Bellevue Regular May 2013 Council Meeting

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0:10 – Call to Order, Flag Salute, Roll Call
Jane Braunlich, James Scisciani, Mark Helbling, Pres. Linda Woshner, V.P. James Viscusi, Frank Camello, Kathy Coder (via phone), Susan Viscusi, Mayor George Doscher, Solicitor Racounus.
Lynn Heffley
1:50 – PUBLIC CONTRIBUTION: Beth Gundel, Columbia Gas of PA Representative, Tom Kelly
32:50 – Review & Acceptance of prior meeting minutes
33:32 – Motion & Approval to pay May bills
34:23 – REPORTS: Treasurer, Administration, Engineer, Library, Council, Mayor
42:05 – FINANCE:
Motion to to pay QVCOG for Business District Streetscape Design.
Motion to approve change order #1 for Streetscape Design
Motion to approve installation of water fountain at Bayne Llibrary
Motion & Discussion of replacing a tree at Bayne Park
Motion to approve payment to North Boroughs Fireworks Committee
Motion & Discussion to approve bit from Victor Paving for Alternate 1 & 2
Motion to accept bid withdrawl from Layne Inliner Inc
Motion to approve bid from Independent Enterprises for Sanitary Sewer Repair Program
Motion & discussion to approve the repair parts on lawn tractor
Motion & Discussion to rent equiment to fix W. Bellevue sewage station
Motion to hire Pool Staff
Motion & Discussion to hire P.T. DPW Staff (and Discussion of Nepotism Policy)
Motion for refunding property tax for Franklin Square L.P.
1:08:10 – ORDINANCES
Third Reading & Adoption of Large Vehicle Ordinance
Third Reading & Adoption of 2012 International Property Maintenance Code
Third Reading & Adoption of Wage Ordinance – (motion is not seconded, motion dies. Motion is re-introduced at 1:19:20)
Motion & Adoption & Discussion of 2012 International Fire Code
Second Reading of Metered Parking Ordinance
1:13:18 – OLD BUSINESS & NEW BUSINESS – Mayor Doscher, Councilman Helbling
1:15:30 – PUBLIC CONTRIBUTION – Amy Robinson, Vencent Menosky
1:18:25 – Council goes into Executive Session
1:19:00 – Council returns from Executive Session and announces there will be no action taken.
1:19:20 – Re-Introduction of Motion for Wage Ordinance (motion fails with four no and two yes votes)
Council announces that they will not be adjourning the meeting because they plan on meeting on Thursday 5/16/13 @ 8:15pm to continue their meeting and conclude their decision.


One Response to “Bellevue Regular May 2013 Council Meeting”

  1. This meeting ended with a decision to not to adjourn after the executive session. The follow up meeting was to take place last night at 8:15 pm. Multiple community members showed up for the meeting last night to see a sign on the door indicating that meeting had been cancelled. The borough needs a better way to communicate with the public regarding these things. I am assuming that there will be an attempt to communicate when this follow up meeting will be taking place in a way that is easily accessible to the public and not just a sign posted on the borough building door.

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