?” You are right. No residents concerns should be ignored. Please review all of our ideas above and provide a response to every one of our concerns. We are residents after all. Lets hear it.

    I understand you are campaigning for Jane, and making all those phone calls to the folks on the super voter list and that is why you keep pushing her name.

    Now look at my response….its exactly the same as yours….if you want to keep the conversation spinning in circles then lets keep doing this. You asked for a positive outlet on the website….where are your positive comments?

    To be honest, if I had the opportunity to look at the business practices of the borough and dedicate some time to it, I could easily double that savings in 6 months.

    Do you guys want help? I am standing here…you just need to ask….

  22. President Woshner,

    Cleaning the sidewalks and street? Free parking after 6? Saving the borough money? Extended pool hours? Welcome to the 21st century! These are great, however, they’re not huge strides in the grand scheme of propelling the town forward. If I have to hear about the $171k one more time…I’m sure you’ll all find a way to conveniently spend that money on something ridiculous, perhaps an unnecessary fingerprint scanner for our employees, or maybe some trees?

    Here’s the deal…I’m happy that you’re willing to pat yourself on the back. However, when you all decide that you’d like to stop with the spiteful refusal to take help when it’s offered, or to admit that you are far off from having all the answers, or when the council is willing to admit that there is a general refusal to come into the 21st century, then I’m willing to bet that we’re not going to agree on your “leadership”. OPEN YOUR EYES. Look around at other towns….what are they doing that we’re not doing? What amenities are they offering that we’re missing the mark on? What form of marketing are they doing for their town? Get with it, or admit that it’s time to pass the torch.

    I have made it my goal to “follow” as many towns and boroughs around pittsburgh as possible. I get their eblasts, tweets, facebook updates, and facebook event invites. There is a lot of wonderful groups out there and councils/leadership that support said groups. It’s not up to you to make everything happen, it’s not up to you to CONTROL everything either. Sometimes it’s just about having a hands-off approach and letting the professionals do what they do! All you have to do is champion it. Judging by the current councils refusal to do these things, it leads me and a lot of other residents to believe that it’s time to replace you. If you can’t support the people that are trying to make things better, than you’re the one making it worse.
    The residents of Bellevue cannot keep electing the same people and expecting different results. It’s just not going to happen.

  23. Why does anyone pay attention or respond to Purcell. Obviously he’s not only uninvited and intrusive and has no standing in Bellevue but he’s daft. And listening to some guy disparage a Vietnam vet former US Marine is as sickening as how Brownlick crapped on the vote of an active duty soldier in a prior election.

  24. Whoever runs this blog or whatever it is needs to either block Purcell or delete his postings. He is a distraction. Some people may come this page to get info and get bored to death with his prattle and sign off prior to learning anything newsworthy. And he’s saying our police sleep in the park at night??! There’s an old saying that applies to Purcell, “Never argue with an idiot; they’ll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”.

  25. And Mrs. Woshner, Jane’s knowledge of parliamentary procedure means nothing. Knowing Roberts Rules of Order is as valuable to an effective council as a drywall finisher is to selling a house.


  1. Truth is Hard to Come by for the “Truth Squad” by Tom Fodi | Liberty in Bellevue, PA - May 17, 2013

    […] Click here to see the entire list of endorsed candidates and those responsible for their party endor… […]

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